Fitness and a Quick Catch-Up

This site is terrific! (and not because I'm on it...)

This site is terrific! (and not because I’m on it…)

A couple months ago, as summer was coming up fast and grandsons were starting to make their appearances, I was approached via private message over at MyFitnessPal by a gentleman who had put together a success stories-related web site. He asked me if I would be willing to share my story.

Well, uhh… Gee…I don’t know. I guess?

So my willingness to inspire others beat out my initial shyness, because I agreed to do it. In fact, I also agreed to let him publish my review of the FitBit Charge HR, too.

After my first grandson was born on June 11, five weeks early at a terrific hospital 45 minutes away, he was whisked away to their NICU, where I was able to stroke his foot, but not hold him. I won’t refer to him by his real name, but for blog purposes, he shall be known by my nickname for him: GrandBoo.

Once GrandBoo came into the world, my head was filled with thoughts and prayers of him getting bigger and stronger. He was soon transferred to our local hospital, aka my Day Job. I was able to sit with him during breaks and lunches. I wasn’t able to hold him, yet, but talked to him and told him how handsome he was.

I didn’t hold him for the first time until June 28, when my second grandson came into the world, a week overdue. He shall henceforth be known as my GrandBru. ❤

Two days later, I celebrated my 50th birthday, which also goes down in history as the night I splashed water into the back of my iPad and killed it. Because the weather was intermittent thunderstorms, I didn’t plug in the Mac because I didn’t want to lose a second hard drive to lightning strikes. *shrug* With no tablet until several weeks later?  Blogging wasn’t happening. Therefore, I hadn’t had the opportunity to tell you about my space on the aforementioned web site.

While I was in Texas last week (another story for another time) I received a message from yet another gentleman on MFP (My Fitness Pal) who is doing a series of podcasts pertaining to fitness over 40, and he asked me to speak with him, as he saw my story on Real Bodies Real Results – Julie. (<- That’s my piece, there.)

I agreed to do it. I’m interviewing tomorrow evening. It won’t be published till January 1, 2016 (tentatively), but I am all grades of nervous.

I just wanted to say that I’m here, not dead, been traveling, and not for the best of reasons, and still staying as active as the oppressive eastern North Carolina heat will let me be.

I’ll catch you up sooner, rather than later.

Until next time…



Hi. My name is Jules and I am a technology addict. Admitting it is half the battle, right?

I had suspected as much for a while, but these suspicions were confirmed on Wednesday, when there was an area-wide cable outage. Now, I get my home phone, TV, and Internet through my cable provider, so this outage left me dead in the water. No blog, no Netfix, no Juice Cubes or Bingo, no ability to call Mom (which, fortunately, I was able to do just prior to the world ending, errr, outage), no reading my Kindle, because I hadn’t downloaded my next read at that point. You know what I mean, right? I mean…I’m not alone in this, right? RIGHT?

Fortunately, my smart phone is 4G, so I was able to log onto our provider’s site and chat with someone to make sure it wasn’t the wiring under the house flipping out, again. It wasn’t. I’m betting my data usage is up this month, lol…but is it bad that I knew to do this?

I swear, it was the longest day two and a half hours of my life! I thought about working out, but all the music on my Mac in the studio is via Spotify (I haven’t gotten anything new on iTunes in about forever, because I just Spotify, anymore), but with no Internet, there would be no music, and where is the fun in that? (And before anyone blurts out, “Radio, duuuuh!” let me just say our neighborhood is in an FM broadcast dead zone.)

We’d had kind of a bad day that day, and I was mentally and physically wiped out, and all I really wanted to do was whine uh, blog, and read blogs. My WordPress family has a way of lifting my spirits, and I couldn’t even do that. I know, I know… #FirstWorldProblems, right?

So I plugged my phone in to make sure I had enough battery, changed into running clothes, leashed up my best girl, Belle (who is my dog, just to clarify), fired up my running app, and went for a two mile run. Ok, there was some walking involved, which was made obvious by my 13 minute mile pace, but whatever. I still got out there and did it.

