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Things That Don’t Suck

Good evening, everyone. After yesterday’s cool arctic blast of negativity, I thought I would also share with you the things that do NOT suck! Are we ready? Ok, sweet…Here we go… 1. Honey Badger – Really this crazy little animal … Continue reading

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Save Our Sam

As much as I love to write, and blog, and share with you all, I also need to let you all know (those of you that don’t know me terribly well) that I hate cancer in any way shape or … Continue reading

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Things That That Suck (In No Particular Order)

1.   Mondays. 2.  Mondays after a long holiday weekend.  (Even if I DID work the night job 3 out of 4 of those days, and took my first day off in two weeks on the fourth day of said … Continue reading

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