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The TMI of the Electronic Age

  I love Facebook. I really do. It’s an amazing platform to keep up with everyone you have ever crossed paths with; from childhood friends now living across the country or the world to family, coworkers, current friends, and in … Continue reading

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Way to Blow a Weekend

I had a ridiculously long to-do list this weekend. Lift, run errands, start taxes, pay bills, go to birthday party, take pictures, etc., etc. Well, no. Not this weekend. I woke up tired yesterday and not feeling much like myself. … Continue reading

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An Award Foursome! :D

Two posts in a day? How can this even be? It doesn’t matter. I’m tickled, though, because my favorite Irish-person (Hi, Janey!!!), over at Cupid or Cats, has nominated me for one thumb shy of an entire handful of awards. … Continue reading

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