No. Just No, No, NO!


A year ago, this MIGHT have been funny. Today? Not so much. Also? This meme needs proper punctuation… (Like those missing commas between  “Trump” and ” ma’am” and “accident” and “007.” Just saying.)

Again, the divide in this country rears its ugly head.

Today I was (admittedly stupidly) FaceBooking because I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room listening to a loud gum-popping cell-screamer, trying to immerse my mind into less gum-popping and more cute puppy featuring posts. I saw a post from someone I love bunches and thought to myself, “OMG! I totally cannot believe they posted this!” Before I could even respond, the nurse called me back.

I had no choice but to wait until I got home to address this, because I love the person that posted this, and sure don’t want her to be investigated by the Secret Service. A threat of asassination against ANY president is a Class E felony and will attract the attention of the Secret Service.

Admittedly, this particular post falls into the grey area. The original post, falling under “Memories” from a year ago, with, thankfully, the now deleted caption read something along the lines of, “this still holds true, today!”


Also, that meme needs commas. Commas save lives.”Let’s eat Grandma, ” versus “Let’s eat, Grandma…” Sorry. Grammar Queen interruption.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that our country needs to pull together and move forward. This meme only sets us back to where we were a year ago.

As Americans, we need to pull together, just like I believed four and eight (and twelve, sixteen and twenty plus) years ago, but that isn’t happening!


I am seriously asking for CIVIL discussion. Because honestly? I am just sitting her scratching my head, thinking WTF????

Until next time…

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