Product Review: Norwex


The Body Cloth, though! ❤️

Every now and again I am introduced to new products and I enjoy trying them and reviewing them.

Just over a week ago I found out a friend of mine is a Norwex distributor. Because I don’t generally tend to clean (my retired husband does most of that while I am at work), I had to ask at the lunch table what Norwex is. Most everyone there looked at me like my third eye was showing, or something.

One of my friends basically gushed, “Oh, I want their mop system sooooo badly!”

My distributor friend explained that this is a line of products that cleans just about everything in your house in a most environmentally friendly way.

I’d stated that I don’t, as a general rule, clean, aside from the occasional dishwasher load/unload and a rare load of laundry, so that may be why I didn’t pay particular attention to this product line.

My friend told me that she would loan me a “Try It” kit to check out the goods. She actually loaned me some extras, which was why I was compelled to write this review.

If you are anything like me? Cleaning products are cleaning products, right? If you’ve used one, you’ve basically used them all.

Boy, was I ever wrong!

Patricia loaned me an Enviro-Cloth, Window Cloth, Duster Mit, Bathroom scrubby mit-thing and the cleaning paste.

Well. Let me tell you, the following Saturday I went to work. I (incorrectly) used the Window cloth to go at my two storm doors and vanity mirror. I wasn’t aware that I was supposed to use a damp with water Enviro-Cloth, first. Patricia, my distributor friend, said that both worked with just water and that they eliminated bacteria without chemicals, which I will get to in a minute. So I rinsed my loaner Window Cloth and got to cleaning glass like a fiend.

Friends, even using it wrong was still soooo right! I cleaned two doors, windows in a door and my huge vanity mirror in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to use window cleaner, a dozen paper towels and a sheet or two of newspaper to kill the streaks; JUST with the damp Window Cloth. Of course, it (the Window Cloth) wasn’t terribly pretty when I was done, but at that point? I didn’t know any better.

Then I whipped through my kitchen counters, vanity and associated sinks in record time with the Enviro-Cloth. I was amazed! (that is saying a LOT, because cleaning the vanity sucks and I hate housework). Can you say, “No rinsing”? I knew you could.

This is where things kind of went south.


This stuff is awesome, as well, but needs assistance on 20+ year old soap scum and residue other cleaners left behind.

Patricia had told me that she recommended the bathroom scrubby mit and Cleaning Paste to do glass shower doors. So I went to town on my shower stall, which looked great after I was done. My glass shower door? Not so much. The top half cleaned up quite nicely, but the bottom half, where aged soap and cleaner residue went to die? It just wasn’t happening. I scrubbed and scrubbed, but couldn’t get it to budge.

The next day, I’d been out in the yard picking blackberries in the heat and was feeling particularly sweaty and gross, because of our heat and humidity, plus hot flashes. I jumped in the shower with the Body Cloth, which I pictured at the top of this post.

No soap, she said. It’ll be fine, she said. Showering without soap? She had to be joking, but you know what? She wasn’t. I got out of that shower feeling cleaner than I had in a long time, and then after going back out in the heat? I didn’t smell sweaty. WHAAAAT?

The following Monday, we met up for lunch and I told her what was going on with my shower door. She asked me not to give up, that she was going to bring me a couple other products that would help. Sure enough? The next day she breought me me descaler and mold remover sprays.


Shower door problem? Solved!

You know what? The descaler worked wonders!


The cleanest this door has been in years. This photo was taken prior to the application of the mold and mildew remover, to be transparent in my review.

So let’s touch on the science of these cloths for a minute. They all have BacLock, which, to my understanding, is micro-silver in the microfiber, itself, which by miracle of science, removes crap-tons of bacteria, and then when washed in plain hot or warm water and left to dry? It re-sanitizes itself. Y’all, it RE-SANITIZES itself!

If you have time? I want you to watch the video below. I was blown away after seeing it, but watched it befor I got my trial products…Video courtesy of Stephanie N on YouTube.

Impressed? I know I was. Raw chicken slime is my biggest fear in the kitchen, so to me? This was amazing.

I was actually impressed enough with the products that I hosted a Facebook party.

I’m not selling these products, but if you’d like more info, I’d be happy to post Patricia’s web site in the comments below.

Until next time…Happy cleaning!

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So Because of This Whole Menopause-Thing….

I’ve decided to create a sister-blog to my Random Musings.

The new bog, which is called Menopause; 21st Century Style, will go live by not later than June 21, because Summer Solstice, and all. 😉

The new blog is going to cater to “women of a certain” age that are experiencing similar symptoms as I am. Going through menopause is no freaking joke, so I am going to address certain issues, try and review certain products that have helped me (or not), as well as look into nutrition as a symptom relief “helper” for symptoms.

Gentlemen, please don’t feel like you have to check it out, because if your significant other is dealing with any of this? I encourage you to read and suggest to your lady-friend. 😉

All that being said? I hope that if you know any women experiencing the absolute hell of menopause that you will send her my way on June 21. 🙂

Until next time…

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So I’m a Little Conflicted….

There won’t be a pertinent picture taken by me, or even one that I acquired while writing this.

I don’t blog as much as I used to, because of life, the day job and society. I’m actually not blaming society, although, it does make me hesitant to talk about how I feel regarding politics and life as we know it.

I’ve also started writing commentary at Medium, ( and I am conflicted about sharing that link here, simply because I’ve attacked people that have been anonymously named, but in my circle of people? Those people would pretty much be recognized, as would I for calling them out.

That said? I am mentally putting together my “other” blog that will deal with menopausal bullshit (that even the most cool, not old ladies can relate to and even get together to bullshit about,) products that will help us get through this heinous bit of crap that Mother Nature seems to see fit to put upon us, even though we’ve all gone through periods, cramps, and the all-time bitch of pain? Childbirth. Because we haven’t already been through enough? Ma Nature curses us with Menopause.  And it sucks.

I’m not going to be that woman that states how easy “The Change of Life” is. It’s not. It’s a bitch, and I am understating this. (Sorry, Mom…it is what it is, and this just SUCKS!)

I’m suddenly sleeping with a hand towel to blot up the immense amounts of sweat that my body seems to want to produce at 350 degrees F while I’m in bed. There is regularly a lake between my boobs, and that is with the household thermostat set at 68 degrees. ARRRGH!

I wil be honest with you guys; I’m looking into CBD’s to try and kill the worst of the symptoms that I’m experiencing. If those work? You can cool believe that I’ll be sharing any successes with you here.

All I can say, at this point, is that I’m tremendously grateful to my husband, who has been basically a saint during this transitional time for me. I couldn’t ask for a better partner during this time of upheaval in my life.

Do any of you have menopausal stories that will make me feel better?

Until next time…

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