Post Thanksgiving Musings

I have a LOT to be thankful for!

I have a LOT to be thankful for!

Because I will more than likely be late to my own funeral, I don’t find it unusual to post my “Things I am Thankful For” blog the day after the actual holiday. So I’ve combined the above topic with some of my regular musings/observations.

My absence is excused, however, because after doing all the meal prep on one foot, then the post turkey coma, I was happy to just prop the foot and kick back on the couch with yarn and a hook, and catch up on all the DVR’d shows I hadn’t watched over the past week. Okay, and my brain was so full of thoughts and ideas that I probably would have just rambled on, and generally, that makes for a boring read. (Not that this will be any more exciting, ha ha!)

In spite of the most recent streak of less than good luck (the changes at the day job excepted), I have found all kinds of silver linings in the dark cloud that seems to have been following us around this past month or so.

First and foremost, I am thankful for The Hubs. That man has the patience of Job, I swear. The ankle has been broken two weeks, and for the most part, I’ve been confined to the couch because crutches are just a pain. That I am naturally clumsy doesn’t help, either. This man has made sure that my cup has stayed full of the beverage of choice. He’s done all the cooking, cleaning, and additionally waited on me hand and *ahem* foot. Additionally, he reassured me that I would not break my neck or anything else getting into the bathtub, so when I was brave enough, I let him help me in and out, and have done so several times without incident. I had totally missed my baths up to that point.

Secondly (and this runs a very close second), I am so grateful to have angels hanging around. These are angels that come to me in the form of friends. My friends have a knack of knowing what to say when I need to hear it. I’ve gone to work and found a fresh glass of ice water waiting for me at my desk, as well as coffee fixed the way that I like. I have been gifted out of the blue with things that there have been a need for. I’ve gotten texts and email messages from people that just want to make sure I’m doing alright. And I am.  Doing alright, that is. :)

I’m also thankful for my ability to find the positive in the most frustrating of situations. Broken ankle? The bad side: well, it’s a broken ankle; ’nuff said. The good side? I have had time to catch up on my blogging, get out of much of the housework, etc., etc. Budget a little tight (okay, a LOT tight)? The bad side: No steaks for dinner, zero entertainment budget, and holiday shopping budget is very small. The good side? I’ve gotten crafty. Handmade/homemade is fun. I’ve learned how to make wine, sugar scrubs, body butters, bath salts, and canned goods.

I’m thankful that I don’t do Black Friday. I blogged about my feelings on this, the biggest retail day of the year, shortly after I started my blog. Which was…ZOMG! Over three years ago!

So, additionally, I am thankful to still be blogging three years later. (This is the first blog I’ve not completely neglected.) My inaugural post was on November 17, 2011. Happy belated blogiversary to moi! ;)

I’m thankful that I stocked up on yarn a few years back when I had a laundry list of projects to do that I never got around to. When you have nothing but time, a good crochet project will absolutely help with that.

The latest addiction...

The latest addiction…

With so much time on my hands, I have really turned into a Pinterest addict. I mean, I used it occasionally in the past to pin things like landscaping ideas and whatnot, but now?

I have the app on both my tablet and my phone, and have found more cool stuff through this site.

Last summer I experimented with homemade sugar scrubs, and found all the recipes on Pinterest. I also found many of my canning and dinner recipes there, too. You can find just about anything you need with a simple search.

I just knocked out an infinity scarf from a pattern I modified that I found last weekend, and am about to do another one, because I am gifting the first one to a friend of mine at work who admired it. I told her I would absolutely make her one, but darned if I didn’t have another skein of the black and gold yarn, and I’m not in a position to be cruising the craft stores for another skein, nor can I go to the attic to check the rest of my stash, and The Hubs has already bent over backwards to make life easier. Plus, there is no guarantee that there is a second skein, although I find it odd that I would have only purchased one skein.  That said? I’m starting another one with variegated yarn for myself today. :)

Yesterday I finished a baby afghan. I found the pattern on Pinterest. I had to do a little modification, because I don’t know what flavor baby my step-daughter is having (yes, that is something else I am thankful for…I’m going to be a step-grandma!), but I am so excited to have had all that baby yarn from when I was making chemo caps a few years back.

So, while I was initially mortified at the fact that I would be benched for six or so weeks, right over the holiday season, I have kind of started to enjoy myself. There really are up-sides to everything.

