CPR Saves Lives


Get your CPR certification!

The life you save may be your loved one’s.

Did you know that cardiac arrest and heart attacks are not the same thing?

I honestly didn’t. Cardiac arrest is a RYTHM issue. A heart attack is a BLOCKAGE issue. That is not to say that a heart attack cannot cause cardiac arrest.

I took a CPR class in September, 2014 because I wanted to be a personal trainer, not because work required it. My certification expired in September of last year. I did not re-certify because my job, at that time, did not require me to. My broken ankle in November of 2014 pretty much derailed me.

Now that my job has me under the Patient Care Services umbrella, not only did I have to remove one lobe earring and put a clear retainer in my nose piercing, I had to re-certify my BLS (Basic Life Saving) certification. I got the privilege of signing up with my FitBit walking nemesis, Anna, from Hospital Police. We are a pair to be reckoned with, to be sure!

The night before, I’d taken a fall (which may or may not be shared in a later post) that bruised a rib or two, so I was worried about compressions. Compressions hurt during class, but I put the bulk of my compressions into my right arm and saved the life of multiple dummies, LOL!

I passed my written test with 100%, and have my card certifying me for two years.

All of that said? The take-away is this: not all towns and cities have enough AEDs, which are CRUCIAL to cardiac arrest victims.

The life you save may be the life of someone you know and love.

I am not sure what steps municipalities have to take to place these AEDs in as many public places as they can, but I can say that they will be crucial in saving lives. Cardiac arrest is no damned joke, y’all!

I encourage everyone reading this blog to get their BLS certification. You may need to save the life of your loved one, or a perfect stranger’s life at the mall.

Just get your certification and see what steps that you could take to get AEDs in your public places.

Until next time…


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