New Year, Blank Slate

That happened fast...

That happened fast…


That year flew by like it never happened, huh?

2014 saw a flurry of activity at our place. I signed up for (and even ran some) fitness challenges, lost the rest of the weight I had hoped to lose and then some, learned how to can fresh veggies, learned how to make/bottle/cork wine, got crafty with essential oils and natural ingredients to make bath salts, scrubs and lotions, got a halfway decent pay increase with additional responsibilities, made amends with people previously on my shit list.

We had a couple of health scares, I fired my primary care physician and found a kinder, gentler and super cool new doc, lowered my bad cholesterol to ridiculously happy numbers, kept the blood pressure under control, went to the dentist more than a body SHOULD go to the dentist, and had a lot of happy gas. (ZOMG! Let me just clarify this “happy gas” was dental nitrous oxide and NOT me grinning and farting, okay? Gawd, I hate when it is twelve hours after I publish before I find a horrific wording faux pas!)

While the entertainment industry was losing beloved entertainers, I lost three friends this year; two to medical issues and one to a head-on collision. They will continue to be missed.

As official empty-nesters (I haven’t had offspring under my roof since May), we created a home-gym space concurrent with my falling and breaking my ankle. The boot is history, and I’m learning how to walk without a limp, but still a little lot restricted as to what I can do in the weight room.

Out of boredom, I picked up my crochet hook and went to town gifting my friends with hats and scarves, booties, afghans and slipper socks. I binge watched a LOT of television; finished Dexter (finally), watched both seasons of Orange is the New Black, and am currently addicted to Sons of Anarchy. I have turned into such a streaming freak that I am seriously contemplating putting a streaming dongle in my home gym so I can wile away the time on the treadmill rehabbing my ankle in the company of Jax Teller and Gemma. (And ‘streaming dongle’ just sounds kinda tacky, doesn’t it? ;))

So here’s a photographic 2014 flashback:

What’s on the agenda for the coming year?

For the short-term, I have 3 pairs of slipper socks promised, another baby blanket in the works, the second batch of Hell Hath No Fury Red fermenting in a bucket, and a treadmill on its way back to my house (at which point I can start walking again, yay!) so that I can start moving further. Professionally, I need to learn a LOT (and soon) about Universal Precautions, wheelchairs, and how to take a currently dysfunctional group of people working against each other and help them learn to become a cohesive team of healthcare professionals. I also hope to start a couple gallons of Mead this weekend. (Wine is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.)

For the long term?

Let’s keep all the weight off. 🙂 I also hope to be able to squat my body weight, deadlift twice my body weight (I don’t give up), max out my lifting PR’s, run another 5K, turn 50 looking better than I ever have (or at least just turn 50, because let’s face it – aging ALWAYS beats the alternative), be an amazing grandma, continue to be as kind as possible to my fellow human beings, even if they are crazy and maybe don’t treat me in kind. I also plan on watching ALL the remaining seasons of SOA, as well as all the seasons I missed of Californication, because I love me some David Duchovny. 😉 (Because streaming dongle, amirite?) Garden goes in this spring, more canning, more veggies (more corn!!!!), continue to keep a good work/life balance, and OMG! I really want to have more time with my friends. I am also going to finish that personal trainer course and get my certification.

I think that about covers it.

You’ll also notice that I don’t refer to any of these things as “resolutions” because that automatically puts a “FRAGILE” stamp on ever single one of those planned activities (or goals, if we want to call them that) and fragile things have a way of falling off shelves and breaking, sooooo…

What’s on your agenda for 2015? Are you going to learn something new? Change careers? Lose weight? Make new friends? Spill, people! I’m nosey enough to want to know what ALL of you are doing this year. 🙂

Happy New Year!

…Until Next Time…

PS… I found the following through my blog travels to people visiting mine and am looking forward to trying to pull this off:



I love finding new and interesting projects and sites to follow. For you hooking fiends out there? Check her out!

And Now a Word About Weight Loss…

I haven’t posted anything recently about weight loss or fitness, and that is probably because I have been distracted by work, family, and little bits of people I shouldn’t be seeing.

As many of my regular readers know, I got kinda fat a couple of  years ago. Not that it happened all of a sudden, mind you. In January of 2013 I was just tipping the BMI scale at obese, and let me tell you, having been a skinny kid? Cruising close to 200 pounds was not something that I was proud of. I got lazy, I got happy, I got complacent. I got a job just around the corner from the cafeteria at work. ‘Nuff said.

The hubs? He loved me thin, he loved me fat, but he also wanted me to be comfortable in my own skin, which I wasn’t at 192.

