So This Tooth, Though…


So, Johnny and I are playing Trivial Pursuit last February, and I think one of my teeth has come loose. Just a little loose, mind you.

Fast forward to about a month ago: I’m fussing out my daughter-in-law and I find myself wiggling said tooth, because, now it’s a LOT loose. 😦

More often than not, I’m wiggling this thing like I’m a six year old waiting for the tooth to come out because of the Tooth Fairy, right?

On Sunday night, I’m thinking that I’ve got about a month left on this tooth.

Now, to be totally transparent, Johnny had a bridge installed by our wonderful dentist. This took all of Johnny’s amount on our dental insurance, and we still have an ungodly amount to pay.

So, last Monday morning, I pop a piece of sugar-free gum prior to my oxygen rounds and I bite down and damned if my tooth doesn’t pop out of my gum. :O Thank God I didn’t swallow it.

The first thing I notice is that there is no pain. That’s a plus

I get home and show Johnny the fangs that are still there. He says, “Are you sure that’s not a crown?”


I pull my tooth out of my pocket and notice that it’s pretty pristine, which isn’t what my original teeth are.


Maybe this is a crown.

So I call my dentist’s office and talk to the awesome lady at the front desk.

Told her who I was and what was going on. She actually pulled my X-rays! Seems that the tooth that fell out is a crown from a root canal from several years ago prior to my going to them.

Can I bring the crown? Yes! Is it in one piece? YES! Can I come on Thursday at 1:10? YASSSS!

I did tell her I might need gas, but since I’ve got the original crown? I should be able to deal with Novocaine…

Let’s hope so.

Until Next Time…

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1 Response to So This Tooth, Though…

  1. The V Pub says:

    The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth. 😀 Wow, my dentist is always too busy to see me. You’re quite fortunate.

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