Boys Will Be Boys…

Number 2 Son...See what I mean?

Number 2 Son…See what I mean?

I was reading a post on my friend Lydia’s blog the other day and started to reminisce (even though I was supposed to be converting word documents into PDF’s for web upload later) about the things my boys did when they were younger. While, initially, these “foibles,” as we’ll call them, were not funny in the least, but looking back? Yeah. Good times. 🙂

Hole in the Living Room Wall:

It was a school snow day. The eldest was probably 16 or 17, which would put my two younger boys at 7 and 9-ish. This was one of those days where the phone at my desk was ringing off the hook with the can-we’s. You know; can we make popcorn, go outside and sled down the street, rearrange the furniture, clean our rooms…? (Yes that last one was just one of my personal fantasies…) It finally got to the point where I had to tell them not to call me unless it was broken, bleeding, burning, or one of their hands was in a baggie.  I was the paranoid mom; we didn’t own a sled, and the idea of these three boys playing on a slick street in front of the house was not something I relished, and I know that when boys go outside, they are magnets for other little boys, and the home without the parent is the home they all manage to migrate to, so no. Y’all can play outside when I get home.

I made it home by four, and I swear, the boys still laugh about my eagle eyes. I walked in, stomped the snow off my boots and told them to suit up if they wanted to hit the snow out front, except that I stopped mid-sentence. There, just over the love seat, and barely to the left of the shelves that held some collector plates was a hole. It wasn’t a huge hole…maybe smaller in width than your average number 2 pencil, but it was THERE and I saw it. “BOYS!!!!!!!?????” I shrieked, in my best boy-are-you-in-big-trouble voice. And they KNEW. All three of them knew exactly what I was hollering about. Apparently the Snoopy on his skateboard figurine was doing some tricks, in spite of, “Mom always said don’t play ball in the house.” (Yeah, a Brady Bunch reference…) They knew, from that point on, Mom would SEE, no matter how small the damage.


Mysterious Apple Bites:

Every. Single. One.

Every. Single. One.

When Number One was little (and I’m talking about 7 years old) he had some issues with staying in bed. It took us a while to figure it out, because he was smart AND quiet about it. I won’t ever forget the morning I went for a snack after he’d been at school for a few hours. I pulled an apple out of the bag in the fridge and damned if there wasn’t a bite taken out of it. I set it on the counter, and pulled another one out. It had a bite taken out of it. One by one, I checked all the apples and they had all been sampled. He also did this to blocks of cheese and some pepperoni. He was a nocturnal food sneaker. That pepperoni was the brand that came in the little resealable containers that weren’t exactly easy to see when they’d been broken into. Imagine my surprise, when I went to cover our pizzas in lovely roni’s, I was only able to cover 3/4 of the first pizza.


Overflowing Tub & Sink:

Photo from

Another Number One story. He was on the tail end of potty training and had to be a few months shy of three years old. We lived in a single-wide mobile home in Lubbock during this time, and thank goodness the doors had those crazy plastic thingies in the door knobs you could pop off with a flat head screwdriver should a child lock himself in (or in this case out of) one of the rooms. Apparently, Number One had an accident sometime in the wee hours of the morning and got up to clean himself up. He got the rinsing the pants out part right, but then that whole, “Hmmmm, I wonder what would happen if…” thought process kicked in.

Apparently he plugged the tub and the sink with the stoppers, turned on the water and proceeded to close the bathroom door behind him (LOCKED) when he left. Yeah. THAT was a fun mess to clean up. Thank goodness I heard the water running and was able to stop it before there was too much damage.

Yes, these are just a few stories we yuck it up over at our place. There are a ton more, but there is a tub full of hot water and bubble bath waiting for me after a long ol’ day at the office.

What have your kids done that wasn’t funny at the time but you can laugh about now?

Until Next Time….


30 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys…

  1. Absolutely brilliant! Love this, ha ha, wow, is so nice to know I’m not the only one, lol. And thanks loads for the mention 😉 xx

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally LOVE your stories!! Hilarious!! There are definitely lots of “not so funny” (according to mom and dad) stories that happened when I was younger, but now, my whole family laughs and reminisces about them! Life is funny like that! 😉 XOXO! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Kristen! 🙂 One more day and it’ll be Friday, again (YAY!) Those boys…yeah…they were something. I don’t know, looking back, how they didn’t manage to really get hurt…

  3. Great stories, Julie! I don’t have children, but I remember when my twin nieces were 2 years old, they flushed their Nana’s diamond earrings down the toilet. My sister had wrapped them as a gift for our Mother for Mother’s Day.
    Loved that Brady Bunch episode! 🙂

    1. Oh, man! Diamonds down the drain…Holy cow!

      Since the boys are all grown, we can sit back and laugh about a lot. Maybe one of these days I’ll post about Number One’s adventures at his dad’s house. Think fireworks, deep fryers and window panes, LOL…

  4. Ahhh, good times. Boys will indeed be boys. One of my boys still uses half a roll of TP. Plugs it every time! I bought my oldest boy an airsoft gun 2 years ago. I told him only to shoot at targets near the woods. One day I was under my poolside gazebo looking up. There were dozens of perfectly round holes in the canopy. So much for listening to day! Reading your post today made me laugh. Sometimes it’s maddening when it’s happening, but after reading your this entry, I realize that it’s all good! They’re just making memories to talk about at family dinners. Have a great night!

    1. Oh, like when Number Two put out the rear window of Number One’s 1970 Mustang with a pellet gun? OMG…yeah…memories! Enjoy the drama that is boys now, Rob, because they grow up and leave way too soon.

      1. I know! I’m nervous because my 14 year old is on a field trip in Washington DC until Sunday night. Seems like it was yesterday that he was running down the driveway to greet me after work.

                1. Oh, man, am I glad mine are older! Ok, so I did come to find out that one of Number Two Son’s sleepovers in the tent out back was actually a PARTY. It was shortly after that he moved to his dad’s. *cringe*

    1. That was soooo him! Smart, but laid back. I flew to the west coast to grab my dad and step-mom and we drove from Napa to Nevada for his graduation (he was living with his dad then) and I was able to do his senior portraits. Boo is my wild child. He lives back here, now and is all grown up! ❤

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