For Jan…

Because she loved Chardonnay and sandals. I saw more of her toes than anything...

Because she loved Chardonnay and sandals. I saw more of her toes than anything…

So I had this friend. Her name was Jan.

I met her when my small business was nominated for a local award…I think it was June 2010. She was the general manager of our local mall.

Jan hired me for a lot of mall shoots; in fact, she asked me to shoot the 4th of July fireworks from on TOP of the mall. I overcame my fear of ladders and climbed straight up to the mall roof and got my tripod and camera set up. I shot some killer photos, which can be found here.

Jan and I became fast friends. We both had a love of marketing and a love of wine. She called me to come shoot our mall’s events, and I was loving every minute of it.

She introduced me to turducken, which, if you’ve been following me since the beginning, was what we had for Thanksgiving dinner, back in 2011. So, this is what turducken looks like:

turducken 11-11And, damn, y’all! It was good. Food was good, company was good; the whole freaking day was just…GOOD.

So from that point on, Jan and I would hook up and have wine at a few local dining establishments – with oysters or wings, or just munchies in general, and she was amazing at making me feel so much better about myself. In fact, I posted a blog here about having amazing women friends. Sometimes we’d meet alone, sometimes with the hubs and some others from our business networking group, and sometimes with just another really cool woman friend…Jan talked me through a really dark period in my life and made me see some things from a different perspective. I’ll never forget that.

Eventually I closed my business, and withdrew membership to our business networking group, but we tried to keep up with each other. When the new Harris Teeter opened up here in greater Goldsboro last August, we bumped into each other and talked about getting together. Seemed like every time I went to the Teeter, Jan was there. “Let’s get together,” we’d say…and we never made it happen.

Hell, I just saw her not 5 weeks ago at the Teeter…It was sleeting and it was March and it was weird that it was sleeting in March. We smiled and waved, thinking we had all the time in the world.

Bzzzt…wrong answer. She was getting ready to go…to Pennsylvania to her sister’s place. I got a PM while in a meeting at work this morning from Ruth Anne, a member of our networking group, telling me that Jan passed away this morning. She forwarded me the email that she received, and I still haven’t had the opportunity to cry this out.

Because we lost touch, because I loved her, because I’ve missed her, and because I kick myself for not staying in touch, I submit the following mini-gallery:

I’m sorry, Jan, that we didn’t stay close. I’m going to miss you. I purchased a bottle of Flip Flop Chardonnay and drank it this evening in your honor. Chardonnay because you loved it, and Flip Flop because I will remember you for always showing your badass toes.

I know people die every day…just not MY people. I’m pretty sure the damn is gonna break, and I’m fairly certain it’s going to go down while I am in the tub tonight, so yeah.

Further? Don’t say, “let’s get together” and then not do it. Life’s lesson learned, ok? Because this shit’s just too damned short, y’all…

Rest easy, Girl. You’re going to be missed…a LOT…

Until next time….




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A Wrap-Up of Sorts

I apologize for being slack on responding to comments since the other night. I lived through my dental adventures, obviously, LOL. I can say that while effective, Valium + Nitrous was not as memory blurring as Halcyon + Nitrous. I can give you a blow by blow of the whole thing, which I won’t, but I can say I cracked myself up a couple of times while I was inhaling the laughing gas.

The cavity was the first order of business, so when the drill came out, the volume on my music player went up. I had cued up a huge Coldplay playlist on my phone, hoping that it wouldn’t be such a bad experience that I would flash back every I heard one of their songs. I worried needlessly about that. So the dentist went to drilling, and I went to mentally going elsewhere. Before I knew it he was done and the assistant was putting the filling stuff in my tooth, however it is that they do it. I opened my eyes a couple of times to see some sort of bands or something in the pliers, and inadvertently ran my tongue over the area. All that went through my head was, “Franken-mouth” and I giggled. Literally. I hope they get that a lot. Then I thought that part was over, but nooooo. The dentist came back and drilled some more, and I had a very tacky thought about being drilled twice in a short time and knowing this was the closest to being a porn star I would ever get, LOL…And then I giggled out loud again. Then there was the deep cleaning, which was no biggie because I couldn’t feel anything, anyway. And then the dreaded tooth extraction…

I’m thinking back to that nightmare extraction from all those many years ago, and when he started pulling, my snaggle tooth started to creak, and then pressure, and another pretty loud sounding creak. At this point I clutched the armrest with white knuckles, and the assistant said, “All done!” And I drooled out, “Really?” and she told me yes, at which point I blurted out, “OMG, I LOOOVE you guys!” She just laughed and said they loved me, too. :D I mean, what? Done in just a couple of minutes? How is that even possible? So they sent me home with a prescription for something of a narcotic nature, and a Valium for part two next month.

