Flashback Friday – A Response to TBT

I couldn’t help myself…I found a Throw Back Thursday post that really took me back and basically incited a flashback. Thanks, Rob, over at Weight To Lose

Those music videos he shared brought back some serious memories for this old girl! The 80’s was my favorite decade, with the 90’s coming in a close second

The 80’s were a time of change for me. In January 1980, I was a freshman in high school. In December 1989, I was married with a five year old, and making a move from Lubbock, Texas to Clovis, New Mexico.

I have been seen wearing jellies shoes, padded shoulders, poofy hair, high waisted jeans (see gallery above), beaded moccasins, head bands, and prairie skirts. When I left home a married woman in February of 1984 and arrived in Lubbock, the first trend I noticed was twister beads. Where did these come from? How didI get my hands on them, and how come I didn’t see these back home? I still have my Minnetonka mocs, and wear them occasionally. The jellies? While comfortable, they made my feet sweat horribly, so I was kind of glad when those went out of style! And yes, I did, in fact, own an Izod alligator polo, because even *I* had a preppy side.

I listened to everything from Journey to The Tubes to the Pretenders to White Snake and Great White. I was a huge fan of new wave music and I loved The Smiths, The Cure, The Motels (remember them?) and Men at Work, although I don’t know if they were considered new wave, LOL.

I began the decade listening to music on a console hi-fi system (no, that really wasn’t a typo – short for high-fidelity), got my first part time job at *ahem* Taco Bell, and worked there long enough to earn enough money to purchase my very own Sanyo boom box before I got fired. It was at that time I found there was an easier way to make a mix tape than holding a tape recorder up to the radio speaker and recording songs through the speaker, hoping like hell the dog didn’t bark or my sister didn’t come in and say something that would require me to stop the recorder and wait for said song to be on the radio again. I ended the decade with a Pioneer component system with an actual 5 CD changer. THAT was something. The first CD I bought was Cheap Trick’s Lap of Luxury:

And technology? Obviously, cell phones were the stuff of sci-fi stories, as was video conferencing, and the Internet wasn’t something many people thought of back then. I don’t think I got cable TV until the mid-to-late 80’s, but we pretty much always had video games.

I remember playing Pong at my parents’ friends’ house back in the 70’s, and my sister scored an Atari 2600 while I was still in high school. I spent hours one weekend scoring a cool million points on PacMan, and walked around with “joystick thumb” for days after! :D When the ex and I got our Nintendo NES we were glued to Mario and friends for hours over the weekends. And then? OMG, Tetris….Need I say more? :D

Speaking of phones, at the beginning of the decade, at Mom & Dad’s house, we had one phone. It was mounted on the wall and had a short coiled cord, and was a rotary dial. Within ten years there was an AT&T 5000 Series cordless phone on my end table. THAT thing was amazing. I would walk outside to call someone just because I could!

Seriously. It WAS as hard as it looked!

Seriously. It WAS as hard as it looked!

Office work was different, then, too. I’d signed up with a temporary agency right after graduation in 1983 and did a gig at a car dealership working the front desk and switchboard and it actually utilized these pull-out plug-things that you had to put into the correct holes. No, reallyI I am so glad it was only for one day, because that was really just too much. Obviously I never really outgrew my inability to operate a multi-line phone system. We have these VOIP phones at work, and for whatever reason, I am only able to put a call on hold and start another call without hanging up on the first line about 50% of the time. And word processing? Not something that was put to use in my world until very early in the 90’s. I worked at the American Cancer Society in ’88 and we were still using IBM Selectrics to get the job done (over and over and over because my boss didn’t allow correction tape or Liquid paper). Yeah…good times.