12-12-03 A wedding photo. 135-ish pounds

12-12-03 A wedding photo. 135-ish pounds

3-2012 - mid 180's :(

3-2012 – mid 180’s 😦

In a moment I’m going to (as I put it to Bobby, a body building friend of mine earlier) grow a pair and show you three progress pictures; one from Week 1, one from May of last year (when I got brave enough to put on a two piece swim suit), and the last from just a couple of weeks ago. I probably need to do one from tonight, but it’s late, I’m tired, and I am feeling comfy in a tee shirt and workout pants, and don’t feel like standing in front of a mirror in a bikini trying to take a decent selfie.

This past 18 months has been more like an experiment in the kitchen than a “journey,” as many people like to call it. It’s like perfecting a recipe that you created. You have to use trial and error to get the correct amount of ingredients into the pot to make it taste the way you like it. Not enough salt? Add more. Maybe cut back on the cayenne pepper. You get what I mean. Everyone’s recipe to where they want to be, physically, is going to be different, just like everyone’s favorite recipe is going to be different.

That said? I’ve tweaked carbs, increased protein, eaten more, eaten less, and am still fine tuning all of this. I’ve bulked and cut, and decided not to bulk again until fall, because bikinis. I have this idea in my mind that if I hit 135 pounds that I’ll be satisfied, but realistically? I know that’s not true. It isn’t about the scale number. It’s about how I look and feel.

I joined a 12-week challenge a month ago, and there are actually minimum cardio minutes to do in order to keep your team going, as well as strength minutes. (And the minimum minutes change from week to week, so you have to stay on the ball, lol!)  I have noticed a lot of change in the past month with the added cardio and regular lifting (and I say regular, because between Christmas and Easter I got slack, had dental stuff done, and just basically got complacent again, lifting one to three times a week and that was it). I guess my competitive nature won’t let me stop, plus I now have a team that I count on, and they count on me, and we all pull our weight (no pun intended).

Why am I telling you all of this? It’s because I see people every day, in person and online, that get frustrated because this isn’t working or that isn’t working, and they just throw up their hands and quit. It isn’t an overnight thing, this getting back to where you once were or better. It takes trial and error. It takes patience. Most importantly? It takes TIME. This stuff isn’t for the impatient, that’s for sure.

Will I ever be through with all of this? Nope. Even after I have reached my personal goal(s), I will continue to pick up the heavy things, because it’s good for my bones and me. I will continue to do some form of cardio, because it’s also good for my heart.

This has been a rather difficult post to write, because it was one thing to write about it without the images, but it’s another different animal to actually SHARE these with the rest of the world. Only a handful of people have seen them.

So while I’m not there, yet, here are those progress photos I mentioned above. Please refrain from laughing so loudly that I can hear you, because I still have some insecurities and see some of that fat girl left in the mirror:

192 pounds, 40-some inch waist 1-13, 163 pounds 31-32 inch waist 5-13.

192 pounds 1-13, 163 pounds 5-13.

145 pounds 5-14. 29" waist. Still need some butt, though.

145 pounds 5-14. Still need some butt, though.

All of this said? In forum-speak: TL;DR (or Too Long; Didn’t Read) – Don’t give up. It sure doesn’t happen overnight. Find what works and stick with it till it doesn’t, then find something else that does. Did I mention don’t give up?

Until next time…

Scotty McCreery


There is this thing going on where bloggers are asking famous people to respond to their tweets.

The Bloggess (Jenny Lawson & William Shatner);

Old Dog, New Tits & Alec Baldwin….

A Hometown Hero!

Scotty! Tweet me!

And now…A Type-A Workaholic & Scotty McCreery…

I had most of my office on our side for the whole Alec Baldwin situation, so I called my friend, Cindy, who is also my Admin. Assistant, this evening to share the Alec Baldwin good news and we thought about it and figured we might be able to do the same thing, but being a small blogger, we’d start smaller than Shatner & Baldwin…and approach Scotty McCreery, Last year’s Idol winner, and fellow Eastern North Carolinian. (Thanks, you guys, for putting this whole stalker thought into our heads, LOL!)

So here we go….

Look Out, Scotty! 🙂

And tweet me back, if you think about it!

(And there IS a method to my madness…I am on the Wayne Memorial Hospital Relay for Life team, and am coordinating a silent arts & crafts auction for our team, and would L-O-V-E LOVE it if Scotty could help out in the even the smallest way!)

Did I mention, *hint, hint, hint*?


PS…It would be REALLY awesome if my meager following would help me out. He would be here: @ScottyMcCreery . 🙂

#ScottyRelayDonation would be our hashtag.