Cry, Baby, Cry…


Cry Baby Cry….

I know, I know, I know…

You are all probably tired of hearing me bitching, but my blog, my rules (within WordPress guidelines, of course.)

Here’s the thing. I just raised four children who grew up raised knowing that you have to work for what you want.

Apparently I get a big, fat fail as a mom.(Except, that I can’t really accept that, because I’m being told that our kids, no matter how you raise them, turn into whomever they actually are.) Which is, actually, a pretty good sized relief. (I feel like I raised my 3 biological kids the same way I raised my 1 step-kid – and that alone makes me feel like shit; that I compared that…)

I have a member of my family that I had to seriously unfriend from my FaceBook page. I don’t do that often. Seriously. I didn’t block this person, but I did unfriend, since my feed was filling up with toxin. Let me tell you why.

(And as an aside, let me first say that I don’t care WHO you voted for. I’ve voted for numerous candidates that have lost elections, so this isn’t what that is about, although, it DOES kinda show my age; I’ve been voting since 1983, so, yeah…I’m old. And maybe that is why I get so pissed off.)

There is an individual that is in my family that I admire a LOT, except for how they portray themselves on social media. I also know that, as an adult, I have the option of not seeing things on my feed that offend me.

Now, let’s be clear, here; I may be an AARP member, but I have a ridiculously open mind. If you are in a same sex marriage? I applaud AND support you. If you are in an open relationship? I love you, no matter what, especially for being as brave as you are! Your sexual preference does not define you…until, of course, it does. Your political opinions do not define you…until, of course, they do.

So, let’s just say that you have advertised your sexual appetites on social media for all the world to see. And let’s assume, for a moment, that someone from the way-far-right has pretty much told you about yourself. Then you have some really far-reaching, uber-conservative, hard-right Conservatives attack you? Of course, your first impulse is to fight back. I get that. But…What is coming over my feed, because we were friends, at the time, is a bunch of f*** you, I f*** who I want, go to h***, kiss my a** posts? Yeah? No.

  • F*** Trump
  • F*** you
  • F*** the system
  • F*** the government
  • F*** the establishment
  • F*** the Christians
  • F*** Pagans
  • F*** Jill Stein
  • F*** off, world
  • Go to H***, all of you that don’t subscribe to my sexual preference, political leanings, et all.

This is the sh*t that makes me unfriend your asses. I don’t need a feed full of negativity.

Let me just say this, as someone who was born in 1965 (yes, that makes me 51.5 years old on 12/30/16):

  1. Grow the hell up. No, seriously. GROW. THE. HELL. UP!
  2. Have you had to support your grown kids through a financial issue (or more)? No? Then STFU.
  3. Do you work 40 or more hours per week? No? Then STFU.
  4. Do you have a mortgage to pay every month? Yes? Do you contribute to that? No? Then STFU!
  5. Do you advertise your alternative lifestyle on social media and then get super crazy when the hard-right come after you with words? Maybe think about what you are posting, and then STFU!
  6. Did you vote? No? Then STFU!
  7. Did you graduate high school? No? Then get your diploma, get educated, learn something, get your GED? YAY! Get some learning’! And  some more learnin’!  Then go get further education and keep the hell going, or do something to make change for what you believe in! And if you can’t? Then STFU.

I know that this is a generalization of what I see on my social media feed, but…There is a whole crap-ton of bull-sh*t on my feed that I had to un-ass, because, honestly? The word, “f*ck” (sorry, Mom) gets old really quick.

Maybe it’s my age showing, maybe not….but OMG, people…let’s at least try to be a little decent when we go there and back.



I’m just old fashioned and ridiculous?

Your choice.

Until next time….

Post-Election Musings. Wait. No, It’s a Rant! (sorry)

You are kidding me, right?

Race-relations today suck. They suck big right now.

People are rioting under the guise of “protest.”

American flags are burning. (Although that is not a crime, I will say that I AM personally offended; our Veterans fought/are fighting for this flag, and to burn it on our own soil pisses me off.)

The generation that is in college today was given a trophy for just showing up. I have an opinion about that. (You know, those poor kids being given time off from classes so they can find a safe space, drink hot chocolate, color and have a cry-in…)

Brace yourselves. I’m in rare form, y’all, and I’m PISSED OFF!


Image Courtesy:

Do you see that flag burning? Yeah. So do I.

Doing due diligence is a new(ish) thing for me. I am not used to posting political blog posts, but, apparently, this is where we are as America, as a country.

So let me go through my laundry list of beefs:

*Race-relations today suck. They suck big right now.

So…I went to a political rally last week. My first one, actually. Someone at work, apparently, found out where I was. Another person at work proudly stated that she voted for the candidate whose rally I attended. The person that spoke her vote was called a racist. So does that mean that I, too, am a racist? THAT kind of inter-office communication is frowned upon in this establishment. We (at our facility) are evaluated on our ability to embrace diversity. Being called a racist based on one’s vote is NOT diversity. It seems that we will be having “that” meeting at work.

As you know, I supervise two departments. In my larger one, one employee and I are the only white folks in that department. So that would be 17 blacks, 2 whites. That said? Please let me tell you all that I don’t see color. I see both sides. One of my employees posted a Facebook live  session that I can absolutely get behind, about how this is not the end of life as we know it, and that he is going to continue to do him. I think that I am probably one of the least racist people you will ever meet, so to imply that my vote makes me racist really might have hurt my feelings, had I not grown a thicker skin over the past few months.

