Waiting For Pandas and Gazebos…

Another picture heavy, word light post.

I was hit with a pretty decent sinus infection earlier in the week and it killed my creativity, in that all I wanted to do was sleep…and sleep I did. 🙂

Our Alphonse Karr bamboo arrived and I got it planted:

I told Johnny to be on the lookout for Pandas, because, as we all know, Pandas love bamboo. I found a garden flag that illustrates this:

Pandas LOVE bamboo! Just sayin'...

Pandas LOVE bamboo! Just sayin’…

So Tropical Storm Ahhh-nahhhh let loose like crazy right after we got the veggies planted last Saturday… and sadly, I don’t have any pictures of it, but we did plant a few cantaloupe, 3 bush cucumbers, 2 Roma tomatoes, 2 Mountain Pride (?) tomatoes, 3 jalapeño peppers, 3 zucchini squash, 7 yellow squash, a row of English cucumbers from seed, a row of carrots from seed, and two rows of radishes from seed. All of which went into the ground two hours before Ahhh-nahhhh dropped several inches of rain into our garden. Fortunately, there were no fatalities; but there was a damaged lupine plant. I’ve been trimming dead leaves and cone flowers for a week, now.

That said, Johnny and I got the foundation posts for the gazebo we want to build.

This will replace the 10×10 foot EZ-Up tent that sat on the former 16’x16′ deck that we tore down several weeks ago. Can I just say that 6x6x12 posts are heavy as hell? If it weren’t for my hero, our Kubota tractor, I think we would have been hiring a contractor to come do the work. I’m only a little bumped up and bruised, but all four posts are in the ground and concreted in:

My Hero!

My Hero!

Our tractor was able to move all four posts and four 60# bags of concrete with no problem at all. AND was able to place the four posts into the ground.

After the first hole was dug, Johnny used the backhoe to dig the second hole…and found the wiring to the shed, as well as a drain line and snapped the wiring. He said he knew it would be close.

Fortunately, he is an electrician and was able to get the main feed for electricity to the gazebo-to-be wired. When life hands you lemons, and the like…

Those damned posts were heavy…after Googling the average weight of pressure treated 6x6x12 beams, I can understand why I am sore. Fairly dry, they average 125 lbs. Again, thank goodness for our Kubota!

Below are the posts going up. We are done until next weekend.

First board attached.

First board attached.

Ideally this will have the same type of cut on the extending lumber that my hammock stand has, as well as some additional accents. (See the image on the left…it is going to be a common theme in all the new “construction” going into the yard.

There will also be a three to four foot wall

From Lowe's web site, but I was loving the beams on the roof-line...

From Lowe’s web site, but I was loving the beams on the roof-line…

around three of the four sides, with a “bar” to set drinks on, as well as bamboo roll-up/down shades for privacy and some shrub or dwarf bamboo to block the view of the shed.

All in all, it’s been a productive weekend. I’ve researched more bamboo (because pandas LOVE bamboo, as do I), a papasan chair for the cooler months in the gazebo, as well as new patio furniture:

"Belize" at WorldMarket.com. I want this BAD!

“Belize” at WorldMarket.com. I want this BAD!

So with all that said, I am finally going to relax with an adult beverage, and some grilled shrimp and veggie kabobs and then go hang out in the hammock with my Sweetie. 😉

Until next time…

The Hammock Arbor…Part Deux

This post is going to be word light and picture heavy.

It’s been kind of a crazy week at work, and I am mentally wiped out, but it’s all good.

There is grass coming up in the place that used to be the deck, as well as where we filled the low spots. I’ve planted Canna lilies, as well as some more day lilies down one side of the pool for a little added privacy.

My dahlia and lupine are blooming, and our bamboo will be here on Monday.

I tilled a plot out for our veggie garden, which we hope to plant over the weekend, if Sub-Tropical Storm Ana (and that would be Ahhhh-nah, not Anna…whatevs) will allow it.

So here are the pictures:

DIY December Weekend Part 1

DIY works for me!

DIY works for me!

Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day!

What does a Type-A personality do on a rainy weekend in December when she needs a break from the multiple crafty projects she’s been working on?

Why, she goes to the local home improvement store with her favorite (ok, only) husband, picks out some SERIOUSLY off the wall paint colors for her inside-the-house weight room.

The bench, rack and all the other fitness stuff had previously been housed in my now defunct photo studio because it was spacious and also because it was there. Okay and because there were actual offspring living in 1 or 2 of the 3 bedrooms that aren’t ours during this time.

All four offspring have grown and gone and done their thing, so one bedroom (formerly the child formerly known as “Puffy,” who is now grown and referred to as my DSD; Darling Step-Daughter’s) is my zen room complete with artwork with an Oriental flair, rope swing, pillows on the floor and hanging plants. Baby Boy’s room is in the process of guest room conversion. My middle son’s room is this weekend’s object of my attention, as it is being converted into an aesthetically pleasing girl’s home gym. Muwahahahahah!

The week after I broke my ankle, the Hubs thought it would be a good time to move all the fitness stuff inside to Middle Son’s former abode because not having to heat and cool the studio would save us some dollars (we are always budget conscious, right?), plus I wouldn’t have to deal with rain, sleet, snow or excessive heat getting six small dogs and myself out to the studio to workout. DSD and her boyfriend helped the Hubs move everything to where it needed to be.

We’d been discussing the color scheme of said room since the idea of moving everything into the house. First we thought shades of grey (no pun intended, haha), then maybe a light sage with a darker accent wall, or some dusky blues, as opposed to the screaming blue that was the boys’ room (Baby Boy and Middle Son shared at the time I painted it last). Well, there we were picking over paint colors, and all common sense went right the hell out the window. This is what I picked:

Pretty in pink, baby!

Pretty in pink, baby!

I had a rose/pinkish colored bathroom once, but it’s blue, now, and there isn’t one “girly” room in the house, so I figured why not, right?

The progression of “work” is as follows:

Initially I thought we’d paint the chair rail, which is not pictured yet, white, but I noticed that the room is taking on a LOT of pink. Why do these color swatch cards look so damned different in the store than they do in real world lighting? White is going to be absolute candy cane overkill, so we are going to go with black and chrome in addition to what white is already there.

2014-12-06 17.46.46

Pretty much every color I’ve ever painted in this house is on these sweats!

I had dressed in my favorite grey warm up pants this morning, but didn’t want to wear them for painting, so I dug up my “regular” painting sweats. I’ve got paint stains on them from screaming blue boys’ room, rosy master bath, minty kids’ bath (which is also on the new color/overhaul list), and now weight room. I was impressed that they fit over The Boot.

Well, after all of that, I guess it’s time for me to go back there and knock out the rest of the lighter color.

I also need to see how the carpet is drying, since we had an unfortunate spill, as pictured above. After scrubbing the bulk of the paint out of the carpet, I threw down a towel to absorb the excess moisture. I used an old pink one for obvious reasons, ha ha…Lesson learned? Pink paint on tan old (thank goodness) carpet still makes light pink. Ugh!

Until next time…