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It’s Been A Monday; And It Hurts!

My alarm went off at its usual time, and I got up, did my hair and makeup, put my scrubs on and went to work. I made it to Huddle on time, did that, went to breakfast with my friend, … Continue reading

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Re-Post: Flattered. I Think.

Originally I had planned to do a post on my review of Monat’s IR (Intense Repair) products, which is the system I attribute to the regrowth of my hair. While checking ping-backs, I found a request in French, so I … Continue reading

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That Whole Race-Thing

Help me, please? I am asking people of color for help, here! (And I’m talking ALL colors, please.) I am an American. Period. But if you ask me about my lineage? I am also a seriously light-skinned half Italian/Sicilian, quarter … Continue reading

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