By the time I got done, the outage had become nothing more than a bad memory.

You may recall my being down with the crud last weekend. Because of this I was only able to get a couple of hours in at work Monday, so Tuesday, while still feeling blah, I played catch-up, and returned home tired, so I got in the recliner and that is pretty much where I stayed. I wanted to blog, but just couldn’t make myself do it. Sleeping was just soooo much easier, lol. I’m a firm believer in full recuperation; relapses suck!

I left work early Wednesday to go with the hubs to the gastro specialist (which had a heavy hand in how our day turned out), and the doc wanted to send him to the hospital for an endoscopy to see what was going on with all of the abdominal pain. They told us to be there at six-thirty the next morning, and no food or drink after midnight, so I was making a late supper during the time I’d normally be online. I was experiencing further withdrawal symptoms, by this point, because I knew the Internet was back and I just couldn’t get to it. I know…I’m pitiful, but at least that was better than being a worry-wort about what all the tests would show the next morning.

So, yesterday went by in a blur. Up at 0-dark-thirty; let the games begin. Endo showed no ulcers, but the doc also ordered a gallbladder ultrasound, since he already had an empty stomach. The preliminary report showed no problems. Then the magic word came up: biopsy. What? I guess I am a medical trendsetter at our house, huh? Everyone just feels the need to follow suit. Haha. Follow up and results are next week. My husband is actually quite funny when doped up, lol! His Darth Vader impression would have been fun to get on video.

During the hospital festivities, I kept thinking about my next blog, and when I would be able to get to it, as well as where the storyline in the current short story I’m working on is going. Yeah…my name is Jules, and I am a technology addict.

Can I help it if blogging is more fun than journaling? I mean, no writer’s cramp, or anything! In my own defense, keeping my mind on that beat the alternative, which are those dark and scary recesses that my mind tends to go during times of duress. Don’t judge me. I was able to pass a lot of the time spent in the waiting room by keeping up with my friends on FaceBook, courtesy of the hospital’s WiFi. Is anyone else seeing a trend here?

What can I say?

Solitaire on the tablet out on the deck is great, as the cards don’t blow all over the table when a breeze comes up. E-readers are perfect by the pool because they are light, and I don’t need to wear my glasses because font size is adjustable. Email and instant messaging are instant communication gratification. No stamps, no waiting days for a reply via snail mail. What’s not to love?

To further drive the point home, I apologize if the formatting on this post is wonky. I’m working from my tablet using the mobile app because I am not somewhere my laptop needs to be. (No, I am not on the can. Even I have my limits.)

What was basically unheard of twenty years ago is so commonplace now that we don’t even really think about it until it’s not at our disposal for whatever reason. Fortunately, I am old enough to remember what it was like to have no cable TV, have to go outside to play, have your cards blow across the picnic table, etc, etc. Our kids, on the otherhand, or even some of you, perhaps, only know life with all this wonderful techie stuff.

That said? Before you ask me what the hell I would be doing if I didn’t have all of this electronic goodness, let me state for the record: I would be doing exactly what I did before any of this came about. Back in the day you could find me with my nose buried in a book, writing in my journal, sending handwritten letters to my family and friends all over the country, typing short stories on a Smith Corona (snaps to you if you know what that is), and waiting for my film to be developed. Basically? The exact same things I enjoy doing now, only more slowly. I am also saving money on Liquid Paper. This techie stuff just makes it soooo much faster. My only lesson learned is to keep any and all fiction I am writing on a flash drive as well as in the cloud…just in case.

So if you’ll excuse me, I have some Dexter waiting for me on Netflix.

Until next time…

A Liebster? Me?

Wow! I got one! Thanks, Whitney!

Wow! I got one! Thanks, Whitney!

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award! Thanks so much to Whitney from Well, That Happened for the nomination. I am honored, seriously!

