The Good, The Bad, & The Healthy

Wow! What a week it has been! I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I last posted!

The good? We got the rest of the garden planted, to include yellow squash (8), Better Boy tomatoes (4), zucchini (3), cucumbers (4), eggplant (4), green bell pepper (3), jalapeno (4), hot yellow pepper (4), and most recently the cosmic purple carrots my blog buddy, Rob, sent me. (Thank you, Rob! They got here yesterday!) We pulled up the first few radishes that we’d planted last month earlier in the week. And boy, were they good! I’ve been putting more seeds into the vacant space left by what we’ve harvested, so we should have a pretty good season for radishes this year. 🙂 The Grapes of Wrath seem to be doing well, too, and I went around the garden and snapped a few pictures late this afternoon:

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When we got up last Saturday, we found a baby snake in our pool. Unfortunately, it was a copperhead, so he had to go. That required an immediate trip to the local farmer’s store for some weed killer, because we were late getting it down this year on the outside of the fence due to spring deciding to take its time. We spent much of Saturday mowing, which is not unusual, but then followed up with the weed killer. So that was the good.

The bad? I was contacted by someone that I have absolutely no intention of communicating with, and ordinarily this would not be noteworthy. This individual, however, is “family,” though I don’t claim the person, given the volatile nature of communication from them previously. I have basically just decided that I am totally okay with not letting someone like that back into my reality. I have had several interactions with this person, and after having done the whole forgive-and-forget-thing one too many times, I have chosen to steer as clear as I can, because should I actually allow myself to say what is on my mind? Yeah, no thank you to the family drama that would ensue. You just stay under your rock, and I’ll steer well clear of it. 🙂 Just sayin’. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice? Oh, hell, no!

The healthy? I know I mentioned earlier this month that I intended to lift heavy three times weekly during the month of May. Well, I didn’t hit that goal during the first two weeks. I joined a 12 week team challenge that started last Monday, the 12th, and I have been busting my tail! Our minimum goal for strength was 90 minutes for the week (hit that and then some, because I did actually lift three times this week and hit triple digits on my squats again) and 180 minutes of cardio. Now, if you know me? You know I do not love cardio. Well, I’ve managed to double the goal time, and have done something cardio related every day this week. I’ve also started a couch to 5K program to get back in the swing of running, since I haven’t really been out to really run since late November, so I figured that would be a good way to ease back into it.

With all of the goings-on at the day job, the workouts, the gardening, and the regular day to day “stuff,” I’ve been pretty much hopping. You can always tell when the weather turns nice in my world, because the blog posts become a lot less frequent.

While I really wanted to go there, pertaining to the bad (and it would have been a hell of an entertaining entry), I didn’t, because it simply wasn’t going to be worth the time and energy it would have taken to find creative, yet politically correct words to describe the situation at hand. Maybe that’s taking the high road, or maybe I’m just lazy and don’t feel like expending any more energy than I need to. I’m better served by taking that energy and putting it into a good run, workout, or a weed pulling session. (And battling grass in the garden is almost a full time job in itself!)

So, that’s where I’ve been this week. How are you enjoying the merry month of May?

Until next time…

Playing Catch-Up…Part II

Image obtained from and looks much like my life has felt over the past three weeks.

Image obtained from and looks much like my life has felt over the past three weeks.

When we left off, I had come back from visiting Middle Son at the detention center, and it was one week post-5K.

