Catching Up…

Summer = busy days!

Summer = busy days!

I know I have been less than present this past week or so, and I do apologize, but that whole life-thing? Yeah, that.

This past month has been something of a lesson in irony appreciation.

I have been down hard since right after posting the Yoga blog. Something happened to the temp crown (the crown tech said she wasn’t sure where her head was when she put it in, which tells me, whoops, her bad), and I had an exposed nerve that was causing a lot of pain, so I was pretty much up for three days straight between the actual pain and then the reaction I had to the pain medication. That the “fix” was no better than where I’d been prior to going back to the dentist made eating actual food something I wasn’t having, so the past week has been a veritable suck-fest. It will be a while before I can look at soup, grits, or oatmeal the same way, again. 😀

So after having missed two half days at the office, I changed my four day weekend into a three day weekend when I opted to work Friday. Hey, it’s just as easy to be miserable at the office as it was at the house and figured I’d save that vacation day for another time. Spent most of my weekend pretty much holed up in my room with a remote in my hand and anti-inflammatory meds within reach. I did get poolside long enough on Saturday to visit with my husband’s nephew and his girlfriend (the nephew’s, not my husband’s, ha ha).  It was lovely seeing him again, as it had been years since we’d had a visit. He reminds me a lot of his mom (hi, Sis!).

It's what's for dinner. LOL...

It’s what’s for dinner. LOL…

So I was home Monday for my birthday because, really? Nobody wants to deal with payroll and Monday office drama on their day, so that was a no-brainer, for sure. No, I didn’t have the grilled steak I’d had my heart set on, but I didn’t have the alternative, either, which was Gerber beef with A-1 sauce mixed in. I did have a ridiculously yummy (and soft) sauteed calamari and stewed yellow squash from the garden, and allowed myself a couple vodka tonics, and took a rain check on the cow. That’ll be what’s REALLY for dinner on the 4th! 🙂 I enjoyed some pool time, and a quiet day with the hubs, which is always nice.

Back to the dentist again yesterday to have the permanent crown put on, and we are kind of waiting to see if the pain goes away. So far, I can eat real food, so that is a plus, but they said if the jaw starts to throb again? I’ll be back for a root canal.  Go to the dentist, they said. It’ll be fine, the said. Whatevs. She Who Shall Not Be Named called me the other day and asked if I thought it was ironic that the girl with the irrational fear of dentists has been in the chair more than most of her friends combined this year.

So I am busting tail to catch up at work and busting tail to catch up on my fitness challenge, which I am way behind on, because I lost a few days. Truth be told? I am just not that motivated to sit in front of a computer when there is gardening, swimming, and playing to be done. I’m slack like that in the summer.

I am also behind on awards, and while I thank all of you who have thrown Musings into the awards hat, I am going to be taking a hiatus from doing them. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, which sounds funny, considering summer has the longest days of the year, but it’s true! By the time I get home from work, it seems like only an hour or so has passed and it’s after 11 and I need to carry my butt to bed.

I had a lovely post on aging bouncing around in my head Monday night, but it just never made it from my brain to my fingertips, so it’s gone, much like a lot of the ideas I get, these days, LOL…The temps rise and my creativity takes a nose dive.

So yes, I’m still out here. Yes, I’m way behind on my writing, and even more behind on my reading, but I’ll catch up.

Till next time…

Blog Postponed on Account of Life


I promised y’all a spooky blog for Friday the 13th, and I opted for my Father’s Day post, instead. My ghost stories are back-burnered for when I experience a writer’s dry spell, which inevitably happens during the upcoming dog days of summer.

In the meantime, real life has been ever so much more interesting…

So I took a four day weekend last week, because, you know…mental health and all. Threw a pool party, which is a rarity, as I am a bit of a hermit, plus six barky little dogs. We sucked it up and invited the girls from work and She Who Shall Not Be Named, as she will always be part of our team.


There was tea. There was food. There was maybe a little alcohol. There was a crap-ton of fun and laughs. In other words, it wasn’t the disaster I imagined it would be. Score for me! The girls hung for several hours. We swam, did a little gossip, ate some great grilled race wings (secret recipe including Frank’s Red Hot and spices), awesome spinach dip, salsa, meatballs, salad, salad, salad, and maybe a little alcohol. Nobody got burned, fell in, drowned, or killed, so I call it a success. 😉 we might do it again for my birthday weekend, which is coming up fast.

Monday was like any other Monday after a long weekend, but it didnt suck. Surprise!

Nope. The suck was waiting for me on Tuesday, when I found myself here:


Yeah, that’s me, again, doped up on Valium and laughing gas, lol. Note to self…do the drugged stuff early in the day, because coming off of it late afternoon is a suckfest.

We lost air conditioning in the office on Wednesday. That was what caused me to threaten the HVAC contractor with bodily harm yesterday, which was day #2 of 80+ degree temps in our office. We were a little cranky, to say the least.

I was up front talking to one of the girls and one of our maintwnance guys when a somewhat familiar contractor came in. Our guy told him he might be walking into the lions’ den. I looked at the newcomer and asked him if he was the HVAC guy. Our guy saw what was coming, apparently, and told me this guy was fire suppression. This is when I made as ass out of myself.

