Just a Note For My Friend…

There will be no pictures on this post, to keep my friend, whom this blog is about, anonymous.

People on the Internet can be larger than life, oftentimes. That isn’t to say that they aren’t human. Because they ARE!

I have a friend online, who is a mentor to me, whom I’ve not had the privilege to meet, personaly, that just lost her mom not too long ago. Now, her grandmother is ailing.

Parents passing is a bitch, from what I’ve garnered from my mentor and a personal friend, who also just lost her mom. My own mother had us go see her to just review her “box o’death,” which is what I un-fondly refer to it.


Nobody should be happy about their mother’s death, unless they’ve had a tremendously dysfunctional childhood, and I can speak to that, as well, but not here.  (And that isn’t my own childhood, just for the record.)

All of that being said, my own mother has her shit pretty much laid out for my sister and me.

I drove to Raleigh a couple of weeks ago, when she (my mom) wanted to go over the paperwork of her box o’death, which was, actually, put together quite well, as my mom is good about the details.

Going through the box o’death was sobering, if nothing else. But like I mentioned above? She’s got it all together to make it easier on my sister and me. I am ridiculously thankful for that!

I am hoping to have my mom for years to come, but things happen. I’m glad that she’s done more for my sister and me than I’ve yet to do for my kids. 😦

And, apparently, I need to do the same for my kids, and that is a task that I’m not looking forward to.

But to my friend that is going through all of this? I’ve sent prayers up for peace for you. Losing a parent is not easy, as I’ve seen. Both of mine are still alive, and the day that either of them passes is going to be a nightmare for me. 😦

What are your plans? Do you even have a plan (because I don’t as yet, because I’d planned to live, yanno, forever….) I guess, that I need to deal with this on a personal level.

Until next time,,,



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