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A Quick Reunion…

I grew up in Santa Clara, California and haven’t been back since 1996, when my grandpa died. It’s now 2017 and I live in eastern North Carolina and have for 21 years. A high school friend of mine had been … Continue reading

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On Turning Half a Century Old (That’d Be 50…)

Well. Fifty years. Half a century. Ten decades. Surely those words don’t apply to the young girl that I am, right? Yeah. Right. I woke up about six-thirty last week (June 30, in case some of you missed it, haha) … Continue reading

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So Much For Immortality…

You know, I have to wonder if EVERY generation thinks that they are the first ever immortal generation.  I know that the friends I went to high school with and I thought we surely must be… Monty. He was that … Continue reading

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