In accepting this award, I would like to thank all of the people who have encouraged me to write (She Who Shall Not Be Named, Squirrel, Larry), and the plain ol’ dumb luck in my life for giving me The Neighbors, speeding tickets, and the urge to put henna in my hair. My blog has not only allowed me to vent in a safe environment, it’s also given me the opportunity to virtually meet people I never would have gotten to know, otherwise, and I’m learning about all kinds of neat, fun, embarrassing, awkward, crazy situations. 😀

In accepting this award I’ve been asked to answer a few questions about myself/life…so here goes…

  1. If you were a dog, what breed would you be and why?
    Easy – I’d be a papillon. (Particularly one of mine, since they are spoiled rotten.) This breed is portable, smart, fun, and affectionate. They’re also very agile, and vocal. I think most of this also applies to me.
  2. Pick your favorite Friends character, and “I don’t have a favorite Friends character” is NOT an answer.
    Phoebe. No contest. She was kind of a spacey little thing, but she was a pretty smart cookie. Besides, how can you NOT love the “Smelly Cat” song?
  3. If a guy were to send you a drink at the bar, what would you want it to be? Explain.
    Well, this is kind of a toss up. It would depend on my mood. If I was just out with the girls, then probably a nice Chardonnay, because that is my wine of choice when kicking back and just relaxing over drinks. Now, if I were clubbing? More than likely it’d be a gin and tonic (with lots of lime) because if I am actually IN a club-type situation, I am going to need the harder stuff to shed the inhibitions faster, otherwise I won’t be dancing or doing karaoke like a rock star, LOL…
  4. If you were a tree, what kind would you be and why?
    I think I’d be a Cyprus tree out there on the California coast. I would get to be strong , be by the ocean all the time and be able to weather the elements.
  5. What is your favorite thing to find – be it in a store, on the street, in the woods, etc.
    I want to do the right thing and say something like inner peace, a cure for cancer, or something GOOD like that, but I have a greedy side, and a greenback in the street or under a couch cushion wins out every time.
  6. Do you have houseplants? Why? Why not?
    Absolutely! I love flora and fauna around me both indoors and out. I have a Zen room in my house with all kinds of houseplants; Boston fern, heart leafed philodendron, a Christmas cactus, peace lily.
  7. What was the last major goal you met?
    Losing all the weight I’d put on since I got married ten years ago. I was cruising up on 200 pounds in January of 2013, and I dropped all the weight I needed to, plus some that I wanted to, and before my bulk had lost a cool 50 pounds. My next mini goal is to get down to about 140, or to rock the new bikini this summer. 😉 (Because, yes. I AM that vain.)
  8. Do you plan on making contributions to change the world? How?
    I plan on continuing to run for good causes, contributing to cancer research and “paying it forward.”

Now that my questions are out of the way, here are my two nominations for the Liebster:

Rob over at Weight2lose2013 because he is just a great person and his blogs are fun, informative, and healthy!

I am also nominating my fellow North Carolinian, Virginia, over at Banded Carolina Girl. Her blog is chock full of her determination to make changes (big changes) to be healthy. Her posts are motivating and strong. Her journey has been amazing, and she has terrific taste in shoes!

Ok, my little nominees, your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to answer the following questions about you, nominate a couple bloggers, and give them some questions. Have fun with this, you two! 🙂

  1. What made you decide to start a blog, and how long have you been doing it?
  2. When you aren’t in front of your computer, what do you do for fun?
  3. Beach or mountains?
  4. Favorite adult beverage and why?
  5. If you didn’t need money, what occupation would bring you the most joy and why?
  6. Tangible books, e-reader or “Read? Who has time for that?”
  7. Favorite food type (Mexican, Italian, Asian inspired, etc.) and why?
  8. If you were a tree what kind would you be? (Yes, because I ran out of original questions, and this one is really good!)

Thanks again, Whitney! I enjoyed this, and hope Rob & Virginia will, too.

Until next time…