5K Day! Yay! (and Vindication!)

Still in white...

Still in white…

So the Mud Run, back in April, kicked my ass. It’s all good. It HURT me (remember the tunnel?)!

I signed up for the Color Vibe race in Raleigh about a week or so after running at Buscoe in the mud. I felt like I needed to redeem myself.

Which, today, I think I did.

I felt that familiar *twinge* in my back just over a week ago while lifting (yes, I got several PRs – Deadlift @ 140, thank you vey much, and some ungodly heavy squats – 115, I believe), so I backed off on the lower body lifts so I wouldn’t have to run the race injured, again, cuz that just sucks.

We got into the bags before the run. ;)

We got into the bags before the run. 😉

I kinda gave up on my Couch to 5K training because a) my cul de sac SUCKS for running…it’s like watching the same boring infomercial over and over and over again; and b) I was pretty stressed out over “that woman” walking into my home not one, but two days running, and the associated youngest son-drama that played out in the following days.

So while I was trying to talk myself into loving the run, some of my MFP friends were telling me not to put so damned much pressure on myself, and if I hated running, then I hated it. No biggie…save that energy for something I enjoy doing (i.e. heavy lifting).

But the draw of the colors? I could NOT resist its siren song, so I took off of work early yesterday and drove to Raleigh and found the place where we were running and snagged the packets for my team, “Peace, Love, and Colors.”

Got home, ate hearty, and went to bed at a somewhat decent hour.

In the back of my mind, while I knew it would be fun, I was dreading the run. I hate(d) running. Really. But I felt like I needed to come back from the mud run, because it sucked for me. I mean, I remember saying the only thing that hurt worse was childbirth and even that allowed me drugs and a bonus at the end, LOL.

Gettin’ Ready To Run...

Gettin’ Ready To Run…

I charged the batteries for one of my DSLR’s and asked my middle son, Mattie, to photograph the event for us. He obliged, happily.

The traffic on the latter part of the drive to MacNair Farm was crazy, and the first wave of runners was scheduled to go at 9:30 and we rolled into the parking lot about 9:10. The first thing we all did was hit the porta-johns – cuz, you know, all that a.m. coffee and the Gatorade on the hour drive in? Well, yeah.

So we decided to break into the color packs before we ran and basically looked like rainbows and Skittles exploded all over us before we even ran, LOL…

Taking off….

Taking off….

We ended up running out of the gate the very last of the last wave. It had been raining, the temps were a nice low-to-mid-70’s, and it was mostly cloudy. We took off slowly, given the crowd. There were five of us; Jennifer; her twin, Jeriann; her mom, Julie; girlfriend Jazel, and me, the other Julie.

I’ll be honest…I was expecting to be ready to die within the first five minutes of jogging…AND I WASN”T!  What the hell???? This time, I wasn’t running injured, and I was keeping up with the younger girls, and the damned thing was fun, Gawd forbid! 🙂

Gatorade is GOOD, man!

Gatorade is GOOD, man!

We did really well for the first third or so of the race…and then it got kind of congested. So we walked a bit, but given the humidity, and the crowds, we ran a lot more than I thought we would (and a hell of a lot more than I did during the last 5K), so we did alright.

Every now and again, we’d run through a color station, that would blast us with more color powder (which was colored corn starch) and we would slow for that, but then take off again.

By the time we got toward the end, Johnny was holding his hand out on the far left, and I thought he was gonna give me a run-by high-five, but instead I ended up with an ice cold bottle of Gatorade in my hand, YES, thank you!

We *heart* you!

We *heart* you!

We finished NOT dead last! In fact, there were a LOT of people that started before us that came in after us, and God help me? I LOVED the running part. Who knew????

So yes, I can say I feel a whole helluva lot better about this 5K than I did the last one. And will it be my last? Oh, more than likely not. In fact, my friend Cindy tells me her church is doing a regular plain-jane 5K this fall, so I think I will sign up for that, and put my running mix on and see where that takes me.

