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So Because of This Whole Menopause-Thing….

I’ve decided to create a sister-blog to my Random Musings. The new bog, which is called Menopause; 21st Century Style, will go live by not later than June 21, because Summer Solstice, and all. 😉 The new blog is going … Continue reading

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Samantha Bee and Ivanka Trump: My Take

  Originally posted by me at medium.com. I’m  offended, but not for the reason that you might think. Yes, I can be terribly ready to debate on certain political subjects, but this does not have anything to do with politics. … Continue reading

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Women Making Choices…

Why is it that men in our society can call the shots, tell us how it’s going to be, and we, as women, just sit back, smile and nod and simply accept it for what it is – a decision … Continue reading

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