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I Hope I Die Before I Get Old…NOT

That classic song by The Who. The ballad of those who came before me. I was four months old when “My Generation” was released. I really started loving The Who’s music during my freshman year of high school. “I hope … Continue reading

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My Challenged Gag-Reflex

I was chatting with a friend of mine who is a nurse that had posted about getting called back to work. I told her that I really appreciate her for what she does. I can’t do it. I tried. About … Continue reading

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So. Many. Grapes. Plus, I’m Still Here….

Yo! How’s it hangin’, y’all? I know…it’s been a while…way too long, actually, but the summer months…plus class, plus challenge, plus harvest, plus increased responsibility at the day job, plus wine…So, yeah. August was crazy-busy…lots and lots of canning…plus hummingbirds, … Continue reading

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