That Concert, Though!

Y’all know that I’m in my early 50’s, and love the music from my childhood/teenaged/early adult years, right? Well, if you didn’t? You do, now! 😉

Last weekend we went and did a Sunday night no-no. We attended a concert in Raleigh at the Coastal Credit Union Walnut Creek Ampitheater.

Who was playing? Just Jason Bonham’s Led Zepplin Experience, Cheap Trick and Foreigner.

I spent many of my pre-teen and teen years listening to Zepplin and was heartbroken upon finding out that John Bonham (drummer for Led Zepplin) had passed away in 1980. I’d kind of had a thing for Robert Plant back in the day because….that hair! That butt! 😍


Jason Bonham’s Led Zepplin Experience…

Anyway, I never got to see them in concert. John’s son, Jason, said that he never told his dad how much he admired him before he passed, so he put together the Led Zepplin Experience to pay tribute to his dad. Honestly? This may very well have been the next best thing to seeing the original band. I’m betting Jason’s dad would be really proud! If you see them? Close your eyes and you probably can’t tell the difference! ❤️

Cheap Trick came on next. They had some new material as well as their oldies. I spent my middle and high school years singing, “Mamma’s alright, daddy’s alright; they just seem a little weird…”


All of my friends had a thing for Robin Zander when we were kids, but my crush was Tom Peterson, the bassist. 😍 He sang a song that night that had a 12-string bass intro, “I’m waiting For The Man,” that was really impressive!

I lost my voice sometime during the last half of their set, and then Foreigner came on.


Now because I am a responsible adult, I don’t keep up with who is singing for which group, these days, because, well, adulting. It is what it is, right? Right!

That being said? I couldn’t hear anything different in the songs, but watched the lead singer, thinking that Lou Gramm’s hair was much darker than I remembered. I also didn’t remember him for his eye-candy factor! Turns out, the lead singer since 2005 has been Kelly Hansen. 😍 OMG! At 56? This guy is HAWT! He was all over the stage, in the audience and packed more energy than a Red Bull AND 5-Hour energy drink combined!!!! I had no idea that the original lead had been out since 2003 with voice issues. (I want to say I saw them in 96/97 with Journey, last…)


Back in the day? It was lighters. Now it is cell phone flashlights!

Anyway, they, too, put on a hell of a show! When they played, “I Want to Know What Love Is,” featuring the Clayton High School Honor Choir, I turned around and shot the above picture of lawn-seating. The lights were incredible; the picture doesn’t do it justice! ❤️

It was 11:00 when the concert was over, which means it was close to one when when got home, let the dogs out, and got to sit down and decompress from all that live-music adrenaline/energy that we had going on.

As far as people-watching went? We were not disappointed. My better half swears that the best people watching happens at WalMart, the airport and concerts. I think he’s onto something. 😂 There is nothing like seeing middle-aged people wearing classic 70’s garb and dancing in the aisles!

If any of you have the opportunity to see any of these groups live? DO IT!

Tell me about your favorite concer experiences!

Until next time, y’all! ❤️

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