The Neighbors – I Want to Kick Their Butts Edition…

What's not to love? So TAKE CARE OF HER!

What’s not to love? So TAKE CARE OF HER!

So Pit-Girl came back today while I was at work.

I am SO very angry, I can hardly see straight, however. (And this is NOT because my nose is all out of whack; it’s just out of joint. 😦 )

So I get a text from Johnny, shortly after noon, who tells me Pit-Girl got out again, and went under the studio porch and tried to get into our back yard. Only she got stuck. Seriously stuck.

Johnny had to pull the stairs to the back door of the studio away from the building and then had to dig her out. I mean literally…Dig. Her. Out. Are you freaking kidding me? It took him quite a while to free her, as she’d wedged herself in there pretty well. He said when he pulled the stairs away, all he could see were her nose and one paw. Are you freaking kidding me????? Once he had her in our fenced back yard, he put a leash on her and walked her back home. He banged on Pat’s doors and, of course, NOBODY bothered to answer, so he let her back into her the yard. Then he tried to fix their fence FOR THEM, so that she wouldn’t get out again. Of course, the yard was trashed, with garbage everywhere, because what is a lonely puppy to do but tear up the garbage because she wants to play…

He said he figured out she was under there by the blood curdling howls that emitted from under the building.

I’m in Goldsboro, NC. If you (or anyone you know) are in the local area and think you might be able to give this baby a good home? Send me a message or leave a response below. I think we have a foster family lined up the next time this asshole’s dog gets out. She is still young, and can totally be socialized. Because the next time this girl gets out? She is leaving my neighborhood.

Now, as I have mentioned before? We have seven dogs and have had them for ten years and nobody ever gets out. Thanks to Pat’s inability to keep her puppy in the yard, my fur kids figured out how to get under the steps in the back (because scent) and we spent the rest of our daylight ensuring that ours can’t get out by sawing lattice strips and screwing them over any possible exits. THANKS, ASSHOLE!

Sadly, that’s not going to keep PitGirl from burrowing under the front, so I have half a mind to present these dick weeds with a bill for the materials needed to keep their dog out from under our building. This has never been an issue until now. Everyone else in our neighborhood are RESPONSIBLE pet owners. (Jerk-ass.)

Why do people get pets that they just don’t give a shit about? This pisses me off more than I will ever be able to convey in words on this blog or anywhere else.

WTActualF is wrong with people these days? I mean…Jeebus…

Until next time…

The Neighbors: Coming or Going?

So this has got to be what? My fourth or fifth post about my neighbors?

No more parties, which is really a good thing (channeling my inner Martha Stewart, you know), but they do still come and go at odd hours of the night, and we know this, as their driveway is on the other side of our bedroom wall.

I was talking to my good friend, Joyful2Be, and wandering about the house, as I do when I’m chatting away on the phone, and as I’m meandering through my recently tidied up bedroom, I glanced out the windows and saw this: (“This” being a picture I shot from the driveway, because the blinds would have been in the way had I taken it from the bedroom, LOL.)

Coming or going? You be the judge...

(And please pardon the exposure…I was shooting into the sun with my iPhone, and there is only so much one can do, even with Photoshop, right?)

So are they coming or going? Is that recliner about to go INto the U-Haul, or is it going into the house? (I’m praying REALLY hard for the former, rather than the latter.)

Johnny says he thought there was a realtor walking around the property with Sgt. Loud on Friday, pointing out things that needed attention, so I live in hope that the chair is going INTO the truck…(although it might look nice in my studio, too, if you know what I mean, ha ha.)

Is it me, or does the chair look like it’s going to take up about 30% of the truck?  I’m just sayin’.

Speaking of furniture moves, I imagine I need to go and move the hutch into the kitchen from the dining room, now that the computer stuff is all in the kids’ media room (yeah, I was busy last night).  Well, I will go do that as soon as the Dr. Pants webcast from The Bloggess’ bathroom is over. 🙂

Till next time