Black Box: Sea-Mask Review

I mentioned. the other day that I had ordered the Restoration Skin set from Black Box after trying the two samples I received from my friend Sharon. In that post I reviewed the Frost face wash and the Six Minute Miracle, both of which I instantly fell in love with.

My set arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to tear into it, but I was keeping my 2 year old grandson for the evening so his mom could have some much deserved downtime getting her hair done. I had to do some serious adulting, in that I resisted the temptation to leave my husband to single-handedly wrangle an active toddler so I could dig into my goodies.

It was early enough to open and use the products, but too late for my brain to blog about them. 😂 So without further ado, here we go!

I got the plain brown cardboard box opened and pulled out what was inside. Was I ever surprised! I’d heard Black Box had some cool packaging, but I was still wow’d!


Love the Box! I’m weird that way.

Also in the package was a folder full of product and pricing information that is very in-depth.

The products themselves are pretty. I love attractive packaging, and these are pretty top-notch! The products are housed in air tight and light free containers. I am attracted to shiny, sparkly things, and I love pastel colors, so the contents in the box was win-win for me. They are sleek and modern, and look pretty darn cool on the vanity in my bathroom! 🙂


SEVEN items in this set! Cool packaging, too.

The product I am reviewing is the Sea-Mask.

From the website: Dramatically tighten facial skin and reduce pore size, immediately! Like all of our products, it is the most advanced facial product in its category. It contains three(3) forms of special sea algae harvested from pristine waters. These algaes are known for their ability to remove and eliminate toxins and bacteria. Sea-Mask contains super fruits, vitamins, aloe, the finest calcium-bentonite clay, and other special compounds. This wonderful combination will not only tighten, but leave your skin feeling incredibly soft. The effects last for days, so it is a wonderful way to give yourself a mini face lift. Unlike many face masques that are difficult to remove, Sea-Mask was developed for easy removal. Your skin will absolutely love this product!

Now, I’ve used a lot of mask products in my lifetime, and if you are like me? Mask = something heavy and clay-like that requires vigorous scrubbing (and sometimes a putty knife) to get all of it off your face, right? Not this one.


SeaMask. I’m in love!

I tried it this morning for the first time.

I will admit that I was a little perplexed. This is a relatively small container compared to the massive tubes I am used to. I was convinced I would use half of the contents on my first use. Not even close! A wee little bit goes a long way. (+1!) First of all, it isn’t green or blue, like I’d expected; it’s kind of tan, which is great, because I could actually walk to the mailbox without frightening the neighbors. (+1!)

So I applied a thin coat to my face and set my timer for 20 minutes. Within the first five minutes I could feeling it drying, and my face started to feel a little tight. (+1!) After about ten minutes it felt like my skin was being pulled to the center of my face!


I wanted to smile, but I was afraid I’d crack my face!

By fifteen minutes the sensation was a little tingley, but more than that? I could feel my heart beating in my face! 😳 No lie, you guys! I took my pulse, and yes, it was beating in time to my face! This is not an uncomfortable feeling in the least! (+1, because something was going on, there!)

Time up, I took a selfie and went to the sink to rinse my face, expecting to take some skin off with the scrubbing I was certain I’d be doing. Nope! Not even a little scrubbing. This stuff rinsed off so easily I almost couldn’t believe it! What I basically did was soak a washcloth in warm water, hold it over my face for just a few seconds, and began wiping it off. It came off so quickly and easily that I was pleasantly surprised! (Another +1!) Once I had rinsed everything off, I went back over it with cool water, which actually felt really nice! If you rinse your face with warm/hot water, it’s good to follow up with cool/cold in order to close the pores.


I could smile!

Okay, don’t laugh. This is after. I didn’t smile bigger because I don’t often show my teeth, especially when I’m not entirely awake, but it is what it is. Yes, you can see some redness where the mask had been. This is where circulation was improved and and faded within about 15 minutes, which was good, because the last thing I wanted was to be allergic to any of these products!

What do I not like about this mask? Nothing. It smells nice, my face still feels amazing (I moisturized with Infusion AM and used my Little Secret Weapon around the eyes) even after sweating like crazy in this eastern North Carolina humidity!

Next time I review, I will cover the Infusion AM.

If you are interested in trying some of these products yourself, you can absolutely leave me a comment, or simply visit my website for more information.

It may be a few days before I get back here, as I have a busy Sunday night planned, which I hope to share with you later. 🙂

Until next time, y’all!


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