The pain meds, which I am still finding myself needing from time to time, do nothing for my appetite, and since I’m not lifting or working out, I don’t feel the need to eat all the time. I’ve lost a pound, which I’m ok with. Who loses weight over the holidays, right? Win!

I also have a valid excuse not to put the Christmas tree up this year. I will do some light decorating, but I don’t HAVE to put the big tree up. All the kids have grown up and it seems to be an awful lot of work on crutches to put it up and then take it down. So….Win! I’m no Grinch or Scrooge, but I have to admit I am feeling some relief at not feeling like I MUST put up a big tree. I have a pre-lit table top tree if I really feel like I have to have a tree (and that is a possibility).

It’s also the start of Trans Siberian Orchestra season at my house, which I look forward to every year. The following is one of my favorites:

What are you thankful for this year? Do you have big holiday plans? And for you crafty souls out there, what kinds of gifts are you making this year?

Until next time…

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…And Now the Good News!

What goes around comes around. I TRY to be nice to everyone.

What goes around comes around. I TRY to be nice to everyone.

Remember my post about world domination, or at least the domination of my world? That  was the one about hoping to take over a second department and shooting for a nifty title change. Except that who knew that whole Karma-thing would really come into play?

Welllll…..I got a title change (not the one I wanted, but hey…beggars can’t be choosers), a pay increase AND sixteen new employees!

This has been in the works for quite a while, and though things didn’t pan out as planned, an increase is still an increase, and added responsibility is something I thrive on. Especially since I’ve been sidelined on my workouts; I have something new and interesting to keep my mind occupied so I will stop dwelling on the fact that I’ve been hobbled, as it were.

My boss and I met with the new department this afternoon and he told them what was going down and just about everyone in the room seemed onboard with the situation. Except for one person, and I’m betting you guys will know who it was. Remember when I said, “the butt that you try to run over with a bed today may be the one you end up kissing tomorrow”? Yeah, her. ScrewLucy was all kinds of sour grapes.

After the whole “mean girls” scenario went down a year ago (yes, it’s been THAT long, but it took me six months to blog about it), I let it play out, let some time go by, and while I didn’t go out of my way to seek Lucy out, I didn’t avoid her, either, and I made it a point of kindly (which was fairly difficult; she tried to mow me over with a bed, after all) speaking to her on those occasions where we’d pass in the halls. Apparently none of that makes a difference. Throughout the entire meeting she looked as if she’d been sucking an especially sour lemon, based upon the look on her face. //shrug//

After my boss left, I stayed behind to address everyone about concerns that they may have. After reassuring them that, really, nothing has changed in the way they do things and telling them that the only real difference is that my paperwork had increased, plus they now have someone more accessible to come to with issues or questions (my boss has a LOT on his plate, given new construction projects and the five other departments he directs), that I was looking forward to getting to know them all better. I also told them that I am looking forward to bringing fun and cohesion into the department, that I know how hard they work, and that I would like to see the department certified. I also told them that pot lucks and fun team building activities are in their immediate futures. I know that these activities have brought my original team together, and this might just work for the new department.

Prior to meeting with the group, I had a one on one with my new second in command, asking how she felt about everything (she assured me this was all very okay with her), and what, in her opinion, were going to be our biggest hurdles. She indicated that Lucy is really the only one with major problems with all of this, and that everyone else would be ok. She also gave me the names of two departments that they seemed to have the most trouble keeping happy, and now I have a laundry list of people to meet with and issues to address.

Yeah, I’m a little nervous about the new responsibilities (especially since one of them is to go floor to floor to check segregation of oxygen cylinders and I’m still on a crutch), but have a feeling that things will work out. I’m not terribly confident that Lucy is going to come around, but that is her issue, not mine. I built a bridge and got over it. Now it’s her turn.

That said? This is the most unsure, professionally, I have felt since I started working at the facility in July of 2001. Let’s raise a glass and toast to my not getting my ass kicked in the parking lot after pissing someone off, shall we? ;)

Tell me about your professional changes and/or hurdles. Were you able to find ways to ease the transition? Has anyone successfully gotten their own Doubting Thomas (aka Screw Lucy) on board, and if so, how?

Until next time…

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Better Living Through Pharmaceuticals

Where I work, you just have to check them in to take them.

Where I work, you just have to check them in to take them.

Today was my first day back to work since my horrible stripper pole accident.

Yesterday I was able to get around quite a bit with my fashionable new moon boot and could put a little weight on my left foot without pain.

