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I Had a Pity Party Tonight…

*whew* I feel a little better now. I had my first pity party, complete with tears, since I fell and broke my fibula on November 13. I cried when it happened because it hurt, and after that? I didn’t really complain, … Continue reading

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Better Living Through Pharmaceuticals

Today was my first day back to work since my horrible stripper pole accident. Yesterday I was able to get around quite a bit with my fashionable new moon boot and could put a little weight on my left foot … Continue reading

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I Finally Caught a Break!!!!!

Okay, granted…It wasn’t the kind of break I’d been hoping for, but … Ok, so I broke my damned ankle last Thursday night. I know the first thing that is probably crossing your mind is, “OMG! Jules, how did you do … Continue reading

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