Do I Look Like the Neighborhood Dog Rescue or What?

Ok…I get a malfunctioning electric fence. I do. Sort of. Hero is on our front porch again. He showed up shortly after eleven. While we were debating on how best to handle this, (because getting him back home is damned useless and letting him run is an invitation for him to be road kill based on our proximity to the highway) PAT’s pit bull puppy comes bounding into our yard, eager to meet Hero. What the actual f***? I’m sorry. I’m PISSED right the hell off right now.

Peri, Johnny and I just spent the last forty-five minutes (it is, by the way, 11:50 PM EST on a work night and I STILL have to get up for work in a few hours) beating the hell out of Pat’s front and side doors trying to get them to realize their pit is out running the road. Do you think they opened the door? Awwww, HELL NAW.

We managed to get the pit back in the yard via the gate. TWICE. This was before we realized he/she was squeezing between the house and the fence post. These people have no clue.

I have this awful feeling that Pat, who evidently has had more family move in with her, based on the small child’s bike we ended up wedging between the garbage can and the fence to keep the pit in, is one of these people that got a pit as a status symbol, because it’s cool as hell to have a dog with a reputation for ripping your throat out. Yeah, I’m probably making inflated assumptions, but did I mention I am PISSED? Johnny tells me this dog has been there for a couple days and is outside all the time. Way to socialize a puppy. And we aren’t talking a teensie puppy. We are talking a puppy that is as big as a pygmy goat. This dog was so happy to get petted and held and paid attention to that we had a terrible time getting him/her back in through the gate the second time. If these people don’t socialize this dog and spend time with it? I suspect it’s going to become another statistic, and quite possibly one of the neighborhood kids right along with it.

Can I just ask this? What the actual hell is with these dog owners???? I have seven, okay? I have six Papillons and one rescue mutt and have had them for years. They don’t get out. They stay in the house or in our FENCED yard. That would be a SOLID six foot privacy fence. they only ever go out front on a leash with one of us attached to the other end. I can account for every one of my dogs right this very second (as well as Hero, who is crashing on a doggie bed on the front porch on a lead so that he won’t run into the highway).

Johnny, while trying to get the pit in the yard, was bitten on his ear, and his arm laid open when the puppy scratched him.

Needless to say? I am pretty much over these irresponsible dog owners.

On nights like this I wish I didn’t love dogs so damned much and could be more like some of my friends who just don’t care, but I do and I’m not.

On that note, I’m going to go cool off and go to bed.

Edited to Add: Annnnd, the pit pup is on our porch with Hero. Are you KIDDING me?

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20 Responses to Do I Look Like the Neighborhood Dog Rescue or What?

  1. Susan says:

    Bitten on the ear? You are waaaaaaay too damned nice. You need to go ask for proof of rabies vaccination and at the same time ask them who their homeowners liability insurance is through. Renters? Renters insurance—liability portion of the policy covers this. No renters insurance?Okay, ask the owners who THEIR homeowners liability insurance is through. Explain to them politely that it is the responsibility of the homeowner to cover your medical bills when bitten by a dog the renters on their property is responsible for, and this falls under the liability portion of their homeowners insurance policy, so you will either need that information to be able to file a claim, or they will need to pay for it out of pocket. Further explain that the dogs did this on your property, where they keep coming unattended. They will get those dogs secured so fast your head will spin. Seriously. Animal bites are not something you want to play around with.

    • Hi, Susan! 🙂 Thank you for the information.

      Puppy is just a puppy…didn’t break the skin or anything…you know how they nip. More concerned with the fact that they can’t keep a grip on their dog.

  2. The V-Pub says:

    My favorite dog owners are the ones who walk their dogs past my front lawn and don’t clean up after their dog.

  3. I’m with you. We also have a 6-foot privacy fence, well at least on 3 sides. The 4th side is a 4-foot chain link, but there’s a row of trees and bushes taking up the rest of the height, and my dogs are barrier trained. My dogs have never been allowed to just run free outside the fenced yard – they get walks, on leash. Maybe because I care too much to have one of them run away or get run over by a car. Those dogs are coming to you because they know you’ll take care of them the way they should be. Maybe you should just get a kennel license and keep them all! 🙂

    PS: If Cody ever runs away, I guess I’ll know where to look for her.

  4. lynn k scott says:

    Maybe it’s a sign of sorts. I’m a sucker for dovs, with pits at the top of the list. That is how I ended up with Chaos..oops I mean Smokey lol

  5. Is it really Julie the Workaholic or maybe Dogaholic? I’m sorry to hear of your troubles on a work night. We have four furry family members, the last of which is my pit mix mutt puppy, the Dog of Thunder, Thor. He is the picture of a socialized dog, so much so, he hides to get a break from us. I hope you find an answer and your neighbors accept their responsibilities soon.

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