Black Box…How Did I Miss This?

In my ongoing quest to master marketing on social media I stumbled across Black Box Cosmetics. Now, I’ve done skin care and cosmetics in direct marketing before. I wasn’t passionate about the products. Yes, they were okay, but nothing that I’d write home about.

While working Instagram to get the Monat word out there, I stumbled upon Black Box. I connected with someone I now consider a new friend, Sharon Holladay, who took the time to visit with me about skin care, my skin type, and the possible products that I could use for my aging combination skin. She was kind enough to send me a couple samples to try.

The first was the Frost cleanser.


Frost Cleanser – I loved this on first use!

I tried it this afternoon to remove my full-face makeup.

Holy cow, y’all! It smelled minty and cool, and I expected that to translate to an eye-burning menthol feeling on my face, around my eyes. Sharon assured me that it was easy on the eye-areas, so I washed my blush, foundation AND eye makeup, including mascara, off. No stinging or burning. Just a nice clean feel to my face!  Grade? A+!

The second sample she sent me was the 6 Minute Miracle (or 6MM). This is a micro-dermabrasion scrub, the likes of which I’ve never seen before, felt amazing on my skin! The plus? No moisturizer or cream needed immediately after! I did use a bit more Frost to get any granuals off of my face. Grade? A+!


6 Minute Miracle ❤️

I can’t even begin to tell you how soft my skin felt after just one use! Holy cow, y’all! Seriously?

Let me back up a year.

I signed up under my Monat sponsor, sight unseen, because I was basically desperate to find a line that would help me with my falling hair, bald spots, etc. I took a chance and won, big time! But I had kind of a gut feeling about the products, so I ran with it. I love my entire Monat line.

I had the same gut feeling about Black Box, after talking to Sharon and doing a little online research. After trying 2 samples of the 7 product Restoration set, I was absolutely sold! Five hours after trying my Frost and 6MM samples, my skin is still ridiculously soft!

So what did I do? Yup! I signed on as an ISA with this company, because my gut doesn’t lie!

So, how do you get involved? Leave me a comment below, or hit up my web site at Julie’s Black Box Site!

As soon as I receive my Restoration set, I will review the other five items, one at a time, and will post product pictures as well as my personal pictures.

Thanks for reading!

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  2. The V Pub says:

    Makeup? How am I supposed to comment on this 😊?

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