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So This Tooth, Though…

So, Johnny and I are playing Trivial Pursuit last February, and I think one of my teeth has come loose. Just a little loose, mind you. Fast forward to about a month ago: I’m fussing out my daughter-in-law and I … Continue reading

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A Quick Update: Neighbors and Drugs

This isn’t going where you think it is. That said, I was getting ready for work yesterday morning, after a short four hour nap interrupted by the inferno that is my bed. It was shortly after 7:30. I heard a … Continue reading

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Social Networking Etiquette…

I think I may have made a major social networking faux pas earlier this evening. (Sorry, Sis & Tina!) Those of you who watch The Walking Dead know that the season finale was on earlier this evening. Now, I take … Continue reading

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