*People are rioting under the guise of “protest.” 

Protest is allowed under the First Amendment. You know, Freedom of Speech? Except that there are flags burning, people getting the shit beaten out of them because of how they voted. (Now, flag burning is not against the law in these United States, but it IS an insult to those who have fought past, present and future for your right to do so. IMHO.)

That said? Setting fire to shit that doesn’t belong to you? That is illegal. Vandalizing shit that doesn’t belong to you? Illegal. Beating people up? Illegal. Now, I have looked for valid links to the most middle-leaning media outlets to substantiate what I am describing, yet I have been unable to. Will I post links to REALLY left-leaning sites? Uh, no. Will I post links to the REALLY right-leaning sites? Also, no. I have looked for neutral news (hahahaha, oxymoron. See what I did, there? Jumbo shrimp, y’all…) and can’t find anything.  Why? Because unbiased media is not a thing. One side will lead you to believe one thing, and one will lead you to believe the other.

But things ARE being set on fire (including our flag), and people ARE rioting. I looked at the New York Times, (who is actually viewed as a little left-leaning) to see what their take on the riots were. Check this out...

The generation that is in college today was given a trophy for just showing up.
This on its own? GAHHHH! This just sucks. When I was a kid, we had “good sportsmanship awards.” That is when you learned how to lose with grace. We don’t have this, anymore. Seriously? We are teaching our kids to cry when they don’t get their way. This is not a great thing. We need to teach our kids that it is okay to not be on top. We need to teach those kids that it is good to participate, but it isn’t the end of the world if they don’t get a trophy. I seriously do NOT have a trophy for ANYTHING. I pretty much sucked at any and everything I tried,  and I still turned out okay. But I kicked ass at roller-skating. Sadly? I didn’t get a trophy for that, but I took it with me, and as a 50+ year old person? I can rock the hell out of a rink. (Although it is a bit embarrassing to be wearing safety gear…even at my age. LOL!)

That said? Jeebus, people! Let us come together as Americans and bring this country forward to success. After all…aren’t we really on the same page?

Look, y’all…we are Americans. Let’s come together. Let us show the Establishment that we are all (and I mean ALL) Americans. Let’s get this country on the right track again. Let us just be color-blind.

Please and thank you!

Jules the WorkAHolic

Get Your Ass Out There And VOTE!


Okay. So I rarely, if ever, post politically charged blogs.

That said? I have to make an exception to this particular rule.

I’m at odds with most of my family over my choice for president, but I’m not going to tell you how any of us are leaning. BUT…the reasons for their votes? Jeebus! Now I see where politics, religion and that other thing (I can’t remember that other thing we aren’t supposed to talk about is…:/ ) comes into play. That shit can start a family nuclear war!

The reason I’m putting this blog out there is because I feel that this year’s election is charged by emotion, rather than fact.

So, with no particular candidate or party in mind? I submit the following:

Don’t vote for someone just because that person ISN’T the other candidate.

Do your research.

What are your thoughts on policy? i.e.:

  • Open versus closed borders;
  • Late-term/partial birth abortion or no;
  • Political history;
  • What is the candidate’s track record;
  • NAFTA;
  • Other trade agreements;
  • Outsourcing US jobs;
  • Illegal immigrants versus legal immigrants;
  • Muslim-based immigration;
  • Voter ID;
  • Small businesses;
  • Taxes;
  • and all those other things that mean so much to you in your heart of hearts.

Now then…when I say don’t vote for someone just because that person ISN’T the other candidate, I want you to think about some things.

While one candidate may have a history of perceived criminality/lying and the other is an unpolished, rough-around-the edges, perceived womanizing puddle of word vomit, think about doing your due dilligence. Don’t vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman. On the other side of the coin? Don’t vote  for Trump simply because he ISN’T a politician.


It chaps my ass when people tell me the only reason they are voting for Candidate A is because Candidate B ISN’T Candidate A, yet can’t back their statements up after questions about policy are given to them.

Honestly, people..if you are going to vote JUST because Clinton is a woman or because Trump isn’t a politician? You’re screwing it up for the rest of us.

Do your damned research! Don’t do the rest of us Americans a disservice because you voted because the masses told you to. Don’t NOT vote because the polls say your candidate is so far ahead that the other candidate doesn’t stand a chance, so your vote won’t matter. On the other side of the coin? Don’t NOT vote because the polls say your candidate is so far behind that they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell, so your vote won’t make a difference, either, because one vote won’t help them win. NO, NO, NO!

I’ve learned so much about politics and US history over the past month or so and can tell you this: polls mean nothing; don’t trust everything the media has to say, as there seems to be NO fair and unbiased reporting out there (and I did some research and found most mainstream media is either right or left. Some have been just KINDA to the right, while others have been just KINDA to the left, yet NOBODY is right smack dab in the middle. That says a LOT for our media.

Do your research, align your values, pick the candidate that shares the majority of your values, and then GET YOUR ASS OUT THERE AND VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE! Ignore party labels. Ignore the media. Ignore the ALL OF THE polls, because someone is fixing them and they are mostly bullshit, anyway, so just and GO VOTE!!!!!

Until next time…