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OMG! What Is The World Coming To?

Holy crap, y’all! I have NEVER seen times like these! First, we had the situation in Charlottesville, Virginia that resulted in the congregation of a bunch of white supremacists and the death of Heather Hyer, a protester, last Saturday. On … Continue reading

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A Blast From the Past…

My blog buddy at The “S” Word posted some entries from her diary during her teen years, and I mentioned that I’d found a few volumes, but was less than motivated to post mine because…BO-RING…but she encouraged me so here are … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap Up – May 19

I am assuming you all have pretty much figured out by now that this has been kind of a rough week, right? I lost a friend (cancer is a bitch), but also learned, in this process, who my friends and … Continue reading

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