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It’s Been A Monday; And It Hurts!

My alarm went off at its usual time, and I got up, did my hair and makeup, put my scrubs on and went to work. I made it to Huddle on time, did that, went to breakfast with my friend, … Continue reading

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OMG! What Is The World Coming To?

Holy crap, y’all! I have NEVER seen times like these! First, we had the situation in Charlottesville, Virginia that resulted in the congregation of a bunch of white supremacists and the death of Heather Hyer, a protester, last Saturday. On … Continue reading

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Technology on a Personal Level…

I’ve been a Siri freak since I got my last iPhone and upgraded iPad about 18 months ago. I use the standard Siri voice on my phone, but set my tablet Siri to a hot sounding Dundee-sequence Aussie male. Don’t … Continue reading

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