FITNESS:  My back was feeling about 95% better, and I was tired of looking at my Olympic bar and plates and watching them collect dust, so I jumped back into my StrongLifts 5×5 program. Sadly, I had to start with just the bar (45 lbs.) as if starting from scratch, and was a little frustrated at that because I had been squatting 95, deadlifting 115, and rowing almost 70. Given that bench and overhead presses were/are my weak lifts, 45 pounds was kind of a relief. It felt soooo good to lift, again, after almost a month of not doing my entire routine. 🙂

Also worth mentioning, is that on the 17th, less than a week after the mud run, Jennifer called me and told me that they had registered for another 5K. This one is in Raleigh on June 22 – it’s a Color Vibe run, and while mud is an attraction to me, so is colored corn starch, so I signed up for team “Peace, Love & Colors” and paid my registration. Never say die, baby! So I KNEW I would need to re-start my Couch to 5K program and, um, you know…stick with it this time. I made a mental note to start it the following week, once I knew I wasn’t going to throw my back out again on my lifts. (To date, I have completed the first two weeks of this program and have not had a heart attack yet…week 3 starts Monday. Say a little prayer…just sayin’.)

During this time, Belle, still wearing the cone of shame, was doing her best to stay chill, though it was pretty obvious to all of us that she was ready to start jumping on the couch by herself. We had been carrying her outside and down the steps to the grass, back inside, lifting her to the couch and the bed so she wouldn’t pull those stitches. As long as she was taking her pain meds, she was mellow, but once she came off of them? Holy crap!

GETTING OUT:  On Monday, the 22nd, I was winding down my work day when my cell phone rang and it was a number I didn’t recognize, so I sent it to voicemail. A few minutes later, a vaguely familiar number called, but I sent it to voicemail, as well. The first call’s voicemail indicator went off and I played it back. I caught about half of the recorded message. It told me that an inmate I was tracking, Middle Son, had been released on a probationary status. O.M.G! Middle Son was out. Then it clicked…the second number was the same one I called to set up my visits! I called it back, and told the friendly voice on the other end that I’d missed a call from this number and wondered if it pertained to Middle Son’s release, and then identified myself. She told me to come get him. I told Cindy to let everyone know I was leaving, as Middle Son was OUT!

Picked him up and went straight to the probation officer’s office. (These guys are commonly referred to as PO’s in certain circles, I learned.) This was a learning experience, also. Firearms must be removed from the home. (Check.) My home, where Middle Son would be staying until he gets on his feet, would be subject to unannounced visits from the PO at any time after Middle Son’s curfew, which is at six p.m. nightly. (I’m thinking I need to get home and tidy up, hardcore!) Also, that my home is subject to warrantless search at any given time as long as the offender is staying here. I’m ok with that, though the hubs wasn’t loving it. Our PO is really nice. Lots of tattoos and his ring-tone is Sweet Home Alabama. Called my boss and asked to take a couple more days off, given we had a list of things a mile long to do; DMV for a valid ID, Employment Security Commission to register for work on the former offender program, clean the back room and convert it from storage to an actual bedroom again. We did all of that.

BELLE:  During my mass cleanup effort on Wednesday, the vet called regarding Belle’s biopsy. It wasn’t a spider bite. It turns out that it was a tumor, the type of which I canNOT for the life of me remember. They said the biopsy revealed some existing live cells on the outer parts of the tissue, and that we would really need to keep an eye on her and that they would more than likely have to go back in and remove any remaining malignancy. Not the best news, but we have a good chance that she’ll be around for quite a while.

