So This Tooth, Though…


So, Johnny and I are playing Trivial Pursuit last February, and I think one of my teeth has come loose. Just a little loose, mind you.

Fast forward to about a month ago: I’m fussing out my daughter-in-law and I find myself wiggling said tooth, because, now it’s a LOT loose. 😦

More often than not, I’m wiggling this thing like I’m a six year old waiting for the tooth to come out because of the Tooth Fairy, right?

On Sunday night, I’m thinking that I’ve got about a month left on this tooth.

Now, to be totally transparent, Johnny had a bridge installed by our wonderful dentist. This took all of Johnny’s amount on our dental insurance, and we still have an ungodly amount to pay.

So, last Monday morning, I pop a piece of sugar-free gum prior to my oxygen rounds and I bite down and damned if my tooth doesn’t pop out of my gum. :O Thank God I didn’t swallow it.

The first thing I notice is that there is no pain. That’s a plus

I get home and show Johnny the fangs that are still there. He says, “Are you sure that’s not a crown?”


I pull my tooth out of my pocket and notice that it’s pretty pristine, which isn’t what my original teeth are.


Maybe this is a crown.

So I call my dentist’s office and talk to the awesome lady at the front desk.

Told her who I was and what was going on. She actually pulled my X-rays! Seems that the tooth that fell out is a crown from a root canal from several years ago prior to my going to them.

Can I bring the crown? Yes! Is it in one piece? YES! Can I come on Thursday at 1:10? YASSSS!

I did tell her I might need gas, but since I’ve got the original crown? I should be able to deal with Novocaine…

Let’s hope so.

Until Next Time…

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Active Shooter Drill & The Placenta


They told us that we would be dealing with a mass casualty drill with the nearby Air Force base this morning, and that there would b an active shooter involved.

I told our dispatcher to let everyone know what our protocol is and that anyone not moving patients needed to grab every spare stretcher and wheelchair that they could and bring them to the Emergency Department’s ambulance bay.

When the “disaster” was called, there were four of us in the office, so we went our separate ways to grab every stretcher we could (which were six in our storage room and one of the ED’s in the hallway). We brought them to the bay we’d been instructed to take them to. At this point, we had seven stretchers and zero wheelchairs.

The first transmission we heard was that there were going to be seven injured coming in by ambulance. We had some time, so we ran and got several wheelchairs and a few more stretchers from empty ER rooms and hallways.

The first injured came in. The base doesn’t play, apparently. People with very realistic looking makeup came out of the ambulances.

The whole hour or so passed in kind of a blur, once victims came rolling in. I rolled a stretcher to an ambulance. The EMT told me he needed one stretcher, and two chairs. The lady in the back was black-tagged (i.e. deceased).

For an hour or so my team rolled the “injured” where they needed to go, while alternately breaking to go find more wheelchairs.

It was almost 11:00 a.m. when they called it done. I was super-impressed by my Transport team’s professionalism. This was my first drill in almost 17 years that I wasn’t stuck behind a desk fielding maintenance calls. It was almost surreal in that the makeup on the injured almost made me forget that this was a drill.

That being said, this drill put me about two hours behind my daily oxygen inventory run, so right after all the wheelchairs and stretchers were put where they belong, I did my daily rounds.

I started on the 7th floor and when I got to the L&D (Labor & Delivery) soiled utility room, I was pretty much feeling like I’d seen it all, because gun shot victims and the like. I walked in to see how many empty O2 cylinders there were and found zero and the placenta. Right there on the counter…In a medical grade Tupperware container. Now, normally things in buckets or canisters make me gag, which is why I gave up on thinking I could be a nurse, but red stuff in canisters doesn’t usually bug me. (Phlegm and anything that even APPEARS to be phlegm will have me gagging.)

So apparently, they are holding this placenta (it was labeled as such) for the new mom. (I’m assuming; many new moms of this generation will consume their placenta in various ways; don’t ask me, though. I’m of the previous generation.) Live and let live, right?

The point of this? Just how many of you that aren’t clinical get to come upon a placenta on your day to day dealings?

Let’s just chalk this day up to #surreal and call it good, yes?

Until next time…

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I Know…It’s Been a Long Time…


Yes, absent without leave. I apologize.


Because life happens.

Over the past several months a LOT has happened to our family.

We welcomed a new grandson into the family, then lost him to SIDS five months later. That pretty much gutted me.

I made an actual friend while she was admitted to the Oncology floor shortly after Christmas. She was amazing. So much so that I visited her every chance I could, even on weekends. She passed a few weeks ago, and I have many regrets. 😦

My job responsibilities have changed, therefore I don’t log the desk time that I used to, as I’m out of the office more often than not. Gone are the days that I could edit a blog and post. 😦 This has also eaten into down time where I would catch up on my favorite blogs (yes, yours, Rob).

We had a wicked week-long sub-freezing spell that killed every single battery in every single vehicle that we own. THAT was fun…Never mind what it did to my palm tree and bamboo … 😦

As bad as the flu was/is out here, somehow I managed to squeak past winter with just a sinus infection and allergies.

I joined a gym. Yes, me. I know I have free weights at home, but my gym offers classes and I am big on Hot Hula and most recently Barre class. And no, Hot Hula is not done with a Hula hoop, weighted or otherwise, although I do have a weighted one and haven’t used it in years.

I stepped through a weak spot in the second bathroom floor on New Year’s night, and that led to the total deconstruction of that bathroom, and the repairs that had to be completed prior to my youngest moving back home.

I got injured a couple of months ago, and that sidelined me for a while. Then I hit my own ankle with an oxygen cart right before I was due to return to the gym, which sidelined me for an additional several weeks. I returned to the gym last week. Yay!

My youngest son and his wife moved back to North Carolina a couple of months ago, and they stayed with us until they found their new home last week.

I have so many blog posts ready to go in my head. They range from the politically charged to the mundane of my day-job to how much fun Hot Hula is to the frustration of being a woman “of a certain age” and all the bullshit (sorry, Mom) that goes along with it.

I’ve probably watched too much news; I’m excited about the possibility of North Korea un-nuking themselves, the release of the three “prisoners” from said Korea. I’m still absolutely perplexed at the division in this country.

I watched Curling during the Winter Olympics, and Johnny and I have still been heard saying, “SVEEP! SVEEP!” 😉

I have dealt with grown children, their significant others, some bits are amazing, some bits not so much, so without further ado, I’m going to release the hounds.

Until next time…

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