DIY December, Part II

So after having broken my ankle, I had to find SOMETHING to do since working out was totally off the table.

So DSD (Darling Step Daughter) and I hit the Pinterest baby afghan posts to find a pattern we wanted to do for the baby. We found several, and I asked the hubs to pull my yarn stash out of the attic (which he did) and I started creating.

To get back into the swing of things I made this infinity scarf:

Infinity scarf.

Infinity scarf.

I wore it to work and one of the girls fell in love with it, so I was going to make her one, but the yarn I used for the black alternate panels couldn’t be found so I got a variegated skein or three and made myself another to match my department scrub colors:

My replacement scarf...

My replacement scarf…

I gave Angela the original scarf. During this time, I found out some dear friends wanted scarves as well, so I proceeded to complete a couple sets while binge-watching the final few seasons of Dexter. (Can I just say the final season mad me really sad?) This is what I came up with:

Meanwhile, in the kitchen….

This girl was pulling together homemade body butters, sugar scrubs and bath salts for her friends and loved ones:

I can’t wait to get to the post office with these bad boys!


The paint in the weight room dried and the chair rail finally went up and this is where we are, thus far, with the home-gym room:

Stay tuned for more homemade goodies from the Type-A Workaholic’s corner of the world.

Until Next Time…

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DIY December Weekend Part 1

DIY works for me!

DIY works for me!

Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day!

What does a Type-A personality do on a rainy weekend in December when she needs a break from the multiple crafty projects she’s been working on?

Why, she goes to the local home improvement store with her favorite (ok, only) husband, picks out some SERIOUSLY off the wall paint colors for her inside-the-house weight room.

The bench, rack and all the other fitness stuff had previously been housed in my now defunct photo studio because it was spacious and also because it was there. Okay and because there were actual offspring living in 1 or 2 of the 3 bedrooms that aren’t ours during this time.

All four offspring have grown and gone and done their thing, so one bedroom (formerly the child formerly known as “Puffy,” who is now grown and referred to as my DSD; Darling Step-Daughter’s) is my zen room complete with artwork with an Oriental flair, rope swing, pillows on the floor and hanging plants. Baby Boy’s room is in the process of guest room conversion. My middle son’s room is this weekend’s object of my attention, as it is being converted into an aesthetically pleasing girl’s home gym. Muwahahahahah!

The week after I broke my ankle, the Hubs thought it would be a good time to move all the fitness stuff inside to Middle Son’s former abode because not having to heat and cool the studio would save us some dollars (we are always budget conscious, right?), plus I wouldn’t have to deal with rain, sleet, snow or excessive heat getting six small dogs and myself out to the studio to workout. DSD and her boyfriend helped the Hubs move everything to where it needed to be.

We’d been discussing the color scheme of said room since the idea of moving everything into the house. First we thought shades of grey (no pun intended, haha), then maybe a light sage with a darker accent wall, or some dusky blues, as opposed to the screaming blue that was the boys’ room (Baby Boy and Middle Son shared at the time I painted it last). Well, there we were picking over paint colors, and all common sense went right the hell out the window. This is what I picked:

Pretty in pink, baby!

Pretty in pink, baby!

I had a rose/pinkish colored bathroom once, but it’s blue, now, and there isn’t one “girly” room in the house, so I figured why not, right?

The progression of “work” is as follows:

Initially I thought we’d paint the chair rail, which is not pictured yet, white, but I noticed that the room is taking on a LOT of pink. Why do these color swatch cards look so damned different in the store than they do in real world lighting? White is going to be absolute candy cane overkill, so we are going to go with black and chrome in addition to what white is already there.

2014-12-06 17.46.46

Pretty much every color I’ve ever painted in this house is on these sweats!

I had dressed in my favorite grey warm up pants this morning, but didn’t want to wear them for painting, so I dug up my “regular” painting sweats. I’ve got paint stains on them from screaming blue boys’ room, rosy master bath, minty kids’ bath (which is also on the new color/overhaul list), and now weight room. I was impressed that they fit over The Boot.

Well, after all of that, I guess it’s time for me to go back there and knock out the rest of the lighter color.

I also need to see how the carpet is drying, since we had an unfortunate spill, as pictured above. After scrubbing the bulk of the paint out of the carpet, I threw down a towel to absorb the excess moisture. I used an old pink one for obvious reasons, ha ha…Lesson learned? Pink paint on tan old (thank goodness) carpet still makes light pink. Ugh!

Until next time…

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Ode to a Friend…

This is so true...

This is so true…

This post is sad.

You’ve been appropriately warned.

When someone you consider family passes away, many thoughts and memories have a tendency to fill your mind, whether you want them to or not.

A friend and work family member passed this evening and I felt the need to write.

When I interviewed for my job at the hospital, She Who Shall Not Be Named introduced me to this person and I apparently passed muster. This was kind of a long standing joke while she was working at the hospital.

Once I started my job, I playfully joked around with this individual, and She Who Shall Not Be Named always used to say, “Don’t complain if you play with the puppy and find that you’ve been licked in the face.” I used to laugh at this, because no WAY was this person going to lick me in the face. Like, ever! (Oh, how wrong I was, LOL…)

He asked me to help him design a logo for his business (he was a DJ and did weddings, and the local Center Street Jam, playing tunes before the shag bands took the stage. He was pretty terrific, and I put together what ended up to be my favorite and most recognizable logo (locally) for him. (He was big time into shag music, which is a local thing; Google it if you’re not familiar.)

Time passed, and I married one of the maintenance guys in December of 2003. Our friend DJ’d our wedding, and also helped cook our yummy feast. I can’t believe that was almost 11 years ago, but it was.

Our friend was very active in our local ACS Relay for Life (the hospital team) and has/had this amazing quilt hanging in his office with all the themes from our team t-shirts.

Time passed some more, as it always does, and She Who Shall Not Be Named left the organization, and I got my new (and current) boss. So one day I was playing around with our friend and told him about playing with the puppy and damed if he didn’t lick me in the face. I turned so many shades of red that I don’t think Crayola would have been able to name enough crayons.

That’s not to say we didn’t have our disagreements. This guy and I had a major falling out a few years back, but we patched things up, just like regular family does.

He got sick a few months ago. He wasn’t looking so good. He had seen several doctors, but nobody could really put their finger on the problem. Then they thought it was his gallbladder.

Four weeks ago (while we were about to upgrade our server) he came into my office, like he often did, sat down and said it was nice to be there because it was quiet. He’d been resting in that seat off and on for a couple of weeks. We’d visit, and gossip, and joke around. We talked about what was going on with his health. A few of us suggested that he go to our emergency department because his doctor wouldn’t do gallbladder surgery because of his heart health, but it was going to be a long drawn out process to get him to the cardio-guy for the appropriate tests. Later, that last day that he sat in the relative quiet of my office before the server guy from Chicago came in to upgrade the hardware, he did go to the ED and was admitted and on the second floor. By the end of the week he was in ICU.

He passed just a couple hours ago, and there are a whole lot of people that are grieving right now. Myself, and my team at work, included. I called She Who Shall Not Be Named and we are all in the same place.

For us, those that worked with him? This is a suckfest of epic proportions. Our hearts are broken. Thank the powers that be that we have each other to lean on in the morning. I’m also thankful that the Hubs also worked with us, up until 5 years ago, and knows everyone affected and is appropriately sad.

Go in peace, my friend. You’re going to be missed by so many, and so many of us loved you, but we know you’re in a better place.

This one is for you, SD!


Until next time…



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