This is what started the whole thing...

This is what started the whole thing…

I never, in a million years, thought that I would be blogging something like this.

Last week we were under the threat of Hurricane Joaquin and we were also looking at the potential for heavy rains and hard winds.

Now, having lived in eastern North Carolina for almost twenty years, I am well aware of the potential for power outages during tropical weather. That said? I taught my DH how to play backgammon last Thursday night, thinking I’d have to go easy on him, you know, because I’d been playing since I was 9 or 10 years old. Yeah. Right. He mopped the floor with me last weekend.

I loved this game SO much growing up, and even as a young adult!

I loved this game SO much growing up, and even as a young adult!

We started talking about the games we liked when we were kids.

Then we decided we needed to have some of those games. So I went online and checked our local WalMart store. Board games? In store? Seriously? //face palm// What was *I* thinking. They don’t plug in.

Who has good memories of THIS classic?

Who has good memories of THIS classic?

I grew up playing Mille Bornes – a road trip game with cards. I also loved Chinese Checkers, Parcheesi, Sorry, and Triominos. So the hubs and I decided to stock up on our old favorites…Except that we could not find them locally. (“Sorry” being the only exception. None of the above was available at our local retail store, so we actually had to order with a Site To Store option.)

This game used to piss me the hell off as a kid.

This game used to piss me the hell off as a kid.

I’m finding that if it doesn’t plug in, accommodate WiFi, or have batteries, I’m gonna be hard-pressed to find it without having to order it online.

That said? I did order the favorites I listed above, and the hubs and I have been enjoying the hell out of what we have already picked up. He whipped me in Triominos this evening.

mastermind13I don’t think it should be a week-long event to get a classic board game, but then? That’s my old age showing.

I also have to special order “Mastermind.” Who knew?

CanNOT wait until this comes in!!!

CanNOT wait until this comes in!!!

What are your favorite classic NON-electronic games?

What gives you a warm fuzzy when you think about playing it as a kid?

Do you recognize many/any of the games mentioned above? What was your favorite?

So if you are so inclined? Hashtag #bringbackboardgames …… It’d be super cool to actually trend on Twitter, LOL… :)

Until Next Time….

The Media Made My Head Explode Tonight…

We haven't seen the sun in 11 days!

We haven’t seen the sun in 11 days!

Seriously, I’m not one to poke fun at someone else’s misfortune, and I promise you I’m not, but seriously? The media tonight, during the ridiculous flooding of our neighbors in South Carolina?

Oh. Em. Gee!

So, apparently, Columbia, SC, is getting it’s butt kicked by water. I’ve seen interviews… Ouch. Just….Ouch…

Reporter: “So what did you do when you realized your home was about to be flooded?”

Resident: “I grabbed my wife, my doggie and two Totino’s pizzas out of the fridge…we got to go.”

This wasn’t so bad, except…

Reporter, standing in the rain with the resident, looking at water halfway up the resident’s home: “What are you feeling right now?”

Really? How would YOU feel? How would ANY of us feel?

And later…

We are seeing rushing water all over the city of Columbia. The reporter asks the rescuer, “…and where are these swift water rescues taking place?”

Seriously, dude?

Seriously, dude?

Seriously? Dude! Do you NOT see the water rushing by, like, EVERYWHERE?  Where AREN’T they taking place???? //facepalm//

But I think the worst thing I heard all night was the following:

“If you’re safe? Stay where you’re at.”

What? Stay where you are at? What the hell happened to “Stay where you are”?

If I’d used that vernacular in high school English, I would never have passed. How does one get through college getting a journalism degree when your sentence structure is grammatically hosed? Yeah, I know. My inner grammar nazi is showing, but Jeebus!

Just because the rest of us are losing our minds doesn’t give the press a pass, does it?

Or maybe I’m simply antiquated, old fashioned, and cranky. Who knows…But at least that lady got her dog and pizzas out of her residence before it was too late. *sigh*

Until Next Time…

Now, For Something Completely Different…

Hi, y’all!

I know it’s been a good, long while since I’ve posted, and I apologize. I’ve been doing Nana-duty for two newborns, giving the kids some much deserved rest.