For the record? We came in at 49 minutes and some change at the Hog Wild Mud Run back in April, and we ended up finishing (unofficially) at 43 minutes this time, so I don’t think I can totally complain.

Till Next Time…

The Whole Fam Damily, as it were! :)

The Whole Fam Damily, as it were! 🙂

Thoughts on a Mud Run…

Training in my “Get Dirty” shirt. :D

Training in my “Get Dirty” shirt. 😀

With the Hog Wild Extreme Mud Run coming up a week from tomorrow, I can say I am really stoked and a little nervous.

I blogged a couple of weeks back about addiction and mentioned that during mine, I did something to my back. At the advice of a good friend of mine, who is also a nurse, I went to see my doc, who told me she felt like I’d sprained my back basically benched me until I could see an Ortho. I saw the Ortho last Tuesday morning, and she told me that my disks are all where they need to be, and to basically take it easy, low impact until the race. I had been fairly worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the run, so this was good news.

So I have been really thinking about the course since Extreme Promotions posted the course map and a list of the obstacles.

I am going to share the map, and my thoughts about the obstacles here:

So, yeah…Wow! ;)

So, yeah…Wow! 😉

1. Squill Pig Tire Deal: Run through a few hundred tires in slippery mud carrying a greasy pig – Okay. To be honest, I believe this scares me the most. Is it a real pig? Is it a little real pig? Do they bite? I’ve heard stories out here in hog country about people being eaten by pigs, and while it is poetically karmic? I’m still pretty nervous about this.

2. Slop-N-Slide Mud Dive: dive into a mud pit and then crawl under barbed wire through the mud – I think we’ve all got this down pretty well. The key is going to be simply STAY REAL LOW.

3. Tall Squall Wall Climb: Climb straight up a sky-high wall and then back down – I am hoping that the overhead  and bench presses I’ve done will give me enough strength to get over this one. Just sayin’.

4. Pre-Slaughter Wash: swim through the water climbing over slippery obstacles – It’s been pretty cold here for late March/early April, and I’m kind of wondering about how cold this water is going to be…

5. Seegars Fence Mountin: Climb up and over a huge mountain made of fence – Climbing…I used to scale chain link as a kid, so this should be okay. Right?

6. Crazy Hog Tunnel Crawl: crawl through tunnels in the mud – Totally ok with this, altho I suspect my elbows will need a ton of moisturizer when it’s all over with.

7. Seegars Fence Trench: Crawl under Seegars fence through mud (ranging 0-12″ off ground) – Wondering how anyone can crawl under fencing zero inches off the ground. Hmmm….

Please notice the distance between obstacles #7 & #8.

8. Lumberjack Log Climb: Climb over and across a huge log pile – Totally doable when dry. May present a challenge soaking wet.

9. Pork Cleaver Log Weaver: Balance yourself on log beams over a mud pit – Balance. I fall a lot on regular ground. Sure hope this training has improved my balance a little bit. This is still cause for concern, but not like the concern I have about the pig…

10. Seegars fence Hurdle’s: Jump and/or climb over fence hurdles ranging in height from 4-10 ft – Umm… Ok…Oh shit.

11. Pork Fork Tire Pendulem: Run through a tunnel of hanging tires swinging like pendulums – I suspect ice packs will be needed at some point before the day is out.

12. Slippery Wild Pig Climb: climb up a huge, steep, slippery hill and slide down other side – This just sounds like good ol’ dirty fun.

13. Sideways Wall Rock Climb: Climb sideways on a long rock climb style wall – This will be new and exciting. Oooh, note to self – get nails shortened a LOT before race day.

14. Reverse Wall Hog Fall: Descend own a steep slope backwards using a rope to guide yourself – THIS is going to be sweet.

15. Bar-B-Que Grill: Grill yourself as you run through burning fire pits – This will surely warm us up if that water is as cold as I suspect it will be.

16. Hill’s Tire Climb: Climb up a muddy hill through tires – Look, if we can do it with a greased pig at the beginning, this should be a piece of bacon without, right?