I turned to Mr. Fire Suppression and said, “If you see that HVAC guy, you tell him I am looking for him. We’re hot, have been for two days, and have lost the will to live, and I’ve got nothing left to lose.”

Yeah, well, he was, in fact, the guy I was looking for. Way to win friends and influence contractors, right? But, hey…we cooled off real fast after that. I can’t take the credit, though. They had found the problem an hour before, fixed it, then we had a fire alarm (or an eye-candy drill, as I have been known to call them), and that shuts the air handlers off. Within the hour, we were able to hang meat in there. 🙂

I got home to a blown AC, though, so Karma, I guess. It’ll be okay, though. I have one of our guys coming tomorrow to fix it for us. I spend most of my summer afternoons and evenings outside, anyway.

Till next time….

P.S. this is the first post I’ve done fromy phone, so pardon the wonky formatting and weird typos, lol.

Never a Dull Moment…

How *I* think it looks...

How *I* think it looks…

This weekend I noticed I was getting a little tooth-achy in the wisdom tooth area, but I had inhaled a bunch of popcorn during the latter part of the week, and figured I had a hull wedged between my teeth. No biggie, right?

1. Spiders
2. Dentists
3. Heights

Those are my top three irrational fears, pretty much in order.

That said, I flossed and flossed, and hoped for the best. By Sunday morning I was rinsing with peroxide and salt water, because I felt no better.  All I could think was that I remembered this from an abscessed, impacted wisdom tooth back in 1987. This was the single situation that pretty much hosed my future oral care for years and years (and years n’ years). After a course of antibiotics, I went in for that infamous 1987 extraction.

“It’ll take ten minutes, tops,” they said.

“You’ll be on your way home before you know it,” they told me.

Dirty liars.

As a result, I didn’t go back to the dentist.

Until 2012, that is. I posted about the great root canal adventure and the reason I am irrationally frightened of all things dental. I got through that with halcyon and nitrous oxide. Went back for a follow-up and they told me I needed to have a deep cleaning in the future (i.e. NEAR future), but my insurance had tapped out for the year, and it was only February, so I put it on my list of things to schedule the following year. I also made a mental note that I might think about finding another office to visit, simply because it seemed a friend of a former friend of mine worked there, and it basically takes an act of God just to GET me to the dentist, I don’t need a “frenemy” beside my dental chair, ya know?

Ok, so you know me…I MEAN to do things, but sometimes, time gets away from me and I never did call around and find a new dentist to get that deep cleaning scheduled, but I pretty much knew I wasn’t going to be avoiding the dentist again this morning. 😦

I had a baaaaad night’s sleep. I kept waking up after dreaming of people and items (shoes, rocks, 2×4’s) hitting me in the jaw. When I got up this

How *they* make you think it looks...

How *they* want you think it looks…

morning I could barely open my mouth, and my lower jaw hurt, as well. And chewing? Awww, hell, no! My Admin Assistant reminded me how dangerous it is to leave an abscess unattended, you know, assuming it was abscessed, of course. I told her I was kind of leery of going back to the last dentist, and she slipped me the number of her guy.

I sucked it up, called, and got an appointment for later this morning. I got there right on time. As I was filling out the paperwork, I realized something; I lied at the end of the referenced blog, above. I AM still afraid of the dentist. By the time I got into the exam room, I was shaking like a leaf, and the dental assistant was going through my paperwork and saw where I circled 10+ on the scale of dental anxiety, 1 being the lowest.

Turns out I have infected gums, the wisdom tooth needs to come out, as does a molar on the other side where the filling has pretty much been destroyed. (Yeah, that was one of those deals that could easily make Mom look at me sideways and say, “I told you so!”) I broke it on a popcorn kernel. Honestly, when I was a kid she always warned me about that, but in the several years since that happened, said tooth hadn’t given me a bit of trouble. Oh…I also still need that deep cleaning. *sigh*

Except… this particular office doesn’t do sedatives. Now, I can be all Betty Badass on some Halcyon and laughing gas, but without it? I kept thinking back to that awful extraction 25 years back…I honestly don’t think I can do it with just a little Novocaine. No, actually, I’m quite certain that isn’t happening. Oh…and that deep cleaning? Both the dentist and the assistant assured me I was going to need some sedation. They prescribed me an antibiotic to kill the infection (extra yogurt is on the shopping list). I commend them for their honesty. They were really cool about referring me to another dentist that does IV sedative dentistry. IV? Apparently they knock you out just enough to allow you to communicate with them, but you don’t really have much, if any, memory of the situation. I’m down with that.

Hmmm…I am betting that is what that kid, Jack, had done prior to this hysterical video:

I just saw this for the first time Saturday night, and thought about him again today, all things considered. I even told the hubs that maybe I, too, could be a YouTube overnight sensation afterward. He shot me one of those looks. I guess you shouldn’t be looking TOO hard for it out there, huh?

So, come Monday morning, I will be visiting another new dental office to schedule two extractions and a deep cleaning. On the bright side, since I’m up ten pounds, this might be a really good time for me to start seriously thinking about that cut a week or two early. 😉

I keep thinking back to that fateful visit in ’87 and it still makes my stomach do terrible things. I imagine I will just pull my usual Scarlet O’Hara and think about it another time. Fiddle-dee-dee!

Until next time…

Sedative and Laughing Gas - No laughing matter

How it *REALLY* looks. This image should not have happened.