Re-Post: Flattered. I Think.

Originally I had planned to do a post on my review of Monat’s IR (Intense Repair) products, which is the system I attribute to the regrowth of my hair.

While checking ping-backs, I found a request in French, so I ran the snippet through a translator and found it was a translation of last night’s Black Box post. Curious, I hit the link attached and went to the site. This is what I found:



My post all in the langue française! 😁 It is pretty much verbatim,  Even down to the link to my Black Box shopping cart!

What do y’all make of that?

To my knowledge, in all the years I’ve been blogging, I don’t recall ever seeing a re-post of one of my blogs in English, let alone another language.

That said, I did notice at the top, “By Equalibre Plus” and didn’t comb the entire thing for any credit to me, the original author, so I posted a comment (that is waiting for approval) thanking them for the repost and included a link to this site.

Here is the link for anyone wanting to check it out.

Okay. Back to our regularly scheduled content…


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