17. Aftermath Bath: Wade through muddy water with the Finish line in sight – Wading…I know how to do that.

So you see? This is going to be a very interesting choice for my first 5K run.

Afterward there is eastern NC bbq at the Pig in the Park Festival (which I covered for a local news outlet last year), and I KNOW that food is good. We also get a drink ticket for a bar hop downtown, which will be more than a little appreciated after the day’s festivities.

So now all I have to do is stay calm, relax, and will my back to heal itself up QUICKLY!

I’m kind of wondering what kind of calorie burn this will have, as I’m sure not going to try to wear my HRM, even if it is waterproof, LOL.

Till Next Time…


This will be the Dirty Divas in 11 weeks. *sigh* WTH was I thinking????

This will be the Dirty Divas in 11 weeks. *sigh* WTH was I thinking????


I committed to something that should, more than likely, have me committed. (This shit will be a LOT harder than writing a freaking book, man…)

I have agreed to run a 5K mud race.

The proceeds go to the Boys & Girls club of Wayne County.

The event takes place on Saturday, April 13, 2013. It’s going to be held at Busco Beach, in Wayne County, NC.

My friend, Jen, mentioned it the other day on break, and like a fool, I said, “Oh, Girrrrrl! It sounds like FUN.”

Did I mention, Ermagerd?

A 5K run for a pudgy girl like me is do-able. I downloaded the Couch 2 5K ap for my phone and will start that program on Sunday (assuming I can move by then…more about that in a minute).

To kick start our training, Jen and I took eight (yes, EIGHT) flights of stairs at a fairly brisk pace yesterday morning, and then did it again with Jazel, our inner-circle medical professional at 12:30 pm. We made it to the top, and happily, my heart rate and oxygen level were the same as theirs, 20-something and 30-something women. (Yay, ME!)

Today? OMG…I can barely walk. I mean, it’s okay if I get up and stay up for a while, but seat me for more than thirty minutes and I walk funny. Have mercy.

I dropped ten pounds over the past week or so (I started actually counting my calories and logging my movement) and haven’t starved to death. Yet.

So we all started doing research and watching mud race videos. I don’t think just the ability to run 5K is going to do it. I am going to have to actually work out. Upper body strength is NOT my strong point, but it will be necessary for this race. We’re not in it to win it. We just want to finish and say that we did.

I have 11 weeks to get my ass in gear.

One of the guys at work, whose logo I designed some eleven years ago, is going to sponsor us, so we are going to be Shag Daddy’s Dirty Divas. I understand that we have a few corporate sponsors, and Wall 2 Wall Photography is going to pay my entrance fee, so that makes ME a sponsor, as well. I’ve been tasked with creating the “Dirty Divas” logo to add to Shag Daddy’s existing logo. Piece of cake. Will be a hell of a lot easier than the actual TRAINING for this bad boy. That said…I have my work cut out for me.

Now, the hubs, who was in ridiculously good shape before his last surgery, has offered to coach all of us. Well, once he stopped laughing at the idea of me doing this.

At this point, I’m the biggest girl on a team of seven. At 47 years and 7/12 months, I am also the oldest. No worries.

Did I mention I lost ten pounds? This is a good thing. My heavy goal weight is 150 lbs. and my light goal weight is between 135 and 140 lbs. I am old and 5 foot 7 inches. If I play my cards right, I can drop twenty pounds by the race, which will put me within just a few pounds of my heavy goal.

And as I sit here, thinking about the photos and the writing I need to do between now and then, I have to ask myself, “What the HELL were you thinking, Self????”

But I’ll kill this…I’ll meet it head on and beat it like 99.5 percent of every other goal I’ve set for myself.

Positive comments are totally welcome…Fat-girl bashing comments will either be deleted or not approved. Just sayin’, yo.

Cuz, see? I HAVE to do this, and complete the challenge. My boss’s boss heard what we were doing and about fell on the floor laughing with tears coming out of his eyes, and my girls at work (except for Jen) think we’re nuts, so you see why we have to do this and finish.

I’ll keep you posted.

Till Next Time…