Image courtesy: Screamin' like a banshee – Abu Dhabi by Krizz Kaliko

Image courtesy: Screamin’ like a banshee – Abu Dhabi by Krizz Kaliko

WEDDING OR NOT:  On the following Saturday, the 22nd, I had to go in and work the day job for a little while. This was the scheduled date of Oldest Son’s wedding. Now, when Middle Son was released, I texted both his father and his older brother, both of whom reside out of state, to let them know, per their request. To this point I had not spoken to Oldest Son since our blow up after his refusal to see a problem with his “beloved” verbally coming unglued on his mother (me). He did finally call to speak with his brother the Wednesday before the hanging…err wedding. I answered the phone and let him know that I hoped he’d had a nice birthday the weekend prior, that his brother wasn’t home as yet (he was at the other house cleaning, which Oldest was pleased to hear), and that I was sorry that it upset him that I couldn’t be there the following weekend, and he assured me that was fine. Please know, I wasn’t sorry I couldn’t be there (only sorry he was hurt in any way by this), simply because SHE burnt that bridge and burnt it good. The first couple of times you verbally accost me? Shame on you. The third time? Shame on me. Third strike and she’s OUTTA THERE! If I give you three chances and you blow every. single. one.? It’s on you, now, baby. So I’m at work that Saturday, wondering if perhaps he’d woken up the night before and might leave her at the altar. If that wasn’t the case, then I would have a new daughter …errr…banshee-in-law. After getting home, taking Baby Boy’s first series of senior portraits (he was in ROTC fully decorated dress uniform, per his request), I checked the Facebook pages of any and everyone I thought might be at the joyous occasion. Nothing. Not a status change, not a mobile upload, NOTHING!!!!! I started looking at court clerk records in their county, hoping against all hope that there wouldn’t be a marriage license on file. So far there hasn’t been. Was it possible that perhaps they didn’t go through with it? It was really starting to look that way, and then Middle Son called to talk to his dad, and it seems that there was, in fact, a ceremony, and for some reason, NOBODY thought to bring a phone, camera, or anything. I found this fact out overnight. Oh, well. Can’t win ‘em all, I guess. I imagine things will be a little awkward at Baby Boy’s graduation, because 1/2 of that happy couple is not welcome in my home. Fortunately they have a home of their own to stay in…and who knows? Maybe there will even be utility service restored by then.

MOTIVATIONAL READS – “Diet” and Exercise:  I was going to close this at the end of the above paragraph, but figured since I only have a short blurb left to share, I’d just go ahead and finish it up.

So, I have been keeping up with the following blog, Trying Not To Be Fat, for quite a while, and while she seems to be on hiatus right now, her backstory is crazy good, and I’ve really gotten motivated by following her progress during this time.

My second motivational blog/read I simply stumbled upon while looking for something else, entirely. This lady is a personal trainer, runner, weight lifter, and boom, I had to start reading. Bonus for being ridiculously popular AND local! I present to you Cherie Runs This. This blog is a really recent find for me (as in, last Wednesday), and while it’s a good jump back in time if one starts from the very beginning, it’s well worth it, because this allows you to see where this super woman comes from and how she got where she is today. I found myself relating to her in a lot of ways, and while I am only a few months into my own lifestyle change, she has really made a huge success out of her own, and if you haven’t already discovered this gem, you need to follow the link and check Cherie out. 🙂

So that’s it…I think we’re all caught up, now.

PS…anyone know any good smoothie recipes that include…*sigh* kale? If so, hit me up, huh?

Until Next Time…

Too MUCH Exercise?

Soooo…it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted anything on the personal front, but today I need to blog to unload. Not a vent, exactly, but here’s what’s been going on in the world of the Type-A Workaholic:

Fitness - the bane of my existence, but hey! The old jeans fit! ;)

Fitness – the bane of my existence, but hey! The old jeans fit! 😉


I’m down several pounds according to the scale, and down a few inches here and there, according to the measuring tape. Until today I have had copious amounts of energy and have worked out every single day for the past seventeen days.

The schedule looks something like this:
Sunday – 30 Day Shred (this is, if you are unfamiliar, a general circuit training video featuring three circuits; each including 3 minutes of strength training, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of ab work with a warm up and stretching cool down).
Monday – 30 Day Shred
Tuesday – 30 Day Shred in the morning, Couch to 5K session in the afternoon (and for those of you unfamiliar with this, it is a program that builds up the ability to run a 5K by alternating jogging/walking in alternating increments).
Wednesday – 30 Day Shred
Thursday – a.m. 30 Day Shred, p.m. Couch to 5K.
Friday – 30 Day Shred
Saturday – a.m. 30 Day Shred, p.m. Couch to 5K.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

Most evenings I will take one of the dogs out for a walk after supper, in addition to the day’s festivities. I also try to walk or do stairs at the day job. I’ve developed healthy eating habits and this whole commitment to the 5K mud run is wreaking havoc on my unhealthy lifestyle. HOWEVER, I wore jeans last weekend that I have not been able to wear for a very long time. 🙂 Yay, me.

