Samantha Bee and Ivanka Trump: My Take



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I’m  offended, but not for the reason that you might think. Yes, I can be terribly ready to debate on certain political subjects, but this does not have anything to do with politics.

I don’t watch “Full Frontal.” In fact, I’d never even heard of the show or its host, Samantha Bee, until I got home from work a few hours ago. I watched the clip where Samantha called Ivanka a, “feckless c***.” This was in regards to her father’s immigration reform.

What offends me about this is that one woman tore another woman down in front of God and everyone. Not only did she call Ivanka a hateful name, she implied that if Ivanka put on something short, low cut and tight that she could somehow convince her dad to change his policy. That is not only so incredibly offensive, but it is sick in an incestuous kind of way.

As women, we have historicaly competed with men for equal pay, equal jobs, the right to vote, climbing the corporate ladder, etc. We women are supposed to be on the same side, united in lifting each other up. At least, that’s what I was taught growing up. I am, apparently, really old school in this ideal and out of touch with modern reality, I guess.

Another example of this “woman attacks woman” was when Michelle Wolf “roasted” Sarah Huckabee Sanders during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year. Really? REALLY???

I can’t even.

I really can’t get my mind around just how vicious women are to other women. Yes, sure, there were the petty, bitchy arguments in the all women records office in a small town police department I once worked at, but the worst infraction was something along the lines of, “maybe she needs to get that in a larger size.”

Oh, and let’s not forget an Ambien fueled Roseanne Barr. What she said about Valerie Jarrett was also inexcusable. I’ve always loved Roseanne, in spite of some of her antics and that God-awful rendition of the National Anthem all those years ago. This most recent faux-pas, on the other hand? Not quite as forgiveable.

I guess my point is this; in a world where men have made inappropriate advances toward women (that whole weaker sex-thing), where we have oftentimes had to claw our way past our male counterparts to get to where we want to be, or in my own personal experience, to get the same pay as males in the same job title as I was, only making more money; to see three high-profile women go at other high-profile women makes this old girl feel as though we’ve gone through so much only to reach the top and have nothing better to do than claw each other’s eyes out, figuratively speaking.

Sisters? What are your thoughts on this?

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How Does One Not Know What Memorial Day Means…?

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I was sitting by the pool with my husband this morning over coffee. I was playing video games on my tablet while he was going through his Facebook feed.

He played a video of Mark Dice interviewing actual adult human beings about what Memorial Day is, and the answers were almost mind numbing to me.

Now I have never claimed to be a Civics or history genius, but even I know the purpose of Memorial Day. The first young woman who was asked about it got a deer in the headlights expression on her face and asked if she really had to do this. Mr. Dice told her that as an American, that, yes, she did. She stated that she didn’t and walked away.

Another man stated that he had no clue. HUH??? The gentleman that came next actually knew, so maybe there is still hope.

Another man knew it has something to do with the military, but could give no specifics.

The folks that really got to me were the ones agreeing with Memorial Day as commemorating “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” the freeing of the slaves or the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Don’t get me started on the commemoration of Neil Armstrong…

The longer I listened, the more sad I became.

I can only ask what the hell happened?

God bless the last young man for giving the correct answer, albeit peppered with what appeared to be f-bombs. He got his point across, though, so score one for our side!

How sorry is it that all those who fought and died for this country can’t be remembered on the one day that we are supposed to be doing just that?

My own Facebook feed has its share of posts from people who have apparently mistaken this holiday for Veterans Day.

The dumbing down of America continues.

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The Santa Fe High School Shooting

So, yes, Ma’am and Sir….

I didn’t post much about the Valentine’s Day Florida school shooting, as I was pretty numb about it.

I wasn’t even going to post about this most recent school shooting in Texas, but I saw a post on Facebook, and I was compelled to post this.

My friend stated:

”ok, so here are the fact as we know them so far.
1) he was bullied
2) he posted about it
3) people knew about him
4) he didn’t use an AR-15 or even a semi automatic
5) no bump stocks
6) he used a shotgun and a revolver
7) he stole the guns
8) he made bombs
now, I say to the ignorant f***ing liberals which of your laws would have stopped him?
1) 18 to buy a gun….NOPE
2) “assault rifle” ban……NOPE
3) “bump stock ban”…..NOPE
4) semi automatic ban…..NOPE
5) banning bombs maybe?…..NOPE
NOPE not a thing you suggest (or anything that is law already) stopped him
now….how about help for mentally unstable people….yes!
because its a mental illness issue NOT a gun issue.
Rant concluded…for now.”

Most of you know that I ride the middle line; I’m too conservative to be a liberal, but I am also too liberal to be a conservative.

But let’s be real here for a minute. My conservative friend is right. Can we agree on that much?

That boy showed no red flags, and he stole guns that had been legally purchased. Had I been his dad? I would have kept my firearms in a safe, but that is just me. I’ve had little ones and now have grand-little ones. I’ve had firearms safely locked away from little (and not so little) fingers.

I’m not throwing shade at the shooter’s parents at all, because, again, this kid displayed no red flags.

I don’t  think this is so much a gun issue, but, as my friend indicated, a MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE.

We don’t  know much about his family, or at least I don’t.

Were they middle class? If so, then mental health care is pricey, even WITH insurance.

Was his family lower class, struggling to provide heath care for their family? Mental health care for low-income families will break the bank.

I have a family member who spent some time on the Behavioral Health Unit at my facility last year who was on Medicaid. The bills are probably going to break this person’s bank, which could, in all reality, spool this person off, again.

Honestly? We need to pay attention to our young people, talk to them, and against the government’s advice, discipline them as we see fit, assuming “we” are not child beaters. (This will put me on another topic, so we will save that for another time.)

Your thoughts?

Until next time…

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