❤ Therapy Dogs For The Win! ❤


Is that not the sweetest face?

Today was a ridiculously busy day for me. Betweeen getting items I thought I had months to retrieve from my old office to swapping out stenciled wheelchairs out for non-stenciled ones, to handling additional verbiage to my new job description? I had the absolute honor of meeting Micky, one of our therapy dogs and his owner this afternoon.

Now, y’all know I am a serious dog-person, right? (I am owned by six papillons and a rescue dog.)

I was in the process of swapping out marked versus un-marked chairs on multiple floors. While I was dropping a chair off on the 3rd  floor, I had the privilege of meeting Micky and his owner. Micky is a Labradoodle therapy dog at our hospital.

All of these dogs are AMAZING!  I’ve encountered most of them, and today I met Micky. His owner/trainer and I had a good conversation, from one dog owner/lover to another.

The picture above is not Micky, but a Googled image of a doggie that looked the just like him.

I was able to have what I refer to as “puppy therapy” with him. I know my blood pressure was decreased by just a little bit of puppy-love.

I look forward everyday to seven wagging butts when I come home, so if I have a spare moment to spend with our therapy dogs? I will take it on a New York minute!

i absolutely appreciate these volunteers that come to our facility and not only share their time, but their fur kids with us, as well!

I am in awe of not only their dedication to their fur-babies’ behavior, but their willingness to share their fur-babies with all of us!

God bless all of the therapy dog owners and trainers! We really do appreciate all of you! ❤

Until next time….

That Whole Race-Thing


All the colors make a rainbow and rainbows are beautiful!

Help me, please?

I am asking people of color for help, here! (And I’m talking ALL colors, please.)

I am an American. Period. But if you ask me about my lineage? I am also a seriously light-skinned half Italian/Sicilian, quarter Polish, quarter Anglo-European person.

I am always trying to be PC (politically correct), in that I really don’t want to offend people. Any people. It can be awkward being the one of two paler faces among 15 or 16 people of a darker origin.

I mentioned in a recent blog that I don’t see color. I really never have. My first experience with the color-divide was when I was just a little kid. I was all of 8-9 years old.

I had this cool Minnie Mouse watch (which I still have, actually) so that I would know when it was time to come home from a friend’s house.

I was at the Peterson house when I was little, and about five minutes before I needed to start walking home one of the daughters of the Peterson’s new neighbors walked over to play.

When I was ready to go, I said I was leaving, and the new neighbor’s daughter got mad and said I was leaving because she was black. I was all kinds of, “Wuuuuut?”

I hadn’t even noticed that she was darker than Vicky and me. I just knew my ass would be grass if it wasn’t home on time. This situation was the victim of bad timing, not racism. I just knew when I had to be home. At that early age, I was not accustomed to being grounded…that would come with age.

All of that said? I am imploring my friends of all colors to help me out, here! My new work-family is a lot darker than I am, and being off-white? I think I am still considered white. (Because is anyone REALLY off-white? Okay, except for my kid sister that could seriously be considered as clear. Do not laugh here. She is sun-sensitive.) I am seriously not seeing white (or off-white) versus black. Or brown. Or high yellow, which I am still trying to figure out…

OMG  Why is skin color such a thing?

What is the best way to describe people? Jamaicans are of a darker color than, say, Italian people. They aren’t African-American, yet they are still darker than, say, an Italian- American. Jamaican-American? Because our society has these absurd labels (which, btw, I hate), I need to know how not to offend anyone with a skin tone different than mine.

When I worked for a small town in New Mexico in the early 90’s and there was an even mix of Hispanics, White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, and African Americans in the administrative office, AKA City Hall, nobody ever saw color, and that was he ideal scenario that I was used to. People are… (OMG!) just people!

I am hoping to bridge whatever gap is out there. And trust me when I tell you that there are a LOT of gaps.

People are just people, People. I just want to get through my day without offending anyone.

I am serioualy asking people of all  colors to please come and talk to me


I have  never really seen color but it, apparently, is an issue.

if you know me, then you know that I just love PEOPLE. People are amazing.

I am just done, y’all….

Thow me a bone, here?

Please and thank you!

I’ll owe ya one…

Until next time….

Pull Together. It’s Over…


Can we just… not?

A few weeks ago, I had to take a social media break, simply because there was just too danged much hate on FaceBook and Twitter.

I went back last week. Most of what I found was puppy videos and recipes, or tweets from my sister asking me about sugar-free coffee syrups.

That all changed for me today after the President’s speech in Florida last night. A couple of my friends had posted about their standing with Sweden. I’d been outside most of the day, because in in the greater Goldsboro area, the weather was perfect for sitting outside reading a novel.

I saw the Sweden posts and thought I’d missed the news on another terrorist attack. So I surfed over to my local go-to news site. What I found was the AP articles on how Trump spoke about something refugee-related in Sweden during last night’s rally. Now, I listened to the rally while I was making dinner, but I heard (though didn’t catch) the part about Sweden’s refugee issue. And I REALLY didn’t catch the part about Friday night in Sweden. Sue me.

I don’t feel the need to go further into the situation, because if you are following the news, you know what I am talking about.

That said? O.M.G., people! Get over yourselves.

Look, I voted for President Obama in 2008. I did not vote for him in 2012, but I also did not take to the streets or social media to outcry my displeasure about him or the outcome of the latter election.

What I did do, however, was support our POTUS, even though I didn’t agree with some of the things he said/did. I never once posted about what I disagreed with. As an Air Force wife for 18 years, I supported our Commander in Chief, because that is just what you do as a military wife. I supported Clinton during those days when my friends’ husbands were victims of the reduction in force. He was the POTUS, and as such, I supported him. Blind faith? Maybe, but I did what we, as armed forces personnel and their spouses were supposed to do!

Perhaps it was blind faith, but as an American, I chose to overlook what I disagreed with in the hopes that things would get better. My ex retired from the Air Force after twenty years of service.

Because I am old-school, I am mortified at the media’s slaying of our current POTUS. I am surprised at the level of hate for this guy. Is he rogue? Probably. Is he making things happen? Yes, yes he is.

Facebook, on the other hand? No such respect. I get if you don’t like the POTUS, but personal attacks? That just sucks. When second term Obama supporters were online touting how amazing he was, they were not being executed on social media by their hard right friends. Just the opposite. We sat back on our haunches and let our friends have their say. (And for the record? I am neither hard right or left. I am just your old-fashioned run-of-the-mill moderate.)

Not so much, now. Let me just put it out there that I, as a moderate, in fact, voted for Donald Trump.

That being said? I am am not anti-Black. I am not anti-Mexican. I am not anti-gay or LGBTQ. I love everyone. I don’t care about your race, sexual preference, or gender-identification. If you screw with me, I’m going to dislike you because of your actions, not because of any group you identify with.

I supervise a department where one employee and I are the only white people. I don’t see it, though. We are family and we all bleed red. I have never seen color. I was raised that way, yet I have been accused of being against blacks because I went to a Trump rally (and that was NOT in my current department, for the record). Yeah. Guess again, folks. I am for Americans and I really don’t give a fat rat’s ass what color you are. Green? Are you American? I have your back. Purple? Same. Brown? Black? Red? Yellow? Blue? Same for all. Colors make a rainbow, and rainbows are beautiful.

Please do not hate me because of who I voted for. I voted for all the colors. I voted for the rainbow, and take that how you will, because I am also pro same-sex marriage, because love is love, no matter the color or gender.

I have also seen sound/video bites of people whe have seriously ditched friends that have “voted wrong.” Seriously? Is there such a thing as “voting wrong” in America? If so, I am obs in the wrong country.

Until next time…