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Am I The Only One Who’d Never Had a Pedi?

Some of you may know that my birthday is this Saturday. My bonus-daughter (we don’t love the word, “step” around this house) told me that she wanted to treat me to a pedicure for my birthday. MMMMMmmmm, no, I don’t … Continue reading

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It’s Up!

Menopause; 21st Century Style. The new blog was three days late in debuting, but it’s up, Ladies. You can see the most recent (debut) post here.

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Separation From Children; Another View…

Not only am I Mom; I’m also Nana to five adorable curtain climbers, and I say this with love and a smile on my face. I love you, Bailee, Ezra, Mattix, Bruce and Owyn. You, too, little Blake, the baby … Continue reading

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