I got to the house by one-thirty or so, put my jammies on, popped a pain pill because the feeling was starting to come back in my face and promptly drifted off to sleep for a couple hours. I woke up not feeling too bad, and figured I’d skip then next hydrocodone. THAT wasn’t wise. By the time I’d realized my mistake, it was too late.

Woke up this morning not feeling too terrible – kind of like I’d been the recipient of a mean right hook to the jaw. The hubs had an appointment for a contrast CT scan at the hospital, so I went with him to keep him company because that is kind of a long, drawn out thing. It takes two hours to drink the contrast, then he was able to do the scan. We then went off to the store to pick up a few things, and while there I snagged some seeds for the garden:

These are going to provide veggies this summer!

These are going to provide veggies this summer!

Then, as we were leaving, I told Johnny to stop the truck…I wanted to get a picture of the ducks. He stopped and started looking toward the sky, and I told him, “Dude, NO….over THERE! And I pointed and this is what we saw…

Why are they even IN the parking lot????

Why are they even IN the parking lot????

…in the dadgummed WalMart parking lot. We stopped, a grandmotherly looking lady stopped and we kind of kept an eye on them.

I swear, the things we see, sometimes. I hope they got where they needed to get without incident.

I apologize if this is rambling, long, and bizarre. I’m still a hair on the dopey side, but I’m simply happy that I ate some solid food this evening. I had six fish sticks. That kind of hurt a little, so I rewarded myself with some ice cream with (MMMMmmmm) Redi-Whip on top. Pudding is good, I love Jell-O, but give me some good old fashioned food that I can chew without pain. Maybe tomorrow…?

Until Next Time…

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More Awards? Dang, and Thanks!

So, I have this wisdom tooth coming out tomorrow, and I have been uber mellow about the whole damned situation, you know…until now. It’s after six p.m. here on the east coast, so I can’t exactly call and cancel, so I figure now would be a good time to visit the awards I’ve received this week. Because keeping your mind off of an inevitable fear can only be good for all of us…

Can I just say how honored I am?

Can I just say how honored I am?

Lydia Devadson put me up for the “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award,” a special award given by bloggers to thank people who take the time to read their blog and look at their posts. Lydia’s blog, An Idiot’s Guide to Parenting, is one of my personal favorites, because even though my baby boy graduated high school last year, I still remember and relate to the issues and foibles Lydia encounters daily. :) Thank you, Lydia! :) I enjoy your blog immensely! 

In accepting this award, I am required to do the following (note that there are no lengthy writing requirements for this one  ;-) ):

  1. Display the award.
  2. Thank the person who nominated me on their blog.
  3. Nominate 14 blogs who are readers of my blog.
  4. Let the nominees know.

Seems easy enough…I can do this… So here are my fourteen:

  1. Kristen at Stamped With a Heart.
  2. Rob over at Weight2Lose2013.
  3. Janey at Cupid or Cats.
  4. Robin over there at Witless Dating After Fifty.
  5. Elaine at Joyful2Bee.
  6. Squirrel at There’s a Squirrel in My Blog.
  7. Linda at
  8. Whitney Duprey at Well, That Happened.
  9. Liz at U2RLoved.
  10. Roger at rmactsc.
  11. Lisa at Lisa Macy Coaching.
  12. I Prefer Deep Blues and Seafoam Greens.
  13. Kate at Run with Pup.
  14. Caitlin at Fit And Feminist.

I also want to give a shout out to Rob over there at Weight2Lose2013 for putting me out there for another Liebster. I thank you wholeheartedly, but my nominees are repeated multiple times and/or have more than a couple hundred followers…but, again? I thank you a lot! :) Okay, and nobody wants to know that much about me…Unless it’s dental related, ha ha…


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