Tonight, however, isn’t about me. It’s about a new non-profit organization that I am 100% behind and I want to let you all know about it.

Stop horsing around and check this out.

Stop horsing around and check this out.

My sister-in-law, who is also one of my best friends, has started this non profit to benefit the wild horses and burros in the great US of A.

From the soon-to-be-live web site:


For the first time ever, people all across the nation can now connect with others that share these same interests. Whether you’re a horse or burro owner, a group, a trainer, or an enthusiast who wants to keep abreast of the latest news, we hope you’ll stop by.
If it’s assistance with gentling or training, planning workshops, or getting together with others in your area, this is the place. We publish news articles submitted by users, as well as government and private organizations; so you can always be abreast of what’s happening.
Groups and organizations have their own page with links to their website; in addition to the site tools – calendars for scheduling events, mass mailing to members of your group, etc.
Seasoned “Handlers” and “Trainers” have their own page and links to their website; in addition to the site tools – calendars for scheduling events, mass mailing to members of your group, etc.
Every registered user can personalize their “space” with photos, videos, and documents, join groups, and have access to all the site tools mentioned. It is very simple to setup, but if you need some help, it can be accessed from the “Instructions” Menu.
Everyone has access to the forum – whether it’s to assist others, ask for help, or voice your opinion. We’ve setup some startup categories but ready for as many as you need.
Everyone can submit their own articles for inclusion in regional and sometimes national news.
Library is the centralized hub for submissions of instructional materials – written or video – that can be accessed quickly. This will be very useful for people who find themselves in a “situation” and need help. The submissions in private user’s libraries (if made public) can be accessed as well. Many times there are no knowledgeable groups or people in their areas; so this will be the only way they have to find the assistance they need.
(We are encouraging each organization and trainer to provide at least one submission. It’s a great way to help, as well as advertise your group or services.) We’re encouraging submissions from individuals as well. All submissions may be included in the Library or remain in user’s private library. Instructions for submissions can be found here: Submissions
Reminder: This site is “G” rated for individuals of allages. Submissions that are not, and ones that are not relevant to the site’s subject matter, will be rejected and possibly result in user being banned.

How Can We Do This?

The people (you) provide the information, and (we) make sure everything runs smoothly and ensure the site is moderated properly.
What a great resource! We hope you’ll think so too!!!  
Even though we could utilize lots of advertising space in order to pay the expenses, we don’t think this should be the basis for revenue. We want the site to load cleanly and quickly, our host resources to be used solely for users to upload and download material, and making connections with others. It’s purpose is to educate and connect!
So, If you’ve been looking for a worthy cause to contribute to – one that affects every wild horse and burro owner in the U.S., then look no further. Every penny supports the operation of this site. We are neutral and unbiased with no political or organizational ties.
Wildhorseandburro.org is incorporated in Missouri as a nonprofit organization and 501(c)3 paperwork is being processed. Our corporate officers and administrative staff reside in both eastern and central U.S.
It took an enterprising group of people, a great domain name, and the vision to see the future, to get this project off the ground. We hope you will want to be a part of this project.

As a group of many, we can achieve great things!

Wild horses have played an important part of our past, and should be an important part of our present and future. The roles they play in our lives, and the quality of their lives, rests solely on our shoulders.

So. You see where she’s going with this.

I have gone to Shackleford Banks in hopes of photographing the wild horses there (and it is still on my bucket list of things to capture), because they are so beautiful and it would be a disservice to them and all of the other wild horses out there that find their way into peoples’ hearts, but don’t get what they need simply due to ignorance.

While I hope to have provided some insomnia killing posts and/or some really entertaining/humorous posts to you all, I hope that you will check out the following…

The Facebook Page


The Twitter Page

In advance? Please and thank you! This site goes live on Friday, September 18, 2015.

If you’re not a horsey-person, perhaps you know of someone in your circle who is. Please share this with them. The organization will be accepting articles and pictures. There are forums and groups set up by state. This is going to be an incredibly interactive site.

Until Next Time…