This morning? Not so much. I think I knew that this was going to be the case when I was trying to get my awesome knee sock on. (I have a few ridiculously cool knee socks that are colorful and fun, and a pair that simply say, “BAD ASS” with an arrow pointing up on the back of them.) After two tries, I got the sock on, wrapped my foot and ankle with an elastic bandage that has velcro on one end (Look, Ma! No clips!) and was ready to put the boot on so I could get ready for work with the help of just one crutch.

A note about velcro strip elastic bandages. You have to really pay attention to which way the velcro strip is facing (next to impossible to do when it’s rolled up and the velcro is in the center of the roll) because it is really annoying to find that you have meticulously wrapped the affected area perfectly, but the strip is on the wrong side. That was me yesterday.

At any rate, I got the boot on and found that bearing any weight on that side was pretty painful, so I went for my Ibuprofen. I was not trying to go to work with a mellow Norco buzz after having not been there all week. I knew I had crap-tons of stuff to catch up on, the biggest stressor being a monthly report that needed to be online by tomorrow that I hadn’t started yet. Yes, I knew my assistant had started it, but I also knew that she had other things going on at her desk and that my abandoned duties were not the sun, in that everything needed to revolve around them.

The hubs brought me to work, carried my (about to be seriously downsized) handbag into the office for me and helped get me situated. My assistant had washed out my coffee cup, and had a cup of coffee fixed just the way I love it in my hands within a couple of minutes. She had also filled my 24 ounce Tervis water glass with fresh ice water and informed me that not only had she worked on my report, she’d finished it. Can I just say that I was totally feeling the love? #TeamServiceCenter for the win!

I was about 3/4 of the way through the couple hundred emails that had found their way into my inbox during my absence when my boss called. “Can you come here?” he asked. (And when he says this, it sounds like, “cannyew-cuhmmeer?”) I told him I could, although I am on double crutches and it would take me a few to get my steno pad tucked into my waistband and get myself over to his office. “Never mind,” he said. “Stay there. I need a couple of really important things taken care of…” and off he went, rattling off my short laundry list of things I needed to do, half of which were on my front burner, already. Then he asked me about the status of the software program I’ve been working on implementing on the tablets our Environmental Services management team is using. I had to stop and think for a moment, as it’d been a few weeks since I’d even thought about that. I told him, in my best trying-to-sound-with-it-and-informed voice, “Uhhhhh….hmmmm….Wow…I haven’t really given THAT much thought…let me back up a little.” At which point, he started laughing and told me that going backwards might be dangerous and to be careful. I guess I must not have said anything, because he stated, “Hey, I cracked a joke,” at which point I coughed out my most sincere fake chuckle. That cracked him up. I know it didn’t sound like it, but I was super happy to be back behind my desk.

By 9:45, my ankle was singing to me so loudly I was surprised the other girls couldn’t hear it. I broke down and crutched my way down the hall to employee health services to alert them about my then-impending dose of Norco. Some mornings are better than others and this was one of the others, so I needed chemical support. Which I got. Which made work extremely amusing. Which, in itself, is amusing.

People are funny. My boss is actually humorous on most days, but today? I thought he needed to take his routine on the road. I think he would have a HUGE following in PT/Rehab clinics where the majority of the audience would also be on chemical assistance.

I made it through the day in kind of a warm fuzzy fog. I had plenty of help; the girls kept my water glass full, my assistant hooked me up with a plate of hot wings with carrot and celery sticks when it was time to eat, I had easy access to the little girls’ room, because one of them always went with me to push that “heavy” door open on the way in and pull it on the way out. I found that the commodes across the hall are a lot lower than the ones in my house, so yay for a deeper commode squat, right?

Even in my mildly altered (is that the word I’m looking for? I wasn’t stressed, which is different, so maybe “altered” is correct) state, I was able to absolutely concentrate on doing what needed to be done and I knocked that mess out in record time. I meet with the boss in the morning tomorrow to go over what he asked for today and I’m going to be able to present a couple of completely overhauled job descriptions, some policies that need additional verbiage, and a memo from the HazMat Coordinator that needs his seal of approval.

All in all, a very productive day. It flew by and I get to go back and do it again tomorrow. :)

In the meantime, I’m going to have a little dinner, attempt to get into the tub (without further incident) and catch up on the posts of my favorite bloggers…

Have you ever had to do your job while under the influence of anything out of the ordinary? How did you get through the day? Was your focus better, worse or about the same?

Until next time.

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