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They Made Us Cookies – A Neighbor Update

By now, if you are a follower of Random Musings, you’re familiar with “The Neighbors.” If you’re relatively new and haven’t perused the archives, I introduce you to our neighbors here, we further discuss them here, here, and here. The … Continue reading

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June of 2013 – The End of An Era

After 28 years of “active” parenting, this June it all (thankfully) comes to an end. I have spent better than half my life raising three sons from birth to adulthood/high school graduation. I have attended two of three graduations bursting … Continue reading

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Domestic Situations – What NOT to Do…

Let’s say you’re a parent, and one of your kids’ friends is in the middle of a falling out with his own parents. You want to help, because the kid in question has never been in any trouble, he’s a … Continue reading

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