Friends Are the Family You Choose

Yes, it’s been a week plus one day.

I’m slack.

I will absolutely admit that. I’m behind on my blogging. I’m behind on my blog reading…My favorite bloggers are leaving me way behind and I have much to catch up on.

I have had some things going on in my personal life that, again, I’m not ready to share with the free world.

That said, I have to send a shout out to friends.

I have the craziest, most eclectic group of them. (UPDATED: These are not in any order, so I plead the fifth in that regard…I can’t actually choose a favorite, anymore than I can pick a favorite child…I love you equally and wholeheartedly…) I have an author/Voodoo Mambo friend, another author who supports me in my offline issues because we share a background, a cop, and administrative assistant, a smart/cute girl who asks me to go camping, a guy that thinks  he isn’t worthy but is more than that and then some, a graphic artist, a photographer, one that makes the most amazing lemoncello, a boss who is more than a boss-she’s a friend, and a director who gets me even though he thinks he doesn’t; a daycare provider, a Mary Kay Lady/credit union professional, an insurance provider, a teacher, and a mall manager…not to mention a mortgage specialist, and an NA.

I won’t mention any of your names, because I respect your anonymity on the interwebz, but I have to tell you that I love all of you. You each bring something delightful to the table. I might not be the brightest bulb in the pack, but I do have the bestest taste in friends. I surround myself with smart, creative, outside-the-box thinkers. I can’t go wrong with any of  you on my side, but I have ALL of you on my side.

Because I have been sidelined by personal issues during the last couple of months, I had to send a shout-out to all of you, because you all have kept me more sane through all this than I could have ever expected to do on my own.

And, hey…on the weigh-loss front? I’m down a total of 17 pounds now, give or take. 🙂

I love you guys…All of you.

And thank you, really. From the bottom of my heart. Some of you make me laugh, some of you make me cry, and some of you make me just think, and without you? Let’s just not go there.

Until next time….

Weekly Wrap Up – May 19

Totally weird that this year is flying by!

I am assuming you all have pretty much figured out by now that this has been kind of a rough week, right?

I lost a friend (cancer is a bitch), but also learned, in this process, who my friends and loved ones really are, and what is important.

It’s funny how we can take a lot for granted, without even realizing that we are doing it.

This will be a fairly short post, but even so, there are a few points I would like to make:

Tell the people that you love that you love them. I know, I know…It sounds elementary, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t really say how they feel.  That said? I have made it a point to tell MANY people how I feel about them this week. You never know what might happen tomorrow I don’t know about y’all, but if I were to slip out of here without people knowing that I love them? Wow…that would suck…  Hence a status on my Facebook today:  “It is sooooo much better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. *facepalm*” and then, “That said….I will more than likely go to my grave a fool, but at least y’all will know where ya stand with me, lol…”  If I scare you, sorry. If I love ya? You absolutely WILL know it. (Holy crap…you can be scared and loved at the same time, hahahaha….)

As an aside? I have also learned that life is too damned short to hold grudges, to be mad, to harbor a grudge…Now, I used to be one that would carry a grudge to the grave with me, but I have watched enough people leave this earth to know that it just isn’t worth it.  You want to be petty? Do it on your time. Leave me out of it. I’ll cut you loose so fast it’ll make your head spin. Honestly. I’m too busy, too stressed, and to consumed with that which is good to be bothered with a bunch of petty negativity. 🙂

I have had the privilege to learn a good bit about many of the people around me this week, and I think that makes me a better person. It feels good to be appreciated, loved, embraced.

I have also renewed old friendships, sparked new ones, discovered new passions, and please know…I’m running with all of it.  Live out loud, baby…

Sherrill told me to, so you know I have to do it. 😉

And if (and yes, it IS a legit request) anyone knows where I might be able to find up to a dozen hot cabana boys? Email me. 😉  XXX…errr…xoxoxo…Probably need to throw those O’s in there. 🙂  As it were, I mean… *cringe*