Entwining the “Real” Me With the Artistic One…

Solange, the chicken I left behind… :(

Solange, the chicken I left behind… 😦

I am going through a phase, I think…

One that wants to merge the writer in me with the photographer in me.

Once upon a time, I was a small business owner (who failed, thank you, economy) that built a studio from the ground up. Literally. I’d started taking portraits in my dining room after moving all the furniture into the living room and shot with my ass plastered to the oven door.

We did fairly well, but then? Then the economy tanked, and I bailed on the blog that held the best of the best of our pictures, including the build of the studio that is now my personal weight room.

On that blog, I was quiet, modest, and publicly acceptable. In here? More unfiltered.

But since I closed the doors to the business last year, because it cost more to keep it open than I was making…I also abandoned the blog that went with it. Probably not my brightest move, but one I thought that I’d revisit, when I found the time to play with it.

Now it’s 2014 and I find that I actually have time to explore it further…So for any of you that are curious as to how I got to where I am (or am not, if you are a glass-half-empty kind of person) here is the blog that started it all.

Thank you for indulging me, as I’m going to be posting the last two years of photography over there. 🙂

Until Next Time…

I Don’t Brag Much…However:

The Rosaries -- FINAL COVER -- KindleMy friend, Sandra Carrington-Smith, just completed her sequel to her first novel, “The Book of Obeah” and it went out on Amazon in e-book format.

I woud ordinarily say, “Hey, Sandra just put out another amazing book,” but this time, yours truly had a little input. 🙂

The cover is two Rosaries (hence the name, “The Rosaries,”) created by Shannon Choppa, on red velvet, and the cover image and back cover were shot by your’s truly: ME!

I had a bit of a “down” day at the day job, whereupon I closed my office door and sweated about the spreadsheet for an annual report for a good 7-plus hours. I got home and found that Sandra had emailed those of us on her production team (this would be the team making “The Book of Obeah” into a movie) a note that The Rosaries was online and available for download on Amazon.

Sherrill Suit Craig, the graphic designer for this series, and I have been working closely on this cover, and we’re both kicking up our heels and slapping each other, virtually, on the back, for making something ridiculously amazing together, for our friend, Sandra Carrington-Smith, who fixes us the best coffee, ever, on a regular basis.

So, click on the following link to get your e-copy of “The Rosaries” and tell them Jules, the Type A Workaholic sent you. 🙂

And if you haven’t already read “The Book of Obeah”? I recommend you do so. I’m not kidding. This is the first in the Crossroads series and you not only will be unable to put it down, but you will be clamoring for more, which “The Rosaries” will help you with. HOWEVER…if you think you had questions at the end of “Obeah”? You’ll have more after you read “The Rosaries.”

Until Next Time…

Weddings & Smoking

A new and busy week has begun.

Congratulations, Pam & LP!!! I love y’all!

I went to my friend, Pam’s, wedding on Saturday in the capacity of “guest” who just happens to be a professional photographer, so it was kind of an all access pass for me. Generally, as hired help, I don’t have access to the abundance of food and beverage available to the guests. Well, after bringing the hubs along for the ride, I didn’t indulge here, either, but that’s ok. I think a glass of wine or a couple of beers would have done me in, because there was smoking. A LOT of smoking. I think that had I been drinking in a social situation, it could have been very bad, as in my head would have spun, and I would have been snarky bad.

If anyone reading this has ever quit, then you might be able to relate. It seemed like everywhere I turned there was a lit cigarette. Even the children were lighting up. Ok, no, not really, but it sure seemed like it.

Celtic tradition is really romantic!

I think the kids and I were the ONLY ones not smoking. And that may be an untruth, but I cant swear to it. 🙂

The ceremony was beautiful. My friends are not what you would call religious traditionalists. They are creatives (she’s a painter and he is a musician) and I love that about them. It was a very casual/bohemian-style wedding with some Celtic tradition thrown in, as well. I initially thought I might be under dressed, wearing a long sundress, shrug, and flip-flops, but no. I fit right in. Who says Bohemian is bad? LOL…

I’ve sent Pam & LP their web-res images and going to be burning and sending the full res images to them soon. 🙂

Like I have NOTHING else to do, I asked Shaunna Rodriguez, writer of Her Obsession to let me proof her books-to-be, and I am just tickled, because she said she could really use my help! If there is one thing I love next to reading? It’s reading to help an author. I worked with Sandra Carrington-Smith last December on A Killer in Sight, and I eventually would like to write AND edit, as well as photograph and blog. I hate that I’m such a creative, as it doesn’t make a mint, (especially since I am no Jenny Lawson or Stephen King), but it makes me happy, so….

Speaking of Jenny Lawson…Guess what came in the mail today? Yes!!! My pre-ordered book, and I feel uber special to be the last of my friends to receive her copy. I had to laugh the other night when J and I were at WalMart, picking up some groceries. Our WalMart is one of those “Super” ones and has a book/magazine section, so of course I had to slow down and see if I could find a hard-bound book with Hamlet von Schnitzel on the cover. I mean, if the AIRPORT got theirs before I got my pre-ordered copy, it’s entirely possible that my local Wally-World got some before I did, too. Do you know how strange it sounds to tell your spouse, “Hey, if you see a book with a taxidermied (is that even a word?) mouse dressed in period clothing on the cover, would you let me know?” Well, maybe you do…Or maybe it just isn’t that strange, considering we WERE in WalMart, after all, and I HAVE seen the People of WalMart. That said, I think I’m going to have to climb on the exercise bike (because I didn’t make it to the gym after work this afternoon) with this book and do some recreational reading before I get back to editing. 🙂

Gee, it sucks to be me…I read for leisure, I read to edit. Damn.

Ok, so the reason I didn’t make it to the gym was twofold. The first reason is that both pairs of white sneakers had grass stains on them, so I threw them into a bleach and soap pre-soak and then a wash cycle late yesterday afternoon, so of COURSE they weren’t dry in time to pack my bag for the gym this morning. The other reason is because the day job was simply dreadful, and I REALLY needed to have my poor nails done. After having snapped off the right thumbnail overlay a couple of weeks ago, I thought I would wait as long as I could to get them done, as I’ve been kinda busy, lately. As luck would have it, I started noticing lift, and today that one nail was catching and snagging on EVERYTHING, and it was really starting to get up my nose.

This beats my former scurvy manicure. I really need to make more time for me. 😉

So I went to my regular nail place straight after work. The cute girl who does my nails was nowhere to be found, so a new person did my nails, which were, even in my opinion, simply atrocious. The newcomer was a DUDE, man…A GUY! I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve NEVER had a guy do my nails before. I don’t know about y’all, but getting my nails done is kind of a personal hygiene thing to me. And having a GUY doing them? Initially I was seriously skeeved out, but he wasn’t whimpy about doing them. (That is NOT to say I like it a little rough, thank you. Get your minds OUT of the gutter…) I found out, however, that not all my fingers have equal flexibility. It seems that the middle fingers on both hands have a little more flexibility than the rest of my fingers. I simply canNOT imagine why that is. Just sayin’…

I know they tell me to come back at the two and a half week point, but I just never seem to remember, and today it was 4 weeks and 2 days since I’d last been and I was looking more than a little ragged in the digits area.

After he restored my “ten” to a “perfect ten” I got the hand massage, which, apparently, I need to get J to learn, because after a whole day on a computer keyboard? There are only one or two things I can thing of the would feel any better. One is wine. 😉 Just sayin’….Oh, HONEYYYYY! 😉

Until Next Time…

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