Too MUCH Exercise?

Soooo…it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted anything on the personal front, but today I need to blog to unload. Not a vent, exactly, but here’s what’s been going on in the world of the Type-A Workaholic:

Fitness - the bane of my existence, but hey! The old jeans fit! ;)

Fitness – the bane of my existence, but hey! The old jeans fit! 😉


I’m down several pounds according to the scale, and down a few inches here and there, according to the measuring tape. Until today I have had copious amounts of energy and have worked out every single day for the past seventeen days.

The schedule looks something like this:
Sunday – 30 Day Shred (this is, if you are unfamiliar, a general circuit training video featuring three circuits; each including 3 minutes of strength training, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of ab work with a warm up and stretching cool down).
Monday – 30 Day Shred
Tuesday – 30 Day Shred in the morning, Couch to 5K session in the afternoon (and for those of you unfamiliar with this, it is a program that builds up the ability to run a 5K by alternating jogging/walking in alternating increments).
Wednesday – 30 Day Shred
Thursday – a.m. 30 Day Shred, p.m. Couch to 5K.
Friday – 30 Day Shred
Saturday – a.m. 30 Day Shred, p.m. Couch to 5K.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

Most evenings I will take one of the dogs out for a walk after supper, in addition to the day’s festivities. I also try to walk or do stairs at the day job. I’ve developed healthy eating habits and this whole commitment to the 5K mud run is wreaking havoc on my unhealthy lifestyle. HOWEVER, I wore jeans last weekend that I have not been able to wear for a very long time. 🙂 Yay, me.

Tonight, however, I am exhausted. Jillian Michaels is, in fact, kicking my ass. Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred is NO joke, and given I have little or no upper body strength, all the plank-related exercises are something I would gladly trade for repeated tetanus shots and/or root canals. Hey…at least you get really good drugs for a root canal, am I right? Jennifer and I went walking a few times at work today, and simply walking kicked my butt. I know that the 30 Day Shred should be done every day, but DAMN! So I am taking an entire day off from working out. Yes, I feel like a lazy sloth, but it is what it is. I am finding it hard to flip Jillian a one fingered salute when I’m trying to do a walk-down push-up, but I can sure cuss like a sailor, and I’m quite sure she’s heard it all coming from me this past week.

On the plus side? It’s REALLY cool when people tell you that your complexion is looking fantastic (all that water I’m drinking) and that it looks like I’ve lost weight. Yay!


The “Dirty Divas” is out of team name contention, since we found out last week that another participating team out of Jacksonville has already registered with that team name. So it was back to the drawing board and we have yet to come up with a new name for the team. This is where I need YOUR help. We’ve been online searching team names, but can’t seem to find one that we like. If y’all would be kind enough to post suggestions in the comments section below, I will submit them to the team for their consideration. Remember, we’re girls, ages ranging from early 20’s to mid 40’s (yes, that’s me…the mid-40), it’s a MUD run, so we are going to get dirty, nasty, and filthy. Oh! And “Dirty Girls” has already been vetoed. Your suggestions WILL be appreciated. 🙂


I knocked out another thousand words last week, but I have not been in the correct frame of mind to really knock it out of the ballpark the last couple of weeks (gee, I wonder why). I’m in the process of developing the hot cop’s character, and am trying to get into the mindset of writing from a male point of view, which has been interesting, to say the least. But hey…I have his name and description down. Sort of.

I have also had the privilege, as you’ve all read, to interview three really fantastic authors, so I haven’t been a total writing sloth.


Yes, it’s probably been all of a month since they’ve made an appearance here in the world of the workaholic, but this was kinda notable. 🙂 Two nights ago they had some folks over to the house. Now, I haven’t had to bitch about the noise level coming from that house in a good long while, which is good, and I didn’t give two thoughts about the cars/trucks out in the street and their driveway Monday night. The one guy had kind of parked his truck in the ditch so that it was off the road, which was nice, given it was out of my way when I took Belle for a walk that night. Yesterday, however, he tried to get it into the driveway and got stuck in the mud. The hubs has a Kubota tractor and has pulled some neighbors out of the mud on occasion. I told him that it would behoove us to go offer to pull the guy’s truck out of the mud because if we didn’t at least offer he would think we were hateful, given we pulled another neighbor out of a mess a couple of weeks ago, and it wouldn’t be neighborly of us (read: him) to at least offer. So while I was running to the high school to pick Baby Boy up from ROTC practice, the hubs went next door and pulled the truck out of the mud. I got back to the house, truck was in the driveway, tractor parked in its spot, and I went in, changed clothes, and went to do my C25K run/stagger/lumber. About halfway through, the neighbor went to work, and actually WAVED at me as he drove past and didn’t even swerve to try and run me over. Who knew?  So maybe, while we’ll never be friends, we can at least reside on adjoining lots until such time they get orders somewhere.


So there you have it. I’m going to go back to my nice glass of wine, now, think about eating some dinner, and then maybe write on my story for a while. I am so anxious to hit 40,000 words so I can introduce you to the next character or two.

Until next time…

It’s Winter in Eastern NC! >:(

Those white lines on the road? Brine solution. Dammit.

Those white lines on the road? Brine solution. Dammit.

I’m a summer girl.

We all know this.

Rarely, though, do I let weather kick my butt.

Today I hollered, “UNCLE!”

Ok, y’all know I’m training (along with my fellow Dirty Divas) for the mud race in April. I started the Couch to 5K program on Sunday, and also began Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred on Monday. I have religiously done the Shred every day since. I did my C25K on Sunday, again on Tuesday, and was going to do it again tonight, but there is just something about a 24 degree wind chill factor that talked me out of it.

