OMG! What Is The World Coming To?


Barcelona, Spain, earlier today…

Holy crap, y’all!

I have NEVER seen times like these!

First, we had the situation in Charlottesville, Virginia that resulted in the congregation of a bunch of white supremacists and the death of Heather Hyer, a protester, last Saturday.

On Monday, a statue was pulled down by a bunch of members of the Workers World Party at the old Durham County Courthouse here, in North Carolina. After several arrests were made, there was a danged rally outside the courthouse demanding that the charges be dropped on the participants. The link seems to have been removed from one of our local news sites, but you can cool believe that I had plenty to say about that! In case you haven’t done your due diligence? The WWP is a COMMUNIST group. Granted, they are for equality for all, and that’s great, but the word COMMUNIST in all of the articles I’ve read about them raises a huge red flag for me. Just saying.

Things in these “United” States are getting worse and not better. Everyone is bitter, everyone is taking sides. STOP IT, Y’ALL!!!!

Then Barcelona. Terrorists. As of the most recent reports, 13 dead and more than 50 injured in that terrorist attack. O. M. G.

Now, I’m not a proponent for any kind of terrorist action, but today’s situation in Spain? Maybe today’s terrorist attack is a shake up for us. WAKE UP, Americans! It’s time to pull together and put all of this other crap behind us. I think I mentioned this on a blog earlier in the year…If we continue to stand divided, we will be so much easier to take out.

Don’t you think our enemies are eating this crap up? Our “buddy” over there in North Korea is probably feeling pretty powerful right now…This country is in unrest. What better time to “go there.” ISIS is living and breathing and pretty much waiting to “go there,” as well.

I don’t care what color you are. I never have. No matter what race, gender, sexual preference you are? We need to get it together and be one, as a nation, otherwise? We’re doomed. The freedoms we take for granted may very well be taken away from us because of our own stupidity. Put the monument debate aside until we aren’t at such risk to lose it all. Put it all aside, just for now. We can discuss it later.

Remember this song? Listen to it. Listen to it again, and then again. Think about it.

I thought things were crazy during the pre-election months, but this is the first time I’ve blogged with such a heavy heart in relation to where our country is headed.

Hang in there, America! We can do this, but we have to unite. Put the petty shit aside and let’s come together and keep our freedoms! Don’t let this inner-turmoil pull us apart, and ultimately be our downfall. 😦

Until next time…

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  1. I used to go to bed wondering what I wanted to eat for breakfast. Now I wake up wondering what awful thing might have happened during the night.

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