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I Hope I Die Before I Get Old…NOT

That classic song by The Who. The ballad of those who came before me. I was four months old when “My Generation” was released. I really started loving The Who’s music during my freshman year of high school. “I hope … Continue reading

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Back to the Weight Room…

I know that since “catching a break” last November, fitness has not been on my front burner (or even on my radar, really) for months. I haven’t cracked the books for my CPT course in many, many moons, either. (Hanging … Continue reading

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Prostates, Skinned Knees, & Getting Older

Another update, since I had so many of you asking about the give-away image… I’ve created a couple of cards with this image on them, so if interested, come see them here. Another update, cuz I tried Wordle, per one … Continue reading

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