Look…I gave it the old college try. I had lunch, let everything settle and went for my 15 minute walk around the block at 1:00 this afternoon. Everyone said it was cold. I don’t worry about cold. You walk fast, you warm up. Piece of cake. I grabbed my coat (I would refer to it as a parka, but people here laugh at me when I say that), my iPod, and set off, planning to knock out 15-20 minutes. I was back in 13 flat. I cut corners, practically RAN through grassy areas, just to get back to somewhere where the wind wasn’t blowing. OMG…REALLY?

Did I mention I’m a summer girl?

Before I left the office, the National Weather Service put Wayne County under a Winter Weather Advisory for freezing precip from noon tomorrow till what? Midnight tomorrow? Jeebus. I am NOT running on slush, but whatever. I’ll pick it back up Saturday if I have to. Ice and I obviously don’t get along, since I have this thing about falling frequently.

Over the last day or so I was able to concoct a logo for our mud running team, Shag Daddy’s Dirty Divas. I am about to tear up the studio to find the original Shag Daddy logo that I developed back in the day when I was operating under the name of Web By Design Online. 🙂 We’re going to implement the PSD of the logo below (and please, pardon the assiness of the attached image). It is a screen shot of the work in progress taken with my phone, so, it is what it is.

The beginnings of a legend. ;)

The beginnings of a legend. 😉

Now, in other news…She Who Shall Not Be Named is writing, also. And she’s writing a LOT. Like me, she finds that venting through written (or in this case, typed) word is therapeutic, and therefore GOOD. I am not going to go into specifics, but when she finally came out of the writer’s closet and told her husband that she was writing, and what she was writing (and she writes incredible fiction, as well as “how to” non-fiction, as well as some pretty juicy stuff), and he was totally accepting of all of the above subjects, he asked her to write a story for him. So she told him she would and then told him that she would write her fantasy down and under no circumstance was he to feel obligated to fulfill any fantasy put down on paper. During the latter part of the conversation, I think she told him not to worry about the goats, golf carts, Swedish flight attendants and oil. (????!!!!!)  Have I mentioned how much MAD respect I have for She Who Shall Not Be Named? Just sayin’.

So with that little catch-up in the winter world of a Type-A Workaholic, I leave you with a ridiculously healthy (and delicious) Parmesan Swai Recipe for those of you that are watching your eating habits:

Ridiculously Easy Parmesan Swai

16 oz (about 4) thawed Swai fillets

5 Tbsp reduced fat Kraft mayo with olive oil

1/4 cup grated Parmesan Cheese

1/4 tsp garlic powder

lemon juice



Put foil on broiler pan and turn on broiler. Place fillets on foil. Lightly salt and pepper swai.

Put under broiler for approximately 3 minutes. While fish is broiling, mix mayo, Parm, garlic powder, and a little lemon juice to thin the mixture in a bowl and set aside.

Take fish out and flip. Spread equal parts of Parm/mayo mixture over each fish fillet.

Broil 4-5 minutes. Fish will turn opaque and flake easily with a fork when done.

280 Calories per serving

8 g fat per serving

60 g protein per serving.

Good stuff, Maynard…I promise.

Until next time, y’all!  🙂

Writing is a Commitment

I'm doing ^that^...

I’m doing ^that^…

Or maybe that should read, “I Should Be Committed.”

I’m going to put it out in the Blogosphere; I’m writing a book.

I think that after putting 19,201 words down (to date, which occurred in only two and a half short weeks), I mean it this time. I’ve started the process twice before, but never made it past a chapter or two at most.

I don’t know why, all of a sudden, I know that I can do this, but I do.

Maybe it’s because I see my friends’ work on Amazon and it motivates me. (I own a lot of published work written by them – check out the downloads on the Nook & Kindle apps on my tablet.)

Maybe it’s because my heroes in the Blogosphere are doing it and that motivates me, too. (I’ve got their work, too. One is actually a hardcover!)

Maybe it’s because I have had this story kicking around in my head for a while and it’s been begging me to let it out, already.

Maybe it’s because She Who Shall Not Be Named tells me continually that I should be writing SOMETHING for publication.

Maybe it’s because I have sent two of my best friends the first few thousand words and they loved it. (One is a published author and the other is an editor…MY editor, too, now.)

Maybe it’s simply because getting a novel out there has been on my bucket list since I was a kid.

I don’t care why or how it’s happening. All I know is that it’s happening and all I need to do is curl up with my laptop and let my mind go, and an hour later there are a boatload more words in the document.

I almost fell off my perch when I did the word count this evening.

I figure between the word count and posting that I’m writing will hold me absolutely accountable for this story.  I mean, who writes that many words and just lets it all fall by the wayside? Not this girl.

Granted, I’ve had some bumps in my road since I started, and then there was Christmas, and…well…RESEARCH, which I’ve had to stop and do as I go along (did you know you can actually find a video online depicting an emergency C-section?), I’m actually plugging along quite nicely.

In the coming weeks, I hope to introduce you to a prophetic dreamer, a skeptical detective, a woman so fixated on having a baby she’ll do just about anything, a couple of pregnant women, and a sneak peak into what I hope will be a page turning plot with a surprise ending that will blow the reader away.

I can tell you one thing for sure – getting in touch with my inner psycho-bitch has been ridiculously fun!

So now it’s out there and I’m committed. (Or should be committed; you be the judge.)

Until next time…