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Going From Vacation-Head to Work-Brain

What sucks more than that? Okay yes, I can think of some things, but living day to day? Not much. I was off of work from half a day on June 29th until yesterday morning, Monday, July 9th. Going back … Continue reading

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End of Week Wrap-Up

Because I am too lazy to actually get up and go sit in front of the computer, I am blogging from my tablet in the gas-heated pool house. Now, before you think we hit the jackpot, let me just say … Continue reading

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Two Truths & A Lie…

Because I’m all about the fun stuff… Let’s play my favorite team-building game: Two Truths and a Lie… This means we are going to post 2 (two) truths and 1 (one) lie about ourselves. and try to determine which is … Continue reading

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