Network Marketing At Its Finest…


First frame is before use, second is after ONE use, third is after one month.

Those of you who know me personally know that I have tried multi-level marketing (MLM or Network Marketing) in the past. I signed on with a popular cosmetics MLM THREE times. I epically failed all three times.

Once bitten, twice shy x 3, don’t you know. 😖

I can see where I went wrong all three times; the first time I was a baby – all of 18 with no work ethic. The second time? I just didn’t care, to be honest. Just give me half-priced product that didn’t really make me look any better or worse. The third time? Over-saturated market.

That being said? I have a friend that I have worked with before (I designed a logo for her some years back and interviewed her on a fitness-related post  a couple of years ago) who was looking to get out of corporate life and go into something that would give her enough income to walk away from her full-time corporate job and part-time retail job. She signed up for a couple of MLM opportunities, but the one that let her quit all of the jobs is what I want to share with you tonight.

For the most part, my day job doesn’t always suck up my soul, but then I have weeks like this one. So much to do and so little time, so yes, it can be a soul sucker.

History out of the way, I signed up for one of her MLM opportunities, simply because my hair, quite literally, sucked. I did it to help a sister out and because I wanted better hair. To be honest? I had three decent bald spots, one of which was totally visible, no matter how much my admin assistant futzed with it to try and cover it up.

I’ve dealt with thinning and bald spots since middle school and have spent a crap-ton of money to fix that mess, so when Lisa signed on with this company? I signed on not only to help her out, but to see if this product delivered what it promised.

Go figure! It did! I worked my business for a couple months, until all hell broke loose here (just after the holidays), but still used my product religiously.


See the difference?

As you can see, it delivered, and then some. I’ve trimmed my hair a couple of times since the original pictures were taken, so my length isn’t anything to write home about, but my bald spots are sooooo much smaller, and that, alone is a big fat hairy deal! (No pun intended.)

Now, I am not going to ask you to sign up under me or anyone else. I am, however, sharing that I have a product that has worked for me (as well as my husband) and if you think that this could help you? Shoot me an email or comment your email address below.

For the first time in my adult life I have found a product that delivers what was promised, and I would be totally remiss in NOT sharing this with you guys!

Until next time….

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