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So. Many. Grapes. Plus, I’m Still Here….

Yo! How’s it hangin’, y’all? I know…it’s been a while…way too long, actually, but the summer months…plus class, plus challenge, plus harvest, plus increased responsibility at the day job, plus wine…So, yeah. August was crazy-busy…lots and lots of canning…plus hummingbirds, … Continue reading

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Entwining the “Real” Me With the Artistic One…

I am going through a phase, I think… One that wants to merge the writer in me with the photographer in me. Once upon a time, I was a small business owner (who failed, thank you, economy) that built a … Continue reading

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I Don’t Brag Much…However:

My friend, Sandra Carrington-Smith, just completed her sequel to her first novel, “The Book of Obeah” and it went out on Amazon in e-book format. I woud ordinarily say, “Hey, Sandra just put out another amazing book,” but this time, … Continue reading

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