Cameras have come a long way, too, baby…Back then, if you wanted instant photo gratification you had to get a Polaroid camera and packs of instant film. My parents had one; I think it was my Mom’s, as my dad used a 35mm Ricoh film camera. Since the advent of the digital camera, I have been hooked. No more wasted film or processing money spent on bad shots. :) Yeah, I’m cheap like that. I have a LOT of respect for portrait photographers back then. They didn’t have the ability to see that the entire family blinked at once. Yeah, I am kind of a spoiled thing, photographically speaking. And if you had told me back then that most of us would have little tiny phones that were like mini-computers that fit in our pockets that had cameras in them, too? I would have thought you were mad!

I think back to that decade and smile at the thought of the leg warmers I owned, Cherokee wedge sandals I coveted, and Gunne Sax dresses I was thin enough to pull off, and the ridiculous pastel “Miami Vice” colored clothes that I absolutely loved back then. I had a journal that I wrote in religiously until after I graduated from high school; it was paper, with a cover, and I used a pen to write my thoughts out long-hand. We also got our exercise by getting up to change the channels or adjust the volume on the television. Shortly before I moved away, the folks bought a VHS VCR (during the great Beta/VHS debate), and that sucker had a wired remote that allowed you to play and stop. It may have had a fast forward and rewind function, but honestly? I only really remember the little box with the room-length cord that plugged into the recorder.

Kids these days crack me up when they say that they’re bored and have nothing to do (while surrounded with cable/satellite TV, iPods, tablets, video games, smart phones, and laptops). Yeah, we got bored, too, but we had books and Atari (until joystick thumb kicked in, LOL), but we also had bikes and skates and chalk to make hopscotch and four-square lines on the sidewalks and in the driveways. Does anyone know if there is still such a thing as tether-ball?

I’m betting my kids wonder how we ever made it through, much in the same way I would look at my mom and ask, “How did you even LIVE without television?”

Yeah, I miss the 80’s…Thanks, Rob, for putting them right back out there. I really enjoyed perusing the web looking for images of stuff from the day.

What is your favorite decade and why? Was it the music, the fashion, the technology (or lack thereof), or just where you were in your life at that point?

Until Next Time…

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Strong Stuff…Literally

I have one of these heavy buggers! :)

I have one of these heavy buggers! :)

I was perusing my favorite fitness web site earlier and found that a friend had posted an interesting link about women and weight lifting.

I know. I was supposed to be working, but all work and no breaks makes Jules kind of a bitch, sooooo….plus there was lunch.

Basically, the article, which can be found HERE, is about what sixteen different women learned about themselves as women after having lifted heavy for some time. I won’t go and paste all of the things that they learned here, since it is kind of a lengthy bit to be pasting into a blog post, but I will elaborate on some of the observations that they made, simply because I have made the same ones. The bold text in quotes are from the article, verbatim, and below are my takes on them as I’ve discovered similar thoughts running through my mind:

  • “Lifting has brought to my attention that a body that can do so much is one worth loving, not worth lamenting.”

    This pretty much sums up how I felt/feel in a nutshell. When I was fat and figured it out, I hated my body; how it looked, how mushy it had become and, really, how weak it had become. I would look at that blob woman in the mirror and pretty much hate on myself. Then lifting. Once I figured out that not only did I enjoy doing it, and that I was getting better (read: stronger) at it, I also looked at that larger version of my current self in the mirror and appreciated myself a little more with each passing day. After all, how can one be weak and wimpy when one is squatting repeatedly with heavy weights across your shoulders? I didn’t see a fat chick on a diet trying to get skinny; I saw a strong (getting stronger) chick getting smaller and more fit. What was NOT to love, right?

  • “If I am feeling anxious in social situations I usually visualize myself performing my favorite lift and how confident I feel completing that lift.”

    I second that emotion. If I am uncomfortable or awkward in ANY situation, I mentally put myself back at the bar and remember that I can pull more than my own body weight off the floor. Whatever has me feeling squirmy isn’t all that big of a deal, if you put it in perspective like that. Lifting gives me confidence.

  • “Lifting weights is my therapy.”

