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A Quick Update: Neighbors and Drugs

This isn’t going where you think it is. That said, I was getting ready for work yesterday morning, after a short four hour nap interrupted by the inferno that is my bed. It was shortly after 7:30. I heard a … Continue reading

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The Neighbors: The Open Letter Edition,

Dear Neighbor: Are  you missing something? Your DOG, maybe? So, hey, Neighbor, let me explain to you how my morning went, thanks to your inability to care for your puppy. As you know, we have returned your dog to your … Continue reading

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The Neighbors – I Want to Kick Their Butts Edition…

So Pit-Girl came back today while I was at work. I am SO very angry, I can hardly see straight, however. (And this is NOT because my nose is all out of whack; it’s just out of joint. 😦 ) … Continue reading

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