Tonight, however, I am exhausted. Jillian Michaels is, in fact, kicking my ass. Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred is NO joke, and given I have little or no upper body strength, all the plank-related exercises are something I would gladly trade for repeated tetanus shots and/or root canals. Hey…at least you get really good drugs for a root canal, am I right? Jennifer and I went walking a few times at work today, and simply walking kicked my butt. I know that the 30 Day Shred should be done every day, but DAMN! So I am taking an entire day off from working out. Yes, I feel like a lazy sloth, but it is what it is. I am finding it hard to flip Jillian a one fingered salute when I’m trying to do a walk-down push-up, but I can sure cuss like a sailor, and I’m quite sure she’s heard it all coming from me this past week.

On the plus side? It’s REALLY cool when people tell you that your complexion is looking fantastic (all that water I’m drinking) and that it looks like I’ve lost weight. Yay!


The “Dirty Divas” is out of team name contention, since we found out last week that another participating team out of Jacksonville has already registered with that team name. So it was back to the drawing board and we have yet to come up with a new name for the team. This is where I need YOUR help. We’ve been online searching team names, but can’t seem to find one that we like. If y’all would be kind enough to post suggestions in the comments section below, I will submit them to the team for their consideration. Remember, we’re girls, ages ranging from early 20’s to mid 40’s (yes, that’s me…the mid-40), it’s a MUD run, so we are going to get dirty, nasty, and filthy. Oh! And “Dirty Girls” has already been vetoed. Your suggestions WILL be appreciated. 🙂


I knocked out another thousand words last week, but I have not been in the correct frame of mind to really knock it out of the ballpark the last couple of weeks (gee, I wonder why). I’m in the process of developing the hot cop’s character, and am trying to get into the mindset of writing from a male point of view, which has been interesting, to say the least. But hey…I have his name and description down. Sort of.

I have also had the privilege, as you’ve all read, to interview three really fantastic authors, so I haven’t been a total writing sloth.


Yes, it’s probably been all of a month since they’ve made an appearance here in the world of the workaholic, but this was kinda notable. 🙂 Two nights ago they had some folks over to the house. Now, I haven’t had to bitch about the noise level coming from that house in a good long while, which is good, and I didn’t give two thoughts about the cars/trucks out in the street and their driveway Monday night. The one guy had kind of parked his truck in the ditch so that it was off the road, which was nice, given it was out of my way when I took Belle for a walk that night. Yesterday, however, he tried to get it into the driveway and got stuck in the mud. The hubs has a Kubota tractor and has pulled some neighbors out of the mud on occasion. I told him that it would behoove us to go offer to pull the guy’s truck out of the mud because if we didn’t at least offer he would think we were hateful, given we pulled another neighbor out of a mess a couple of weeks ago, and it wouldn’t be neighborly of us (read: him) to at least offer. So while I was running to the high school to pick Baby Boy up from ROTC practice, the hubs went next door and pulled the truck out of the mud. I got back to the house, truck was in the driveway, tractor parked in its spot, and I went in, changed clothes, and went to do my C25K run/stagger/lumber. About halfway through, the neighbor went to work, and actually WAVED at me as he drove past and didn’t even swerve to try and run me over. Who knew?  So maybe, while we’ll never be friends, we can at least reside on adjoining lots until such time they get orders somewhere.


So there you have it. I’m going to go back to my nice glass of wine, now, think about eating some dinner, and then maybe write on my story for a while. I am so anxious to hit 40,000 words so I can introduce you to the next character or two.

Until next time…