    And it really is so much cheaper. I don’t care how hellish my day was. If I can get my tail to the house, change clothes, and throw some of that iron around a little? Yeah…A PR kicks a bad day’s ass anytime, even if that bad day was full of family-crazy. <3

  • “I used to spend way too much time focused on what I couldn’t do or the imperfections I posses, but now I focus on what I can do.”

    It isn’t about the number on the plate to me. It is about being better than you were the last time; if it is the same weight, but one more rep in each set or the same number of reps but a heavier weight. I am not competing with you, her, that lady over there, or even that lady that is squatting way more than her body weight. I’m competing against ME, and I am the only one that can beat me. That’s pretty freaking liberating if you think about it. Especially if you have ever spent any decent time at all in a Zumba class or in front of an exercise video that really made you feel clumsy/awkward/slow/too fat/insert your self-deprecating adjective here. This isn’t like that. This is just getting a little better every time. THAT is what it is all about.

Gatorade is GOOD, man!

Gatorade is GOOD, man!

So, all of that said? Yes, I’ve gotten smaller, but that is just an added bonus to what has happened to me since I got comfortable in the weight room. I don’t stress over scale numbers any more, because I kind of like the way the numbers on the tape have gotten a lot smaller. I like the idea of .8-1g of protein per pound of weight per day. That, y’all, is a LOT of steak, fish, quinoa, yogurt, cheese, etc. The biggest win of all? How I feel at 49 years of age. I didn’t feel this good, this strong in my teens, twenties, or thirties. How can anything that makes me feel THIS good be anything but right? I am a former slug, and did four 5K’s last year. (And am a little miffed that I haven’t done ANY this year, but life, yanno?

I have found the energy to not only compete in fitness challenges, and walk away with my minimums met and then some, I am also building one with a friend. We’re so excited, because there will be another twelve weeks of my life spent concentrating on meeting goals.

So with that all said, I’m heading over to the bar shortly, because it was, after all, a Monday, and what Monday doesn’t deserve a strong finish?

I am going to leave you with THIS LINK RIGHT HERE to follow. This one really cracked me up and I hope that it will either make you laugh or give you some insight to why I seriously roll my eyes when someone tells me, “You’re gonna put on too much muscle.” Yup…15 Things Girls Who Lift Are Tired of Hearing.

I hope y’all enjoy it!

Until Next Time…

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Canned & Dehydrated…

No, I didn’t get fired, and my water consumption is good, but I made ya look, right?

Our pepper plants are putting out more than the corner hooker this year.

20140727-173536-63336897.jpgI scored a fantastic canning pot on Friday and went to work putting up five more half-pints of pickled jalapeños and three pints of hot bananas. I wanted to review the recipe I used and mentioned last weekend, so I cracked one of last week’s jars of the mixed, and holy crap, y’all! Those are some really flavorful peppers. While they are on the soft side, they held their heat, and the vinegar/salt/oregano brine compliments the peppers’ flavor beautifully!

Note to self: use the alum and rinse next batch.

Because I still had quite a few hot bananas left, I got a little motivated today and sliced them length-wise, leaving some seeds, and threw them onto two dehydrator racks at 125 degrees Farenheit. Theoretically, I should be able to make dried pepper flakes out of these. Usually people use cayenne for these, but I didn’t even THINK about dried pepper flakes when we planted this spring, so I figured, why not? 20140727-173717-63437921.jpgIf they suck? It wasn’t a total waste. We can call it a learning experience. I don’t think I could have eaten that many more peppers fresh, so it won’t be a total waste, but I am hoping they will turn out alright. I’m thinking I can use them in marinades, salad dressings, Mexican dishes, etc. anywhere a little heat might be needed.

I am posting this from my tablet, using the mobile app, so I apologize in advance for how the layout is going to probably be wonky, but better a wonky post than no post at all, right?

What do you all do with a surplus of homegrown stuff?

Until next time…

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